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What games are you playing?
I am huge into Asian Pop atm so I think I would like it.
They are promoting it and have it as a prize on SBS Pop Asia this week!
That's where I heard of it.

It's a console I wouldn't mind having anyway, but just don't see myself having the time to play it much these days...😖

@stinger: I remember when I first saw Goat simulator I thought it was silly, but something I might enjoy.
Mau be I should give it a dig.

Reminds me of watching some European dudes playing Farming simulator 2014 or something on twitch with techno music playing over the top.
Bizarre but oh so right!

Weirdest N64 games
I am keen to get stuck into Shadowman at some point.

Got great reviews and the general gist is IF you can get into it, it gets better and better as it goes on.

Starshot: Space Circus or some name like that is nice and bizarre.
Poorly made a bit, but entertaining and weird.
Love thee. Humour.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
It gets dam cold over your way, I have visited a few times in winter and know that serious chill!

What doing?
Watching the Late Show, adds are over, k bye!

What games are you playing?
Jun 27 2016, 06:56 AM
I started Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE yesterday. Quick takeaways: lots of talky talky (meh), text messages (more meh, I avoid my own phone when gaming, I really don't want emoticon filled fake texts), awesome combat that combines standard Persona weaknesses with Fire Emblems sword/sphere/axe and then adds on a really cool combo system, styled graphics that are okay, and really fantastic presentation - beautiful menus etc.
I really want to try that game.
Dont know if I want to buy a Wii U just for it though...
Hopefully I win one this week haha. ;_; :yeah:

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
It's so cold here in the middle of winter.
So cold for a sub-tropical area.

It's cold if you are not used to it!

Need to make sure the 3 Cats are happy before bed.

Gilly is scratching at the door and I'm about to let him in.
Tiger just got out of my hoody kangaroo pouch because of the scratching. She was so warm, good to see she cares...
Dont know where Binsy is, probably downstairs and found a warm n comfortable spot.

Then to eat food and maybe watch some Pop Asia or some on before falling asleep 😴😴

Weirdest N64 games
I rate Carmegeddon.

Thought it was garbage when I played it for Take the Stage.
However, when I got stuck in for Beats em All! And played through with my mate we had an absolute ball.
Just play like its destruction Derby and try and destroy everything rather than race.
The physics are so silly and so bad it's good!

N64 Tournament - Host Needed - LONDON
I really hope this happens and takes off.

Pick games and or modes that are very pick up and play and simple, yet still rewarding and satisfying for the skilled veterans.

That's why I love licence to kill, 5 minutes, pistols, random level in Goldeneye so much.
The best player SHOULD win but, everyone has a chance and its fun as!

2016 E3
Sea of Thieves.

Only thing I have watched anything on and I likey!
I already have the console required so boom!
Basically everything I have enjoyed on the Xbox One has been Rare related other than the 2 Wolfenstein games.

Zelda, I don't need to watch anything or read anything.
I know I'm getting it, whatever it takes.

70- Banjo-Kazoooie (also on Rare Replay)
Spoiler: click to toggle

OMG SRSLY CANT WAIT - (future release pwnage)
I don't really like online gaming but I reckon I will make an exception for Sea of Thieves.

F-Zero X: Problems with Master Difficulty
I don't think it would make it much easier, slightly more reaction speed is about all.
I'm sure I would still smash it on NTSC.

I have beaten nearly every Cup on Master with every character.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Only just saw this, awesome stuff guys! 🐅😊

What games are you playing?
Sort of reminds me of the Klungo mini game from Banjo Kazooie Nuts N Bolts.
Was very hard and silly, but I did it!

F-Zero X: Problems with Master Difficulty
Playing on PAL not NTSC so that might explain it.

Play an N64 game...
That is a fantastic picture!
So many things that are a turn on...
N64 controller, a GameCube, Super Mario 64, a CRT...😍

N64 Tournament - Host Needed - LONDON
I'd SO be in if I could be!

Maybe when visiting friends or family, I'd love to be a part of it.
I have a small amount of experience with doing this kind of thing, let us know if my experience could be useful in any way?
Good luck!

A Link to one we had many a year ago

Weirdest N64 games
And that Japanese hamster racing simulator?

Weirdest N64 games
Wetrix - sort of Tetris with water.
Once you "get" it, its fantastic!
Get that duck multiplyer bonus going! 🐦

NO64DD: Gaming Achievements
I've done the same in Goldeneye, Lylat Wars, Diddy Kong Racing and Ocarina.

All 4 have to be in my top 10 of all time I reckon.
Sounds like you need to have a go at the enemy rockets challenge in Goldeneye!

Did you get 101% in Donkey Shlong 64?
I even went overboard and got ALL the normal bananas etc even though you don't have too...

What games are you playing?

This is my 4th play through I believe
1st time on Xbox via Rare Replay.
Loving the small Nintendo related things that got through like the N64 console and cartridge and Chris P Bacon and his Game Boy Camera!

Wasn't sure I was up for it, but already 30 Jiggies in and loving it!

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