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Play an N64 game...
Mar 27 2011, 07:03 AM
Don't get me wrong, i like DDR. I just don't think it's as great as everyone says it is.
DDR is pretty fun. :D

Haha, I do like the option of having the hovercraft and plane as well.
And the music is great.

Bin playing a bit of Goldenye lately.
Trying to get the old form back.
I havent lost much.

Play an N64 game...
Mar 26 2011, 12:13 PM

Mickeys Speedway is great, very fun game.

I thought it was fairly good.
Very clean and crisp.

But not as good as Diddy Kong Racing which it is a sorta-sequal too.

Do you wish that they'd stop making new games?
Yes it would be good if they stopped making new games.

Just let Duke Nukem Forever get released first.

I am so uninspired and uninterested in new games.
All the best games have already been made.

Play an N64 game...
Mar 20 2011, 11:44 AM
D.J Cat
Mar 17 2011, 06:21 PM
Where are you up to in Mario Elseb?

I've got 29 stars, i was one of the unlucky ones who had an N64 back in the day but never played Mario 64. :blink:
29 Stars, keep at it.
Gotta love those basement level, Lethal Lava Land, Hazy Maze Cave and...Shifting Sand Land?
Did you catch the rabbit?

OMG I LOVE Snowboard Kids and Snowboard Kids 2.
Played so much multiplayer with those games.
If you get the right group of people playing these games...its so good!
So much excitement.
I prefer the original for multiplayer actually but the 2nd game is deeper, the option to look behind you and reflect items is a good addition.
The single player in SnoBow Kids 2 is supreme.

And the music in both games is fantastic.
Turn up the bass on Big Snowman. :D

Games you've finished in 2011
So far this years its:

Banjo-Tooie (third time Ive beaten it, just randomly got the urge to start playing it)
Turok 3
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (I started it last year though)

I beat a heap of games last year.

Best Mario Party?
Kills your controller and potentially causes a lot of pain too.

I got the worst blister when i was 12.

Soooooo stupid. >_<

I much prefer to get the boxes and manuals with the games, but lately I havent been able to get many at all.
But the actual game is the important part to me.

I have em all on display in the living room in cat food holders.
Sounds weird, but it works.
Maybe I need a pic.

Starting a gamecube collection
If you like RPGS check out Skies of Arcadia and Tale sof Symphonia.
Incredible games.

Other than that, Wind Waker and Metroid Prime are 2 of the best games you'll ever play.

Best Mario Party?
I would say Mario Party 2.

Number 1 is very good, except for the control stick spinnin mini games.

Me and my buddies have a pact, where if one of the spinning games comes up, we dont play it.
Saves teh cobntroller life big time.
Control Stick more so.

Gold N Fly
Theres also a Zelda one called 'Ocarina of Rhyme" on there as well.

Good stuff.

Loved the bosses in Turok.

All the Turok games had good, big bosses.

Kid powerbombs a bully
I saw that on the news.
It was in Australia right?

It was very pleasing.
Swift justice.

Gold N Fly

This dude has grabbed the Goldeneye soundtrack and added rap tracks to them.
Sounds silly?
But it works!
And really well.
I love Facility, Runway, Caverns.
Check it out! :yeah:

Which should I buy?
Diddy Kong Racing
Blast Corps (under-appreciated game!)

and Beetle Adventure Racing (somewhat under-appreciated)

They are the pick of the bunch.
1080 isnt bad either.

Toy Story 2
OMG, I remember that game.

I borrowed it off a friend back in the day, he never rated the game.
But I eneded up enjoying it quite a lot.
It was better than i expected.
The levels are huge and well made. I love when thats pulled of right. A small character in a "normal" world.
I dont think i finished the game though. Got VERY close though.


Play an N64 game...
That is a fine selection of games bayman. Finished Ocarina before?

Where are you up to in Mario Elseb?

Cant believe I finally finished Duke Nukem: Zero Hour.
What a HARD game it was.
Modern day gamers wouldnt be able to beat this game.
Its very punishing.

Now what game to play next?
Play the other half of Turok 3?
Play through the original Turok? (in less then 12 days)
Or start Turok: Evolution again? (I never finished that game for some reason back in the day)

Some N64 issues I am having.
Mar 15 2011, 01:54 PM
First, nothing major. My N64 works, I have only 6 games at the moment but it seems when I fully insert a game and power on half the time it loads and half the time not. Either it pops right up OR NOTHING, just a solid black screen.
I think this problem has been around since the N64 first came out.

Yeah, just doing the blowing n stuff seems to work, recomended or not.
I usually have pretty good patiance to wait for the silly things to work.
I had a theory about the more a game was played the more likely it is to work.
Provided its kept dust free as well.


Its great to have a place like this with the respect the N64 deserves. :D

Glad to be here!
Actually this place seems to be pretty active lately.

Lots of new members!

Going good!

Play an N64 game...
Mario Kart and Goldeneye are so good for multi.
Mario Tennis is up there as well.

I finished Banjo-Tooie last week.
Good stuuf.
Didnt really think it was worth 100% the game as ive done that before anyway.
Although, does anyone rate the xbox remakes of the Banjo games? Im curious.

Started and finished Turok 3 over the past week.
Well, half finished it I think. Still gotta play through as Joseph.
Very enjoyable game! Doesnt have the slowdown or fog of the previous games and moves along at a quick pace. Weapons are fantastic too. As expected in a Turok game.

But, I just made progres on Duke Nukem Zero Hour for the first time in 4 months, I might finish that first.
Come get some!

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