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From the eyes of a fifth gen gamer
Good topic, but I'm always annoyed when people refer to games as (insert number here) generation. Let's just talk the years and consoles that were hot at the time.
Hey I'm weird though, feel free to rubbish that last comment.

Anyway...I feel there is so much more to add but I'm tired n stuff.
But yeah, I have an Xbox One, only bought it for Killer Instinct and the best things about it have been Rare Replay and Wolfenstein (so a recreation/New version of an old classic)

And yes, about the controls!
Halo and game after it ruined the "default" which was properly defined by Goldeneye and Perfect Dark. Down is up, and up is down...
And you know that!

Post a Video Better than the last.

Binsy annoys Gilly.

"There is no escape, there will be...no mercy"

Giant amount of bananas or....whatever if anyone gets the reference.

Someone should make a little list of who is who with forum names to Miimoto names?
Half of us use our forum names but not always so obvious.

If only I didn't post on phone...
And wasn't lazy and tired 😴

The N64 collecting & appreciation chat thread
I got my copy from Gametraders (unfortunately they barely exist anymore) and enjoyed it a lot.

Was kind of weird, playing Turok 3 a good ten years after playing the first 2 games.
Need to play through it again.
Under rated for sure.

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Dont force it.

I've been away for months, maybe years at a time sometimes.

Better to be somewhere with passion and motivation then just doing it to go through the motions.

Works for forums, relationships...all sorts of things.
There's probably lots of flaws and faults with the what I've said.
I'm tired and rambling.

Skittle is Stingers wife from what I gather.

I added the other 2 cause they had 3 to 4 friends in common so I figured they must have been off this forum? 😎
Oh and the number 64 in a name.

top 10 N64 racers
May 27 2016, 01:34 AM
Seeing 1080 mentioned multiple times in one thread, and not by me, makes me happy :)
Have you ever achieved the elusive under 1'20 on Golden Forest? 😱

One of the things that keeps me coming back.

I can see how this can/...is addictive.

I added a few of you who's names I recognized.
add me back if you like.
Same name as on here: D.J Cat

Just installed it and mucked around a bit, but a bit tired.

I sent an e-mail to myself...hopefully this link works???

Nintendo about to make movies
I hope they leave Zelda alone.

It could be bad, and make all sorts of contradictions or whatnot.
But mostly the best part of a Zelda game is YOU are the main character essentially and other reasons which I can't work out how to word properly 😖😜

...also, anyone remember the Donkey Kong country series from the 90s.
That was the best...⚽😃

I don't use the big F either, but anyway, I shall look I to this MiiMoto.

And if I have to make a Tweety I will...at least I can use it to make terrible sports puns...

Post When You Buy Any Movies, Music, Etc.
First time I've bought something like this in a couple of years it feels like.

Bought Baby Metal's new album: Metal Resistance 👍

Nintendo about to make movies
They should make a movie about some N64 classics....

Blast Corps?

Or better yet, Goldeneye!

Man, that would be a great movie! 🔫😎

I've still been playing N64, bit mostly just addicted to a few games.

Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, Duke Nukem Zero Hour and International Superstar Soccer 2000.

I leant an N64 and a pile of games to a friend, will get stuck back in when I get it back off her. 👍

top 10 N64 racers

My top ten.
Not a lot of serious car racing games methinks.
Not that there's anything wrong with that! 😜

Diddy Kong Racing - 3 vehicles, long challenging and oh so rewarding.

F-Zero X - This game gets better as you get better at it. Get rewarded for driving like a violent jerk 😂

Mario Kart 64 - King of multiplayer and best Mario Kart to date. The physics and brutality of the weapons. Spot on!

Wave Race 64 - The water effects still stands up today, just looks, sounds and really feels great.

Snowboard Kids 1+2 - Dont want to split these games. I felt 1 was more easily accessible for multiplayer and 2 had a far more solid and lengthy single player.
Mario Kart on snow done very well.

1080 Snowboarding - Still need to try and get a time under 1:20 in Golden Forest...things like that and the satisfying handling, sounds etc make you want to come back.

HSV/Beetle Adventure Racing - Huge levels, handling feels great and a slightly whacky and different kind of racer.

Excitebike 64

Road Rash 64 - Silly fun 👍


I'm intrigued by this, but do you have to have a tweety to join?
No other way?

OMG SRSLY CANT WAIT - (future release pwnage)
Ah yes, till the end of time was the one I played.
Story went off in a weird place at the end, pretty different.
I wish I had more time to play RPGs...

Watcha Listenin' To?
BabyMetal's new album, Metal Resistance as well as Gold'n'Fly.
Someone did something very cool with the Goldeneye (N64 game) soundtrack. Check it out! 🎵👍

Post a Video Better than the last.
I do enjoy the K-Pop, and how over the top this video is.
Love Big Bang! :TKO:


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