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Is Nintendo losing it?
If it doesn't have a Zelda game it's not a real Nintendo console.

I would have bought a Wii U instantly as soon as they dropped a Zelda game.
Having said that, quality over quantity, no need to rush them.
I'll have it when it's ready 😎.😊

...oh yeah, I beat Aztec and Egyptian was easy once I remembered the path to the Golden Gun.

Is Nintendo losing it?
Here, here action!

As I said earlier, all the best games were made by 2001.

I remember the feel like of finally beating all the levels on 00 Agent, or finally unlocking Invincibility or unlocking all the cheats.
Those were real achievements and felt like something.
New consoles need to tell you you have unlocked so called achievements to try and come close.

Is Nintendo losing it?
I haven't played a whole heap of Nintendo games over the last decade, but 2 spring to mind, and both I consider as some of the best in their franchise and of all time, and I don't say that lightly.

Super Mario Galaxy
Zelda: Skyward Sword

...now, for when I wake up or just later...time to try and beat Aztec on 00 Agent.
Fond memories of when I finally achieved that on a Saturday morning as a 10 year old in 1998 the day I got my new bike 👍😍 :n64:

What games are you playing?
Goldeneye and International Superstar Soccer 2000.

Started playing through Goldeneye on 00 Agent just to keep my skills sharp, and it's heaps fun and an all time classic anyway.
Even though I'm as good as I am and have played through many a time, it's great to still be challenged by some of the levels.
Silo, Bunker 2, Control and Water Caverns have proven a challenge so far.

And Soccer, played through a Euro Cup for something different using Switzerland.
Only had about 5/6 custom players, so the difficulty was about right.
Most games the scores seemed like actual soccer scores unlike some 10+ goals hauls we have done in the past 😄

Is Nintendo losing it?
Well said Tofu.

Sort or that and just the time restraints of life these days/growing up/having a job etc.
The spare time I have these days compared to as a kid is so, so much less, and as a result you want to spend your limited time playing a game you know you like rather than play a new game you might or might not like.

Now back to trying to beat Water Caverns on 00 Agent...😎

Is Nintendo losing it?
I haven't played enough of their newer stuff to make a fair judgde of it to be honest.

What I have played has been fun or pretty good though.
Just haven't seen anything that makes me need a Wii U yet.

Give me a new Zelda and I will be in .

And as said before the N64 was the peak of everything, all the best games were made before 2001, Nintendo are not as good as they were, but same as all game makers, not really their fault, more on society and that's where the money is and people keep buying the same sequels etc.

Dreams about Gaming
My mate once had a dream that someone was selling a copy of Starfox Assault for the GameCube about 100 metres from our house.

I approach them and ask "Is it PAL or NTSC?"
They say its NTSC so I then proceed to Tombstone (wrestling move done by WWE's Undertaker) them and walk off.

It wasn't even my dream, but it feels like I was there.
...Good times 😅

Apr 3 2016, 09:32 AM
macN64 (7 games so far)
(new) Top Gear Rally - Completed First Season in Championship mode
(new) Mario Kart 64 - Placed 1st in Luigi Raceway in Mirrored mode (EXTRA)
(new) Super Smash Bros - Beat Link on Hard difficulty
(new) Jet Force Gemini - "Beat" Goldwood Forest with Juno on a new file (and moved onto SS Anubis)
(new) Pilotwings 64 - Beat Albatross Nest, the first Hang Glider test
(new) Goldeneye - Beat Dam on 00 Agent
(new) 1080 - Beat Crystal Lake in Match Race mode on Expert difficulty

Doing things on the harder difficulties. 👍

works been mental, looking forward to getting into this again.
A friend of mine has also been borrowing a 64 and a chunk of games, will get them back at some point.

Still playing a good amount of N64, just the 2 games though, Duke Nukem: Zero Hour and International Superstar Soccer 2000 :n64: ⚽🔫

Top 3 Game Developers
Brisbane, yep. Definitely was one of the dudes then.

He used to play smash bros a little bit then ended up moving to Melbourne.
Nice guy.
Forgot his name though...


What games are you playing?
Feb 9 2016, 02:46 PM
Long time no see everyone! Currently playing through Skyward Sword for the first time. I bought the Gold Wiimote bundle on launch but never really gave the game a chance. Loving it so far, also doing some Xenoblade X on the side as well as the usual Smash U and CSGO.
Skyward Sword is amazing.

Can't wait to play it again sometime.

Been busier than our opponents defenders in Superstar Soccer at work lately so haven't had much time to play many games.

Just International Superstar Soccer 2000 and Duke Nukem: Zero Hour.

Dam, time machine parts....

Wouldn't mind playing Duke Nukem Forever again either.
I'm so glad I don't listen to reviews or other people's opinions these days.
DNF was great, just a touch short and the loading times were a bit long.
People complained about Duke being rude or something?
That's kind or his thing you know??
Come Get Some! 8)

Have you kids heard of Pokemon GO! ?

I think its coming out this year.
Could be good.

Top 3 Game Developers
Pandemic...I think i knew a guy who worked for them...?
Or they had a similar name?

Was they Australian?

LoZ: Twilight Princess HD (Wii U)
For me, I don't see the point of these remakes, I'd rather just play the proper, original GameCube version.
(On an 80cm CRT :wub: )
BUT, for those who get to experience it for the first time, you are in for a treat!

I think this game has aged exceptionally well.
It kind of got forgotten, and judged badly for the dumbest things, but for the fans, and people who have an attention span better than a brick this game is incredible.
Played through it 2-3 times and I think it got better each time.
Get on it!

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Top 3 Video Game Franchises
International Superstar Soccer


Doom 4
I love 90s shooters.

Played Wolfenstein 3D as a kid.
Was rubbish at it but probably sparked my interest.

Got to play doom a bit on PC some years later, but mostly got to play the Dooms, Dukes, Quakes and Turoks all on the mighty N64.

Need to finish original Doom actually on Xbox360, been enjoying playing it when I get a chance.
Also have to finish Duke Nukem: Zero Hour again, this time with all the time machine parts...anyone know where they are? 😆

Mario Kart 64
Definitely the best of the series.
Love the brutality of the weapons, things like how the red shell knocks you up and forward so you can knock people clean off the track.

The physics seem spot on for the fun.
A beloved game by both casual and hardcore fans.

I remember at school, we would have like a 10 minute reading session after lunch...
The perfect time to read over the Mario Kart 64 instruction book and study the track maps, stats and facts.
Rainbow Road - 2000 metres.