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N64 Kid
Thats the problem wit that site, so many people put up SO many crap movies.
I mean...seriously...

Occasionally you get good ones like this Skies of Arcadia one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQu7y_ixLrg

Or this Smash Bros Brawl one:

But yeah, there is an overly high amount of crap. :(

Tired of blowing in carts.... please help
I keep mine in a shoe box - seems do do a good job of keeping them clean-ish.

Does anyone think that the more you play games the more likely they are to start up when you put them in?
Cause if they are being used dust can't get into them....I guess.

Rayman 2: The Great Escape
I loved it, although I did get stuck.
My friend got to the final boss, but couldn't beat it.
I'd love to finish it one day.
GLobox for president!

I've been playing through Rayman 3 again, as of last week and its very good as well. B)

Controller discussion
Around about 6.
2-3 ABSOLUTELY rooted.
1 was so worn out the stick came out of the socket.
I've been in super conservative mode since 2001, using the D-Pad in every N64 game that lets it.

I've currently got 5 good ones, looking to get more 3rd part/new joysticks. ^_^