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How much time have you spent on your Nintendo 64?
I have no idea at all.

98-02 was a HUGE amount of hours. MASSIVE.
03-07, I thought it would have dropped a hell of a lot but it didnt, dropped a bit, but discovered so many more games plus amazing multiplayer in this period.
07-now, dropped off a lot due to work, buts still gets a significant amount.

How does the N64 logo come off the console???
May 23 2011, 01:25 AM
Simple method. Toliet paper wrapped over the end of a screwdriver, push from behind, job done :D


23 Mil...thats whack!

And I thought I was doing OK... :o

Play an N64 game...
I bought Xena last year, almost as a bit of a joke. Played it a bit.
Thought it was only a 2 player game. I can see it being fun as a 4 player game though.
Maube I should give it a bit more a try.

I love how 90s world it is.

You can use smart bombs as soon as you get them from what i could tell.

Still havent got close to my current high score recently.

Convince me to take the N64 path
whats a shmup?

Play an N64 game...
I remember Cruisin World getting pretty decent reviews, especially compared to Cruisin USA. A lot of people still liekd the game but.

Mostly just been playing Wetrix, but watched my buddy play Forsaken for an hour, I'd never played it before.
Looks pretty good, very 90s world, love the soundtrack.
And it moves along at a fair clip too.

Ahhh, i cant seem to get near my 800 000 + score since I got it.
I've lasted up to level 7 and still not managed to beat it.
Not enough ducks n stuff.

I like that the game is good to play even if you only have a spare 5 mins or a spare 5 hours.
Oh, and my housemate and his girlfriend love the game too, its not just me.
She just wanted to build duck lakes, cause ducks are cute or something. :P

Just got around 850 000 :D

Wowee, those smart bombs make a huge difference, its like starting fresh.
Just the knowledge from the how to play bits when you leave for a while at the menu screen is giving me all the know how on what to do.
I think I've played this game every day since I got it. :)

What do you think of the handicap and challenge modes?
I only briefly tried them, didnt seem that different.

June Game of the Month Nomination Topic
I already re-played through Pro Skater 2 in January when i had some spare time.
Thats why im voting for others.

Wetrix has been amazing! :D

My best so far is about 300 000.
Im gonna have a crack at that high score, see what happens. :)

Ahhh, not having any instruction book or box was a bit of a disapointment, but tthats how I get most of my games these days unfortunatley.

Had no idea how to use the smart bomb.
That might make a huge difference to me.
I love the random and varied terrain you can get, with waterfalls, jagged mountains, ice spikes and so on.
I've found ducks are the key. :)

June Game of the Month Nomination Topic
Jet Force Gemini

Went to GameTraders and got myself a copy for 20 bucks on Sunday.

I remember first seeing the game and reading reviews way back when it came out and thinking I would enjoy the game.
Nearly rented it once.

First time I had a go at it, I didnt know what I was doing too well, but the game tells you how to play if you leave it for just a little while at the title screen.

What a good game!
Fantastic pick-up, its very addictive.
Its good having me and my housemate constantly trying to beat each others high scores. And weve only had the game for 4 days.


Do you play Smash Bros Melee as well by any chance?