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Duke Nukem-0H: Can you help here, please?
Speaking of this game was wondering if any of you could help me find some missing time machine parts?

I'm only missing 3 parts and have played through all of these levels at least twice and can't find em for the life of me. These levels:

Fort Roswell
Dawn of the Duke
And the Hydrogen Bomb.

Couldn't find any guides but besides that I like to hear it from one of you guys.
Not even telling me where but just a clue or a point in the right direction?

Thanks in advance 😊

Best CRT TV to display N64
I'll have to work out what brands most of my CRTs are.
We .mostly go off the names we give them...

Ganon is probably the best quality as well as being the biggest.
Bloody heavy bugger though.😅

Play an N64 game...
Oh yeah.

We haven't stopped with 2000.

The faults are a touch annoying (mostly the limit on renames) but not enough to stop playing.
Mostly the far superior difficulty level is why it's a must play.

Had a fair bit of fun with career mode over the weekend.
Wasn't able to do good enough to make national selection so plenty more hours of gameplay will come out of that.
The humour and strange situations is great!

For anyone who hasn't tried it..it's basically an RPG...in a soccer game!
How unique is that!?
And if you are good enough you get to keep the custom player and use them in the regular game.


Your shots are more accurate than us.
We rarely are better than 50%, but we take so many shots that it pays off.
Had 43 in a match the other week. 😆

N64's and Cats
N64s and Cats?
2 of my favourite things.




EDIT: and who doesn't like a good jpeg?

Play an N64 game...
Still been playing ISS2000 and Duke Nukem Zero Hour.

Can't seem to find the Time Machine Part on Fort Roswell.

Been pleased with the difficulty level in ISS2000.
We are actually losing games!
We had an epic 1-1 draw with Holland in the Final and finally lost in Penalties.

I be done a few more lately.
I think I posted it up but my phone/the forum did something and ate my post. 😖

Mario Golf
Doom 64
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour

I think that takes me up to 68.
Sorry for not putting full list just adding this quickly on break.

April Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Mar 6 2016, 10:38 AM
I'm gonna throw my support towards Donkey Kong 64. I know a lot of people complain about the amount of collectibles, but honestly I enjoyed it because it made me thoroughly explore every level and experience all the great things the game had hidden away in it
Here, here!

I played through the first level for Take The Stage and it still stands up today.
No slow down, no fog, a little bit of pop-up but not enough to be any sort of problem.
I find it really enjoyable and easy going, last played through it about 6 years and that was probably roughly the 3rd time and was still great.

Also, being a Rare game from that time era, every time you replay you notice new innuendo and hidden references 😂 :n64:

If you only could keep 5 games, which ones?
Kerr Avon
Mar 2 2016, 05:31 AM
Perfect Dark,
Conker's Bad Fur Day,
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour,
Duke Nukem 64
Hail to the King Baby! 8)

Play an N64 game...
Great review, I didn't read it fully yet, but a lot of good points!
Looking forward to the finished product.

I could talk about the International Superstar Soccer games till the cows come home.
Someone post in the ISS topic so I can keep dropping my thoughts 😉

One thing I want to say to fans or people looking to play is this:
If you have the time and can do it, try and play the games to death in order.
Each game has unique things that make them special and highly enjoyable.
They also get progressively harder as you go.
I guess I was fortunate enough to get years of enjoyment out of 64 before getting 98 and then a few years later getting 2000 but barely getting time to play it.
Then once my mate moved in we eventually got to good for 64 and moved onto 98. That was like nearly 4 years ago now.
We have only just moved on to 2000.

You can get so much more life out of the games with renames and progressively using worse teams.
Its only once you 14-0 Italy with South Korea with only 1 custom player on your team that you decide you should move on. 😜

Some slight complaints about ISS2000 so far (in general we love the game most importantly the increased difficulty!)
-Menus are a touch slow and not as well set out as the previous games.
-It seems there is a limit to how many players you can rename!?
Probably not a deal breaker for a lot of people but highly disappointing for us.
Has anyone else encountered this? Hoping there is a way around it. 😖

Play an N64 game...
They were particularly harsh on some N64 game I remember. I did always enjoy their best of the year awards thingies (especially when Goldeneye and Zelda swept the floor in 97 and 98 respectively) but a lot of the less popular titles got a massive bum wrap.
Armorines comes to mind. Like 5 out of 10 and less for memory😵
But I do recall liking how they had 4 reviews for each game to get a bit of variety and opinions.

Magazines I read:
N64 Gamer
Hyper (I think they might still be around?)
NMS (Australian version)

Those 3 were all Australian and pretty spot on with their reviews.
NMS might have been slightly biased towards Acclaim games and generally nice to Nintendo and Rare but still pretty accurate.

N64 Magazine (UK) was good too.

I have a couple of issues of a few other mags but couldn't have them all obviously.
I think there was at least 4 UK ones???

In topics, I have been playing Duke Nukem: Zero Hour and ISS2000.
Hail to the king baby!

Play an N64 game...
That's how I justified having multiple magazines back in the day and really enjoyed the ones that had 2nd opinions etc.

Mace got pretty good reviews back in the day, I wouldn't have minded giving it a dig.
I think it needs beating for the Beat-em-all 😉

In 2 separate magazines Carmeggedon 64 got 9% and an 8.5.
In reality it is probably somewhere in between. It's a poorly made game BUT that does at stop it from being outrageously entertaining.

Duke Nukem-0H: Can you help here, please?
OK, I just had a go and also got 61/64.

This is the PAL version on normal with the Expansion Pak.
I got all the babes and secrets, was pretty thorough, but felt like I might have missed a room right at the end. Maybe?
And it does tease you with those 2 cyborg dudes in the cabinet thingies, I assume they don't die or come to life.


There was a blue alien ship in a room about half way through the level.
I assume this doesn't blow up.

Duke Nukem-0H: Can you help here, please?
I'm pretty sure that the 101% was on purpose, just Rare being humorous. Those kids didn't get rushed very often.

I watched a look back thingy on Twilight Princess and was surprised how they were saying about rushing for deadline or something like that.
I thought they took ages making that game.
I also thought they delayed it for 6 months on purpose when the game was actually done just so the Wii would have a strong launch title.
...maybe I heard wrong about that?
Who knows...?

Back on topic:
I assume this is the steam boat level, just got to it earlier, didn't get to the end, died near the end I would take it.
Did you kids kill the sentry guns and do they count as kills?
They get disabled early in the level, but you can still blow them up.
There are 4 of these though, not 2. Hmmm.

Duke Nukem-0H: Can you help here, please?
Posted Image

I remember this topic from a few months back but thought it was talking about this level.

Well, I will have a look when I get to that level.
Did yas find anything by looking through the editor?

It's fascinating hearing about how certain games were rushed and what they wanted in there?
I assume they thought enemy snipers were too powerful?
Some checkpoint system would have been nice, the levels are massive, but if it was too generous like modern games, it would have been too easy.
Knowing how big the levels are you tend to take extra care staying alive.

April Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Donkey Kong 64 :n64:

Play an N64 game...
@Italia: Awesome, thanks man!
I will just keep finding the time machine parts and enjoying this excellent game :yeah:

Good job on beating those records as well ⚽😎