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The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
My attempt at the Ganondorf Challenge from about a month ago.

And this is the best player in the state getting destroyed in the same challange. :lol:

Doctor Who question
David Tennant, seems most reliable, and I do love the excitability of him.

Haha, i really like this thread already. ^_^

Has anyone ever noticed...
And didn't he sell his N64. -_-

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Ahhh, its that time of year here where the weather is perfect.
Not too cold (maybe some mornings) and not too hot.
Its really enjoyable.
I mowed the lawn for an hour yesterday....still needs another 2-3 hours work.

Nintendo 64 Forever turns 4 years young!
Yes, thanks to our founder whos name is constantly mis-spelled and all the mods and posters who make this place what it is.
Small but excelent community it is. :D