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Play an N64 game...
Yeah Hyrdo Thunder doesnt quite do it in multiplayer.

I managed to just unlock the Hard levels on Saturday.
The Far East took several tries.

I destroyed my mate in Mario Kart, won every cup.
He used to go even with me, but I think that was only cause I used to drink heaps when we used to play. :P
Then we played Goldeneye and he beat me, cause I'd had to much to drink funny enough. >_<

F-Zero X
I dont remember if I did any Staff Ghosts, but i didnt spend a great deal of time on Time Trial.
No one to take out. :lol:

41 Stars, impressive.
I like how there was only 12 people left at the end of the race. :D
Im gonna have to keep trying.
Had a few unsuccsesul attempts on the Queen and King Cups.

What does everyone think of the X Cup?
I like it a lot in multiplayer.
Ive had some tracks where on the 2nd lap when you get boosts EVERY other racer drives off the track and your the only one left.

Some N64 issues I am having.
I've seen that problem where you load up the game and its as if its a brand new game and all the files are new.
I find just turning it off, taking the game out and just trying again fixes it.
Boy I've seen some people panic when that happens. :o

F-Zero X
Technical Driving Style?

Yeah, i've had that title screen since...whenever, its a great reward for a job well done.

Managed to beat Joker on Master Difficulty.
Used Baba.
Took out 9 people on Big Hand. >:-]

I still feel like playing this game some more.
Maybe I should try and beat a cup on Master and take out over 30 people. 8)

Some N64 issues I am having.
Oooh I've had a jammed reset button since 1998.
I find it weird when I see one that works cause im so used to mine not working.

Apr 20 2011, 03:14 PM
I'm a bit late. Just having joined the forums today. I really like Turok. I remember having Goldeneye, and WCW vs NWO world tour. About a week after playing them to death my friend got a N64 and got Turok and MK Mythologies. I let him borrow 007 and he let me borrow Turok. Can't say I ever beat the first world but I loved it.

Just recently in rebuilding my N64 Collection and trying to beat games I beat the first Turok. I really still enjoy it mostly. I do feel you guys on the "empty" feeling but I don't consider it horrible by any means. I've played much worse. Once you get the controls down, what your supposed to do and where to look for things its quite enjoyable. Same with bosses. However, most frustrating moment? Chronoceptor piece in Level 3. grrrr.
I didnt find that Chronocepter piece on my recent play through.
Someone mentioned it as being at the very back of that jumpy section at the end of the level.


Favourite Zelda Game
Wind Waker.

Regardless of whether Ocarina is in the poll or not.

F-Zero X
Beat the first 3 cups on Master Difficulty.
I like the small insight on the character at the end of the cup if you win.
F-Zero GX expanded on this with the interviews.
I keep trying to use a different character for each cup.
Running out of ones that I can use any good though.
I dont like the oens that are too light or have poor grip.

Explain Your Display Pic!
I think it was time for a change.
I had the Bomberman one for bloody ages.

A smart arse talking cat suits me i think. :lol:

Zelda OOT Oddity
Apr 13 2011, 07:45 PM

"If I looked as good as you, I could run a different kind of business...heh he heh..." Poe collector (Ocarina of Time)
Thats awesome.
Good observation. :)

I always thought it looked like she had a beard.

Buying N64 items
I used eBay about 6 or 7 years ago, was good cause I had a lot of spare time.

Recently Ive just been getting them from GameTraders. I clean up when there is a sale. :)

F-Zero X
Only managed 2nd on my first go at Master difficulty.
Will have to get back into it when I feel a little less sick.

And yeah my times are for PAL.

Play an N64 game...
Its sorta under the lower food court.

Yeah, shame about that Gametraders
The ones at Browns Plains and Indooroopily are going strong.
Sorta know some of the owners/people that work at them.
Bought 14 N64 games last time they had a pre-played sale. :D

Only been playing F-Zero X this week inbetween working 50 hours and now being incredibly sick. :-X

May Game of the Month tie breaker
I played the Gamecube version of Gauntlet Legends a lot last year.
Its the same game but with a whole lot more levels n stuff as far as I know.

Still need to finish the game.

Just curious
Yeah I have the cat.
But im too lazy/tired to do anything about it.
And I like cats. ^_^

Nintendo 64 Forever's 5th Birthday
Yeah, glad to find this place.
A reason to play N64 is great.

The recent activity such as the Game of the Month has been fantastic.

F-Zero X
Well I eased my way back into the game by dominating all the cups on Expert.
I think Im better than I used to be even after I havent played it in a while. Odd how that happens with games sometimes.
Onto Master next.

I did find single player in F-Zero GX better buts its multiplayer left a bit too be desired.

I LOVE how the game rewards and encourages you to take people out.
I get such a rush from destroying everyone ^_^
I got 23 stars for the GP on King Cup just before.
Ive gotten over 30 before.
Maybe we should make it a little competition before the end of the month? :)

OH and the DEATH RACE >:-]
Best times everyone?


Will provide pic if need be.
My old best was 2 mins 19 something, i smashed it last night.

N64 art
Thems are some cool legos.

Good job.

A sad day for games
I feel the same about new games, very uninspiring.

I still get a heap of enjoyment out of the old games, and too me, If I havent played an old game, and now i do, its still a fantastic experience.
Like last year I went on a 90's world shooters experience, starting with doom, and then on to Duken Nukem and the sequal.

May Game of the Month Nomination Topic
I think im happy just to go with veeryone elses nomination this time.
Some great choices there.

Mishief Makers is sweet, but I do remember getting stuck on silly things.

Now time to get stuck into F-Zero.

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