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Oh Photobucket
May 27 2017, 07:03 PM
I've been using PB for years but it's gotten really bad over the last few. I'm just too lazy to start an account with another photo sharing site which is why I still keep using it.
Same here.

Too busy, and when I'm not busy, can't be arsed and doesn't seem worth the effort.

I think I've actually had my photobucket for over 10 years now.😮

What cartoons did you grow up on?
I know I would be pretty picky about what shows any kids I might have in the future would watch.

And so parents should be.

I catch bits and pieces of "current" shows and do actually rate some of them, but not all that many.

It's the same with games as old shows like this.
If you get to simultaneously enjoy old classics AND your kid/s actually get something out of it...
That must be an awesome feeling 👍😊😊

"More About You" - Suggestions Wanted
That is a great list and I look forward to looking into them when I get a chance!
I also look forward to coming up with a good question haha!

...this feels like its a Miitomo question for some reason.

As do all those questions!
Except you can give a far more detailed and in depth answer! 👍

What cartoons did you grow up on?
Captain Planet!
Like holy :pottymouth: , an entertaining kids show trying to encourage kids to recycle and stuff!
It sure had an effect on me!

I don't actually remember the show. But I think there was something called Widget? Maybe very late 80's, early 90s. I think he was an alien or some thing...

Here some.

Where's Wally
Rocko's Modern Life (LOVE how vulgar this show was! 😂)
Thomas the TANK! (who doesn't love trains?)
Tin-Tin (probably more because of Teeside Tin Tin)
The Trap Door!
Feral TV (you didn't get it if you weren't Australian and you miss out!!!)

OK, that's enough for now.

Except for this:


Too many shows and nostalgia!
It's more than I can take!

MK8 Deluxe Torneys FRI & SAT @ 10PM NYC Time
I didn't see this!

More motivation to go and get the game!

Is this gonna be kind of regular now? ☺

Pictures of You
A live Perfect Dark episode?

Cut me a slice of that action! 🍕

What games are you playing?
@BDR: I have very fond memories of Tekken on the PlayStation (before it was called a PS1, it was 1997!)

My bro had it, and I got to play it occasionally, looked cool and was fun to play.
Cool characters, but what 90s fighter didn't have that?

What games are you playing?

I thought I invented blowing up the other desks because they get in the way when protecting Nat.
I guess great Bonds think alike.

Still just playing Secret of Monkey Island and a bit of Killer Instinct for now.

Mario Kart 8: Let's Play it Together!!!
May 3 2017, 11:32 AM
Hi Guys--

It's just me and my boy this weekend, which means I should be free for some MK8+ racing Friday and Saturday night. I'll throw out both Friday and Saturday at 10PM NYC time. Please let me know if you are interested (and which day(s))
I'm interested even though I haven't got the game yet and am worried about if it might be laggy.

IF the timing is right, and I'm not working and all these other things....
I'd like to make it happen.

If not then, sometime in the future.


Inspiration from/for Nintendo Games
May 3 2017, 07:40 AM
Can other people contribute with their own crackpot theories?

It's pretty evident that the Motion Sensor Bomb in Smash Bros. 64 and Melee came from Goldeneye. It's also possible Nintendo took the Beam Sword from the Star Wars games (a big thing on the N64 at the time), and the Home Run Bat from their in-house developed Ken Griffey Jr. game.
The motion sensor bomb was indeed inspired by Goldeneye, as the Cloaking Device and perhaps the same weapon in Melee were referred to as bring developed by dataDyne in the Trophy Description.

See how I did that by memory?
Who does that!

Makes me imagine all the plans they might have had before the Rare sale, I'm sure they had heaps and we're sad to let Rare go if they are making Perfect Dark references in Smash Melee.

It takes some kind of weird hyper/tired state to make posts like this.

Mario Kart 8: Let's Play it Together!!!
I don't know.

I watched the trailer for the game on the Switch news page and felt so uninspired.
Maybe it was because of a long weekend I didn't want.
Or just my general dislike of modern games (even though Zelda was the best thing that's happened to me in forever)
I don't know, just the way they were promoting it and listing the number of courses etc etc, when Kart 64 has 8 characters and 16 courses and will forever kick this games arse.
Mostly because it has just the best physics ever.

And other reasons, I'm tired and forgot what I was raised ting about.

Having said all that, I will probably still get it, and enjoy it, mostly because I want to get in on the action with you guys! (not like that 😉 lol)

Oh yeah that was the other thing putting me off, the video was laggy as hell, probably some problem in lie end, and I was thinking if the video is lagging, playing with the cool dudes on the other side of the world will be really light.

EDIT: There is some shocking auto correct errors in there, but I'm tired....
And they are kind of funny!

Just started the first Turok again.
I think I will try and keep up my tradition of playing through the game, and with any luck the whole series once a decade.

The first one is so good though, to me.
It, along with Quake, Doom 64 and Duke Nukem 64 all stand up really well for their time, considering they had to compete with probably the greatest game of all time (Goldeneye)