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Play an N64 game...
I started Body Harvest a few weeks ago, haven't got back to it yet.
Seems like it has good potential, just got too many other games n stuff going on.

Wii discussion
Its very good for certain games.
Also very good for Smash tournaments when people are too lazy to bring their sensor bar/setup their Wii right as it lets you use the menu by the control stick. :)

What games are you playing?
Just finished playing through Goldeneye on 00 Agent.
Just for laughs I unlocked as few cheats as possible except for the hard ones.
Silver PP7, 2xRCP-90s and the famous Invincible. :D

Smash Melee - had some great matches on the weekend.

Animal Crossing: Let's go to the City - Had a great session on Friday with Mop and Alxby.
N64 logos for all! :n64:

I can't wait to play Metroid Prime 3again.
First I just have to steal back my Wii.
I haven't played it with my stereo in, I think it'll sound great with better sound and bass.

Animal Crossing City Folk
Oh my, see you in an hour, posted 50 minutes ago, and my internet is finally up to speed and i'm not tired. Lets see what happens here!


Animal Crossing City Folk
Apr 21 2009, 06:16 PM
D.J Cat
Apr 21 2009, 03:59 PM
We can't be only an hour apart...alxby is in Scotland right?
I'm east coast of Australia.
My mistake, I misread your timezone. I thought you said GMT minus 10, not GMT plus 10. Therefore, you are six hours behind my time, so 7PM would be 1PM for you, not 1AM.

I don't know what time Letterman airs where you are, but here it airs at 11:30PM. 11:30PM for you would be 5:30AM for me. Despite popular belief I do like to at least attempt to sleep at night.

I'm frequently up at midnight so that would be alright with me. Just let me know in advance. :)
How far in advance? Do you want to try to meet up tomorrow (Wednesday) at 7PM/midnight?
Possibly a few hours after Letterman even.
So that might be like 7-8AM for you by then.
Especially on Friday/Saturday morning (your time) I should be available to some extent.
We will see!


Animal Crossing City Folk
We can't be only an hour apart...alxby is in Scotland right?
I'm east coast of Australia.

But either way, Friday nights would be good for me, after I watch Letterman. :)

If you guys have any IM contacts and want me potentially annoying yas, then send them through to my pm or something. ^_^
Could make organizng a little easier.
Otherwise, I'll post here when I realize a good chance might come up.

Controller discussion
Apr 10 2009, 09:51 PM
I hear tell that there is a super-rare adapter which allows one to use a PlayStation controller on the Nintendo 64, though I don't know if there is any truth to it.
Yeah, does anyone have any/much experience with these?
(probably Alxby)

And the N64 to pc converter would be great too.
Is there a Gamecube to N64 one?

Animal Crossing City Folk
Aww man, I always have early work on Monday, need to spend the rest of it sleeping.
Keep trying for a time though...

ALSO, N64 logo made, looks pretty good.

After twelve years...
I know a lot about all 3 games, played them HEAPS.
Specially 64.

Best commentator ever.

Animal Crossing City Folk
Apples are my native.
Still they might not be what I have the most of, I went to town on "re-decorating" trees n stuff.
But yeah, I've got a decent amount of most things.

Timezone: GMT + 10 if I'm not mistaken.
Australian Eastern Standard Time.

I'll try and make the N64 logo today if I get time.
I tried to make a Mr. Pants constelation but it was harder than I thought it would be. :o

Animal Crossing City Folk
I do indeed stay up to AM hours on a Friday/Saturday (well every day, all other days I have work) so I'd be likely to be on and willing to visit.
I have nearly every fruit.
I'll trade DSi's with ya.

Have either of you made an N64 logo?
This one: :n64:
If not I'll attempt to make one.
As a design n stuff.

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
There is so much brilliant, quotable material over the last page or so its staggering. :yeah:

After twelve years...
It is a really good game, but maybe certain people just wouldn't be able to enjoy it.
I found the career mode really enjoyable.
And custom players are always pretty cool.

Animal Crossing City Folk
Added you both.

The fun part will be trying to co-ordinate out 3 timezones. :w00t:

After twelve years...
Apr 15 2009, 02:34 AM
Apr 15 2009, 02:19 AM
it would perhaps be rather fitting that my last Nintendo 64 game cost $64.
Also, when you've completed your collection could you do me a favor? Build a fort and take pictures...


Just for it being $64 that would make a great story. :D

Wii discussion
Yeah, I'd still like to visit ya anyway Mop. :)
Yes, people wanting to visit my town, know that the Animals swear before you come...
(links contain swearing, or at least badly spelt swears/. :lol: )

Animal Crossing City Folk
Apr 12 2009, 12:02 PM
Alright, several people have this game now so we can use this topic for anyone who'd like to exchange friend codes.

Here's mine:
Character name: Myron
Town: Coolvill
Region: North America
I'd like to visit ya sometime, will give you more details, probably through PM when I'm not so tired.... :wacko:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Seems a few people are getting into Animal Crossing, we should have a big N64 inspired meet-up. 8)
Alxby, check ya pm, I need ya name and town name to add you. ;)

Also today I got:
Top Gear Rally
Turok: Rage Wars
And a 2nd copy of both Goldeneye and Snowboard Kids 2.
For this:

What games are you playing?
Apr 5 2009, 11:34 AM
Animal Crossing: Let's Go To The City (or City Folk as it was called in the US) (Wii)
Awesome, I wouldn't mind visiting your town if you have WiFi and want to. :)

I'm playin:
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil
Smash Melee/Brawl
The above mentioned Animal Crossing
Actually gave Penny Racers a go on Sunday night, good fun, cool music, has potential to be great, but too many controller paks are needed!

What games do you wish you finished?
Yeah I was lucky with the first 2 Paper Mario games, summer holidays (in fact I got both games on Christmas of their respective years) which meant heaps of spare time.
Played through both games in about 15 days of pretty intense playing, I got so into them!

For me the game that had beaten me in the past has been Turok 2.
However, earlier this year I got an urge to suddenly play the first Turok, which I did beat when I was 9, but using cheats (from that game afterwards, I never used cheats to beat a game again).
So anyway, I beat the first turok just this year, and now, Turok 2, as far as I've eve been, about to enter level 6, just after I got back and get the rest of the goodies from level 4 and 5.
Can't wait! :D

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