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Some Pretty Interesting N64 Links
I found a Bomberman 64 page.

....Hey we never go this game:
Posted Image

with the translated Japenese (haha) :
While revival doing the successive software, it added also the new element, compilation into one book of the Bonn bar man. Whatever degree playing, other than pleasant bomb battle the “Bonn bar man”, popularity it is high, ““in the [pa] [tsu] [ku] Bonn bar” awakening recording 3 of D.J Cat ” the “Bonn bar man parks”.

Hmm, i think i'll have a nice pleasant bomb battle today.
Heres one for Bomberman 64:
That Bonn bar man becoming full polygon complete 3D, appearance to N64. The bomb becomes huge, “it accumulates and the bomb” and to stack the bomb, [butsu] it throws the enemy which is in the high place, the “bomb tower” and so on also new [waza] is full load.

"It is thrown to the blast!
Therefore solid with former cruciform it is unsatisfactory.
The blast of this time becoming spherical, from, became real.
The refreshing impression increasing you are not wrong!"

Explanation of throwing a pumped up bomb:
First raising
Accumulating, accumulating
When the bomb starts shining
For the sake of bomb completion
Perplexity throw!
Effective tremendousness!!"

"Move the 3D stick extremely!"

OK, I've had enough fun wwith that, anyway its a great article. ^_^

Controller discussion
I don't think I even saw the Gamecube controllers on there.
It must of just been a popularity vote, because thats the most comfortable and easy to use controller out there.
Someone whos never played one before can instantly use it thanks to its brilliant design, everything is just in the right place.

N64 controller is a close second for me, it would be perfect if it wasn't for the analouge wearing out.

But maybe i'm just biased.

Saving Questions -Batteries, Paks, Flash, SRAM
"2. For those games that save on a Controller Pak (like the ones listed in the link), is there any way to know (or a website to go to) that would tell you if you can ALSO save on the cart?"

Hmm, i dunno, for now just ask us I guess. ^_^
I can't think of many...Blast Corps comes to mind.
A number of games have the Cart to save and the controller pak as an optional extras.
For example in Bomberman 64, the main quest data is saved on the cart and your custom multiplayer characters can be saved to a controller pak.
And in Excitebike, all your tracks/races/time trials data is saved to the cart but your custom tracks are saved to a controller pak.


Rate the username above your post
7/10 - Its part of a good game and as such is easy to remember.
And its spelt and in the right Capitalization, like in the game. B)

N64 Player Finder
Hmm, we are getting somewhat of a list now, might have to start organizing it by country....
Keep em coming in. ^_^

Screenshot Game
If no one else has one, and you want, i can post one. ^_^
Otherwise, i'll wait my turn. :lol:

Sim City 2000 (N64 version)
Sounds fun...I thought it was only for the 64DD though.
And does it have a giant Mario running around town at random if you turn disasters on?
The SNES version had Bowser.
The SNES version was awesome. B)

Graphics in N64 games
I thought the cut-scenes so to speak in Shadows of the Empire were great.
Very nice art-work and suited the style of the game very well.


Goldeneye 007
Well, I thought it would be a good idea to get Goldeneye Tournaments up and running again/for the first time for some people.
I posted it here:

Well, here it is if you want to see:

This game may well be 10 years old this year, but it still plays wonderfully well, and is an almost flawless multiplayer game, as a 1 on 1 there is near no lag until explosives are thrown (correct me if I'm wrong).
There are no incredibly cheap tactics for a 1 on 1 (again correct me if I'm wrong) and the game is not "Broken" in any way (again as far as I know).

A good example of a game with a strong tournament/competitve scene is Super Smash Bros Melee.
look at sites like these:
and you'll see how passionate and excited people get about it.

So we should try and get out there and get people playing again.
It can be a prick to do so, too many people won't even give it a go and some that do, won't like it for the graphics or something.
I'll try and run a tournament sometime, either when i get my own house OR at the next Smash Bros Tournament as an after-event (if the orgainizers let me).
Having rankings and teams, and thing sliek that will do wonders for the game.
Also, posting multiplayer videos up will help.

Its worth a shot.

What do ya think???

May 11 2007, 02:01 AM
Thanks, Stan! That might just be what I need.

Yeah, the DexDrive was a cool idea. My memory card got corrupted a month ago, so it's a little late to save that stuff... but that won't happen again!

Everyone here on N64ever should get DexDrive. Then we can all trade our created tracks in ExciteBike 64!

Awesome idea!

That as such a great feature of Excitebike 64.
Plus when you had oppenents you were equal with it was great.

I might look into getting one on ebay.
Shouldn't be too expensive.
Although...would there be difficulties trading between PAL and NTSC???

How tall are you?
180cm...or so.

I'm not sure about that game-playing skills theory.

The tallest guy who plays Smash in Australia won the last National Tournament (Bringer of Death - a very skilled Yoshi player)

Man, the DexDrive had potential to make the N64 better, would have been sweet.

I dreamed of making my custom park on Pro Skater 2 and being able to share with the world - and download other people levels.
Just one idea.

N64 Player Finder
Sorry to double post, but I thought I'd just mention a few things.
The people here: http://forums.hyperactive.com.au/showthrea...29&page=1&pp=10 seem to be pretty enthusiastic about this idea, and thats only one forum.
Imagine if it got posted on other forums as well (hint, hint, lol)

Also, if you want, put the games that you are particularly interested in playing at/are pretty hot at in BOLD or just tell, me and I will Boldify them. B)

N64... on the big screen!!! (*56K warning*)
Apr 21 2007, 06:08 AM
I have a friend with a projector. Usually during the summer, we'll try to use it to play Smash Bros Melee on the side of his house! This past summer, we set it up by his pool so we could play while we're swimming. If we do anything like that again this summer I'll try and get pictures. Maybe I can convince them to play Diddy Kong Racing!

On the side of ya house!
Although playing in the pool, wouldn't that kill your controllers???

And, in general: Awesome.

N64 avatars
Excelent job with the boxes.

I particularly love/d the box art on Majora's Mask, Turok, Starfox, the Star Wars games, Paper Mario, Mario Kart....

Too many good avatars...i can't change every week.
They may also have other great uses. B)

EDIT: Don't want to double post so here is some Bomberman 64 ones I found on A japenese Bomberman 64 page.

Posted Image - Mine! ^_^

Posted Image - Sirius

Posted Image - Smaller version of Sirius

What N64 character am I?
Yep, Kooper from Paper Mario.

Mystical Ninja is awesome!
I got it and enjoyed what I played, but I got syuck.
I really need to try and play it again, it was great fun.

The giant robots were awesome, and the opening theme song!


What N64 character am I?

I have a blue shell.

What N64 character am I?
Sorry, we moved house, and work has been 10 hour days and the computer has only just been set up in the last few days, so thats why i've been away!

Next clue:
I am from a Mario game.