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Animal Crossing City Folk
Apparently if I nab a pill bug in Coolvill it will make fossil hunting easier for me.

The Gilly charm for May is simply catch a common butterfly. :)
I lost 60 000 Bells and all my items today, stuffed up when I went to use DS suitcase...aww man.

So when are you guys good for a visit?
I'm good for the next 2-3 hours or probably for a good amount of tomorrow as well.

Animal Crossing City Folk
Maybe in roughly 12 hours.

Or Sunday morning/evening (my time. Yeah, timezone working outness :o )
Possibly Saturday night as well.
oohh KK.

Animal Crossing City Folk
Sorry to double post, but needed some way to get this rolling again...
Whens a good time to do some more visits you guys?

Should try and find out what the monthly charm is for your town in the city, and see what happens.... :)