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Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time
Sorry to bump a slightly old topic but oh well.

I am currently in the process or playing through Ocarina of Time (Actually its Master Quest which came with the pre-ordered Wind Waker. A Harder version of OoT with modified dungeons)
And I'm SO into it!
I didn't expect to get into this game so much, but the magic still stands up for me as it did back then.
I haven't been excited about playing a game since Skies of Arcadia (earlier this year). I really thought I'd need a new fame for that spark, but nope I've got it from this game.

After I complete this I then plan to do Majora's Mask and then the 2 'cube Zelda games. haven't decided yet if i want to do it in order of chronologically or release date.
Can't wait for Majora's Mask!
Its the one I haven't played through for the longest, and the atmosphere and the characters... :)

Also on OOT.

I had to stop playing in the Forest Temple just last night.
The music is so freaky! Also I'd been playing for ages beforehand anyway...
And those wallmasters, when i first played the game back in 98/99 and it snatched me, oh man!
Favorite Temple though?...
Spirit Temple.
I love how you visit it twice, the music, the atmosphere and the ending.
And it seems like a huge structure compared to the other temples.

And also TP.
I'm still not sure where I stand on this game.
One things for certain. Its brilliant. And epic.
Bigger than OOT by a long shot (ahahahahaha... cause you get two of the and...nevermind...my lame humour :P )
But where I rate it, i'm not sure.
Looking back, It did everything better than OOT, it was way bigger, had better charcter development and background. More detail.
Its just the "feeling" of OOT that most people get.
And also just rememberign the first time you played it, that feeling can't really be beaten.
I can see that it technically a better game, but IU may of enjoyed Ocarina more simple cause I was younger and more into it.
Bah, i'm overanalysing now, so i'll stop.
I'll just say i'm one of the weird ones who thought Wind Waker was the best Zelda game.

What games are you playing?
And why...?

OK, lets see.

Bomberman Hero. I just started playing it last night, at first I thought meh (and i'd heard pretty much that from different people.
But then I started to get into it.
Its just good fun.

Wave Race 64.
This still holds the magic for me and does the feeling of driving in water so well.
I've always wanted to ride a jetski because of this game even 9 years later.
I'm gonna start doing Expert mode in championship with "Wild" weather conditions.
I used to do that with the max setting for laps, for longer, more challengeing races.
I think I'll just do 3-5 laps for now though.

Zelda: Ocarina of Time - Master Quest (Gamecube)
OK, so I decided I would replay through all the 3D Zelda games for the fun it.
I couldn't decide on OOT or Master Quest but I eventually went with Master Quest.
It still holds up as a brilliant game and I can look at things more in depth since playing Twilight Princess.
Can't wait for Majora's Mask.
Going to finish it properly this time around. B)

Star Fox 64
Jul 22 2007, 01:22 PM
1680... is that even possible without cheating?

Absolutely you just need either knowledge or a hell of a lot of time spent playing the game.
Me, I had both.
I got a Magazine back in '98 with a really good in depth guide to getting high scores in the game.
I'll share some tips...

The best path to take is Corneria - Meteo - Katina - Sector X - Macbeth - Area 51 - Venom II

You know how you can lock on by holding A?
DO that but don't actually lock on, but shoot at an enemy.
If the explosion hits you'll get whatever its worth and on top of that you'll see an extra Hit+1

Wii discussion
Ahhh, I still haven't got a Wii yet but I will!

There really hasn't been any top tier games released yet (I played the proper version of Twilight Princess on the Gamecube) and as such some of my foolish friends have started selling their Wii's.
Their problem was that they went too early.
The good games are yet to come (Mario, Metroid, Smash) and then they will all have to re-buy one.
Kids these days are stupid with money...

But me I'm also heavily into it for the sake of Virtual Console.

Scariest game you've ever played.
Hmm, I've avoided these scary games for the last 5 years or so just because i'm put of at the simple notion of being overly scared.
I think I'll have to get Eternal Darkness.
And maybe Shadowman.

Way back in the day Ocarina of Time, when I first came to the graveyward, and those bloody re-deads.
I was only 10 at the time...

But 5 years later I was still spooked somewhat by Wind Waker.
That ghost ship...

OH I just remembered!
~Potential Spoiler alert!~[SIZE=7]
It was Metroid Prime.
About a third of the way in these Chozo Ghosts start appearing in the game, in rooms where you have traveled through many times before without a worry.
These buggers make the room go dark, and the music changes and they make this screaming...scary noise.
I was so paranoid about them, I would do anything to avoid rooms where they would be...I also figured out where they would likely be and just wouldn't go near that room.
I was SO paranoid that I would get to door of the room they would be in, wai tthere for 15 seconds and go "NUH!" and turn the Gamecube off.
I eventually got through them maybe 3 weeks later, and from there I finished the rest of the game and enjoyed it immensely.

Has a videogame ever made you cry?
I think its just as relevant as in any other way of it happening (god i suck with words)

But anyway Skies of Arcadia had me extremely close to it on a few occasions.
Some of the Zelda games had some pretty sad moments.
I'm thinking Majora's Mask when the giants start walking and the Oath to Order starts playing.

And like everyone I think I was from frustration.
Mission Impossible.
I was just a frustratable little kid. :o

N64 to USB adapter.
I definitely want to get one so I can play Goldeneye online.
That and it might be fun playing Unreal Tournament with a 64 controller...
Or just using the computer in general.

Although I think I'll need one of those credit card doolackys first.... :o

Star Fox 64

I loved this game so much, i've played it numourous times every year since it came out.
Of course I played it much more 07-01 but I got my best score maybe 2 years ago now?

That score is.

Have fun beating that. :D

I can tell you about advanced tactics and whatnot if someone wants to have that discussion. ^_^

Donkey Kong 64
Well, the top photo - that cover thing is definitely some kind of banana design.

Hmm, I don't know why but it seems to appeal as being comfortable to me. ^_^
What is the material?