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Nintendo 64 Editions
I'll see what I can find.
Some old magazines may help.

Jungle Green, Ice Blue...Something Red...i'll see what the range was called.

N64 avatars
Good stuff, thanks for the Goldeneye stuff. ^_^

Overlooked N64 games.
Ahh, Battle for Naboo, I got that only last year and had great fun for a while.
I must of got distracted by some other game at around level 8 though, and haven't played it since... :(
One day...

Also, thanks to this thread I have picked up Buck Bumble and Road Rash.
I'm yet to play Buck Bumble (gonna try and just go through 1 single player N64 game at a time) but Road Rash - man its fun.
Last time I played though I got annoyed, i'll get back to it within a couple of days.
I can imagine it being awesome if you have the right people/s to play multiplayer with.
The Soundtrack is good but even on the highest setting still isn't very loud. -_-

Expansion Pak discussion
It was a great thing.

Sounds like it was overpriced in the USA.
It was a great price for us.
Also, it didn't affect the price of DK64 (absolute bargain, when I got DK64 for $5 WITH an expansion Pak a couple of years ago) and Perfect Dark came with the option of getting the Expansion Pak, it was all cool.

And they probably didn't have/expect to use that power when the N64 was first released so it was a logical step.

Nintendo 64 Editions
Wow, thats way more than I thought.

I remember here in Aus we got the Jungle Green one as well as all those other funky see through colours.
I specifically remember the Jungle Green one being given away as a prize on Wheel-of-Fortune with the Expansion Pak and DK64 probably as well.
And in N64 Gamer (great N64 magazine) they gave away the Jungle N64 and it came in a cool wooden DK box for memory. B)

And the Gold controller was promoted by champion Australian swimmer Michael Klim, and the add might have had him saying something like "Go for Gold" (cause he used to and still does win gold medals)

What N64 character am I?
What on earth is a Piano Wire???...

Also, if you want me to stop with my hints I will, but now I shall keep going.
Nope it isn't the dancing guy from Majora's Mask.

Hint: The game this guy was from was released after 2000.

Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire
Ahh, that stupid debug menu.
Friend of mine had 2 people doing it.

I think I might have managed it on my own.

What N64 character am I?
You can if you want, i just thought no else had done one, so I should jump in, my bad. :(

(Keep going for mine as well if you want peoples.
HINT: I only appeared on one game)

Beautiful Songs
White Stripes: I'm Lonely but not that lonely yet.
White Stripes: Jolene (Live)
Metallica: One
Metallica: Nothing Else Matters

...mind is blank, will add more later.

words that should be used more
Hard-Out! (My Hard-Out Kiwi friend is responsible for that one)
example: Kasper, you are SO Hard-Out at Pokemon Puzzle League!

Perfect Dark
I simply could not play any shooting game on Xbox, those controls freak me out with the 2 sticks, and i just ending up looking at the floor a lot.
Also the brick-like controller wouldn't help.
I never had much trouble with AGent Under Fir eon Gamecube, maybe because the 2 sticks were easily different from each other...?

Also, I played a hell of a lot f Unreal Tournament (99 - Hellz Yeahhhz. Also we played on all the Goldeneye levels, which as sweet) and never had trouble going back to N64.

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Apr 10 2007, 10:48 PM
Buy sell trade DJ CAT

Cheers, will do.

When I get time...

Perfect Dark
The issues of less wear on the stick as a reason to use 1.2 - that was my my main reason for trying to learn 1.2, but I still couldn't really do it well.

Strange, I can play Turok perfectly fine which has that same control scheme but not Goldeneye/Perfect Dark. :huh:

Turok games discussion
Apr 10 2007, 09:34 AM
Pro -- Arrows stuck in your head can hinder your vision.

I think this is a good thing, because it is funny. :lol:

I had fun with Turok 2 multiplayer, even as recent as last year, although it has aged pretty badly.
Monkey Tag for the fun!
Didn't South Park use the same engine as Turok 2?
And there was a gun that did the same thing as the charge dart rifle- only they would dance or something?

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
IS NZ still in the world cup?

Where is a good place to post this:

Overclocking the N64
With the N64 PC, the "spare" N64 which is used for parts has Turok 2 stickers on it.
I have them on my 64.
Oh yes I do.

The thought of overclocking a64 is very exciting, especially if it improves frame-rates.
No lag Perfect Dark, 2 vs 2?
Sounds brilliant.

Not that I would have the faintest clue how to do it.
My brother has some good knowledge of electronics....hes modded Xboxs, and computers and whatnot.

N64 collection discussion
Wow, i went a little crazy partly base don the 30% off sale at GameTraders.
I've sent ridiculous amounts (for my standards) on N64 over the last 2 weeks. :o

I got:
Buck Bumble
Space Station: Silicon Valley
Bomberman Here
and Iggy's Wreckin Balls which is the only one I played so far.
Its fun with some funky music.
When I get a short day at work (8 hours... <_< ) then I can return the faulty Pokemon Snap and Excitebike I got and hopefully swap them for a working Snap and a Shadowman (they didn't have another Excitebike).
But I will get myself Excitebike from another shop so it'll be all good.
In the hood.

What's your favorite video game based movie?
Goldeneye for sure.
I played the game first, so yeah. B)

And the Mortal Kombat movie was kinda fun.
Haven't really seen the others....

What N64 character am I?
Well, actually someone beat me to the "fowl" mouthed comment.

I'll do a new one.

- I do a crazy dance.

N64 Player Finder
I agree.
Edit in a more descriptive location if you want, people...

I've added in the people from the other boards...i'll probably post it elsewhere too.
Other people can do the same if they wish.

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