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Metroid 64?
Seeing how good Metroid Prime turned out, it was worth it being on the cube.
The extra power that little console had made for an excelent game.

Jammed reset buttons
Yeah mines been jammed for a good 8 years or so...
Dont really need it anyway.
Cept for that Tetrisphere glitch. :)

"Girl, you got me froze like a Nintendo 64"
Apr 13 2010, 10:21 AM
A few days back I saw one of my facebook friends post this on her wall and I was wondering where this came from. Well Neogaf has a topic about it now and its from a song by B.O.B. called Nothin' On You (featuring Bruno Mars).

The music video can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PTDv_szmL0

At around the 2 minute and 2 second mark (2:02) that line is used "Girl, you got me froze like a Nintendo 64".

I have had my Nintendo 64 freeze before mainly because I played it for hours on in and obviously it was over heating. What about you guys? Think the statement is just? How often have you had your console freeze on you?
i think its a justified comment, It does happen, specially if the game/cartridge gets bumped/a dog runs by and catches the controller cable and brings the N64 flying down off the bench onto the concrete floor! :o (true story!)


Love the N64 shooters!
Did you ever play the Turok games?