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Play an N64 game...
Pelagic II has Elvis for the most part of it, so what do you mean by lack of aliens. B)

Yeah, the guard in the Pelagic II intro is always Shigsy! ^_^

Its interesting some of the heads that are in the game, and some obvious suits that were meant to go with them.

There is a Neo and Trinity face for starters.

Rambo (IV) Review
Best movie so far this year for me, it was fantastic.

VERY violent, but it was necessary,. so its all right. B)

What games are you playing?
Mar 30 2008, 07:35 PM
Decided to re-visit Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4.

Skateboards and AC/DC. One of the best combinations ever.

Hell yeah.

I have fond memories of that game.

Lately I've been playing Red Alert 2 on the PC.
Good fun, I used to make maps for it AGES ago, and all the sites that had them don't seem to exist anymore.
Oh well.

Also, I'm occasionally playing Animal Crossing. (Gamecube)
And thats all I've had time for lately, no spare time at all. :o

Major self-esteem issues
Apr 13 2008, 05:39 PM
I feel so isolated all the time, though I don't think its right for me to blame one of my largest problems on a lack of transport...

OOhhh, I think that is a VERY good reason actually.

My first car died about 3 months ago, and it REALLY sucked without it.
I had a friends car which i could sometimes use, but I didn't want to, you know, people are like that.
And also just after I finished school was one of the worst times for me, I thought it was going to be great, but after 1 day I was not liking it and things got worse, through a combination of not getting out of the house, and seeing my friends less and so on.

I moved about 2000kms North from where I used to live 18 months ago, now this is more like "home" because most of my family is up here and its closer to where I grew up, BUT all my friends from school and that what we used to do, is still down there.
SO hopefully some of them will move up here, and woah i'm tired now, i've got more I could add, buts its all random and allover the place like this post so far, so that'll do. -_-

New York, New York
I wanna go there once, preferably in the next few years.
Mostly to see David Letterman live!
And maybe visit the Hello Deli!
Also, in general it would probably have some other things worth seeing too... ^_^

Play an N64 game...
Apr 6 2008, 09:32 AM

My only other quibble is that some of the levels are too big. It's like the developers at Rare were saying "Look how freakin' big we can make this level look" but they forgot to put interesting stuff to do inside some of those levels. The end result is you go "wow, this is pretty big for a N64 game" but then you get annoyed because you spend five minutes running to the other side, kill some enemies and then you have run back for five minutes to get to the door that opened. Another cheap way of extending the game.

You know I never, ever got that feeling, even in Donkey Kong 64 as well.
Maybe I was naive, or too caught up in the atmosphere, or just having to much fun.
Who knows?

Last night we played multiplayer Bomberman and Super Smash in 3 player battles.
Both were great fun.

I've had so many great battles, just int he last 2 years with Bomberman. Its just a case of mentioning or showing the game, and SO many people say how much they loved it and want to play again.
And its such a great "pick up and play" as well!

Single Player I've only really dabbled in Perfect Dark in bits and pieces as I do, 90% of the time is Combat Simulator, cause I find all the killin is relaxing or something...
And also I had a go at that Area 51 Speedrun.
Was fun!

How tall are you?

Or 5'10 for those using the silly outdated system.
Get with it. :P

Best Nintendo 64 level names.
Apr 10 2008, 11:06 AM
River of Souls - Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Borassic Park - Space Station Silicon Valley
Dire, Dire Docks - Super Mario 64

I agree.
The River of Souls is a brilliant name, and adds to the atmosphere, and after playing through the level, its very memorable.
My favourite from that game.

And Dire, Dire Docks is a wonderful name.

I might add...

Pyramid - Bomberman 64 ( :P )
Felicity - Perfect Dark
Rusty Bucket Bay - Banjo-Kazooie
Diamond Sands - Blast Corps
Pirate Lagoon - Diddy Kong Racing (had to pick one from that game, the worlds are also nicely named. Future Fun Land! :) )
Rith Essa - Jet Force Gemini
Deadly Fall - 1080 Snowboarding (Lives up to its name)

F-Zero X
Haha, I know someone like that.

He would play Mario Party against the computer and then if they were near a star he would change them to a human and then select "No" to the offer of a star, before changing them back to CPU. :D

It was hilarious!

The Perfect Dark competition!!
Better late then never.
I just happened to get bombarded with 12 hour days (nights) at work and didn't have time to have a go before this closed.

I got 1:55 on PAL, and got the picture on the digital camera, but the computer isn't recognizing the camera, doh!

It was pretty fun.
I've never really done any speed runs in PD, but it reminds me of doing them in Goldeneye.
Mostly Facilty on 00Agent, which everyone in the world did, right? ;)
Man, did it lag, just before ya get in the elevator.

F-Zero X
Apr 11 2008, 09:58 PM
alxbly,Apr 10 2008
06:27 PM
Being able to save would introduce a host of abuses anyway (like those in Mario Golf).

Whats these Mario Golf save issues?

And F-Zero GX has 5 tracks per GP. :o

Game saves/saving
You've already got your International Superstar Soccer 2000 info but:

It allows you to save 110 custom characters (!) , way more than the other N64 ISS games.

I remember trying to do what your doing, but something happened to make me noth bothered or something. ;)


Deepest N64 game?
I fully agree with those Majora's Mask comments...
The atmosphere that game managed to create is unlike anything else.
Ikana Canyon comes to mind.

Rumble Pak discussion
I think it makes things better.

But I got myself a "Tremor Pak" same deal as the rumble pak, but it had a high and a low setting and the high....well :D
I always loved playing Lylat Wars with that thing.