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What Grinds Our Gears?
As long as they don't do it right in your face, it's mostly just an audio thing.

Anyway, I'm really over public holidays!
I'd be happy if there was 0 per year! 😠

4 in 4 weeks is just garbage!

Mymee64's collection!
-Can't get enough of the Yellow Shirted Guy on the Tilt Pak box.

-There are so many cool things out there that I didn't realise existed. Maybe that's why I don't start looking...because I might not be able to stop!

-Turok 2 Shirt! 😎
I want a Turok 1 shirt though 😀

Just started the first Turok again.
Apr 30 2017, 08:57 AM
I havent played much of Turok 1, never played it as a kid but recently tried playing it. I enjoyed what I did play but got to a "Car Boss" and just stopped there. Turok 2 is a great game in my opinion.
I do enjoy that boss.

It's is SO 90s world!

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Is it just me, or does this remind anyone of the floating island in Bob-Omb Battlefield!?


What's your favorite philosophical movie?

Yep, that sounds like Boracay, a very nice place in The Phillipines.
Very lovely beach setting, but turned into a way over the top touristy crap hole with an annoying over the top party vibe.

I still managed to take some great pictures, too bad they not easy for me to upload here (unlike Miitomo) because I gave up on Photobucket...😣

That was off topic, and yeah as mentioned above, Terminator, I was so into it around 2002ish time, same with The Matrix not just for the cool action but the deeper meaning beyond...

Just started the first Turok again.
It's fantastic, and it has aged very well I reckon.
Aged much better than Turok 2, which I have a lot of time for, as long as you can get your head around the slow down.

As for Turok 1, so much is done right in that game.
How good is the music!!?
Those drums!

Hell, I should play it again just to experience that with the stereo upgrade I bought last year 🎶 😍

Mario Kart 8: Let's Play it Together!!!
Wait. When is this out???

I assumed it was a few months away.

What is time?
How long is a piece of string?

Mario Kart 8: Let's Play it Together!!!
Mmm...Kate 😍

...sorry you distracted me there...

Ummm, to get me focused again, we better play some Mario Kart...when the time is right.

Reminds me of the awesome Mario Kart 64 we played at the pub for Cords and Carts over a few evenings.
Too lazy/lets go with time poor to upload the pics also because photobucket was being a massive turd burger last time I tried to use it.

Good chat.

What's your favorite philosophical movie?
Farting Kimberley.

What Grinds Our Gears?
Apr 23 2017, 09:06 PM
Kimberley is timeless!

and now subtitled along with all our other movies!


Wait I didn't mean to turn this into advertising our stupid Movie Maker movies YouTube page.

Back on topic, things that cause the grindin'...


The human race.
Pretty disappointing in general.
Although we can do better, and the people that recognize that and are striving to improve things win massive respect points.

What Grinds Our Gears?
Oh yeah!
Burps too, they are annoying as :cussfit:!
Especially when they are done over the top on purpose, and on top of that, if you didn't eat like an utter door knob you probably wouldn't be doing it in the first place!

Yawns are contagious, the MythBusters proved this.
They spread the disease of tiredness and being docile which doesn't do anyone any good!

And on a lighter note(hehe...note.)...heres a documentary on why Farts are pretty excellent (No64DD knows what's coming...)


Hardest N64 levels
Is it because of my run and gun playstyle compared to the more stealthy Perfect Dark??

I was comparing stats with MyBeefCakes on Wolfenstein: The New Order (on XboxOne) and I definitely noticed he had WAY more stealth kills and I had way more "duel weilding" kills..hmm.

What Grinds Our Gears?

The Google Ad above is about socks!😆

Slowness and yawning annoys me.

Yawning and Sneezing is disgusting...
But Farts are hilarious!

I'm just going to leave now... -_-

Hardest N64 levels
Ahh yes, Silo...good times!


I definitely think Perfect Dark is harder than Goldeneye.
I never beat War...o probably could, just a lack of persistence and patience...
I've got no patience and i hate waiting as a wise man once said.

Post a Video Better than the last.

Farting Kimberley...

What games are you playing?
Apr 5 2017, 08:31 AM
D.J Cat
Jan 22 2017, 11:35 AM
Killer Instinct.

The new one for Xbox One.

I was on it pretty much from launch and enjoyed the first 2 seasons but have had no motivation to play the newest edition.
Finally decided to give it a crack and loving it.
What they have done with the new single player mode is So much more entertaining.
Finding it quite addictive!

Yes! A fellow KI fighter, if you fancy I can give you a couple games? XBL GT: A Salty Dish

Same as D.J. been bashing Killer instinct such rewarding fight mechanics
That sounds like a good idea!

Will definitely try to get that happening at some point.
I am NervyUnicorn772 on the Xbox thing.

Playing The Secret of Monkey Island.
Like the humour.

Sounds like I'm really going to like it.

Mostly because I don't waste my time on overly getting excited about games before they are ready.
So when they are suddenly available it's a pleasant surprise.

And yeah, I enjoyed the Banjos etc back in the day but more importantly, still enjoyed the crap out of them in very recent times.

It's N64 Forever for me. Not just N64 back in the day 😃

Just pulled the trigger on a CRT!!
CRTs are amazing.

I have something like 8 (big ones too) and happy to offload a few...

It's worth training your body and getting strong...
Just so you can move CRTs...

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Apr 18 2017, 08:27 PM
Yeah, definitely take your time. You can never come back and play it again for the first time!

I think this is now for sure my favorite Zelda game, and has shot up into my top 5 games of all time. A real masterpiece!
It's way too early to call, but I was calling it the best game of this millennium.

Goldeneye and maybe a few others beat it out for "all time" just for me.
As brilliant as it is. I don't know if it will have the same effect in 20 years time like Goldeneye still does for me.

That and every time they make a Zelda game it is mind blowingly good so we will probably be talking about the next few Zelda games in 20 years time.

Having said that, this game is something else.
I think Nintendo is back in a very big way because of this game, and I can feel Mario will be the same way too.
I feel so much pleasure from playing the game myself and I want more pleasure from introducing/experiencing this game with others.
Sometimes that is even more pleasurable than your own play through if they get heaps out of it. 😍

I guess I might give this a go, I'm a hugely giant Rare fan but don't feel excited for whatever reason.
However, now that it's out, I'm sure I will enjoy it.

What's the best platform to play it on?
I have XBoxOne...assume it's not on the Switch?

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