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Jet Force Gemini
Aug 10 2011, 11:41 AM
Is there any reason why it didn't get the exposure that Goldeneye/Perfect Dark did?
Bad timing.

Everyone wanted Perfect Dark after Goldeneye, but this came first.

I think this is a fantastic and under-rated game.
The music is top notch, the graphics are damn nice and if you like the controls and are up for a nice long game, you are in for a treat :)
Also I love the "Rare Humour" seen throughout the game.
Play through it and tell me what you think i mean. ;)

Players Choice Confusion
Aug 4 2011, 07:57 AM
Alice Lawless
Aug 3 2011, 08:57 AM
Could there have been a Player's Choice sticker on the packaging over the box rather than a silver colored box to show this? My guess is that a silver box and a gold cartridge wouldn't have gone over so well, unless it's Pokemon Stadium 2...
Now you've just opened a can of worms lol

Zelda OOT Collectors Edition (gold cart) was only released in PAL format in AUS. Another hairbrain idea from Nintendo to only release certain games in AUS, just like Snowboard Kids 2 and Starcraft 64. Whose great idea was that!?

I really can't see Europe or even UK not selling over 1 million copies of either Zelda game to not warrent a Players Choice release.
Yeah, i've never seen a non gold Zelda game.
Although I gotta say my Majora's Mask is a much better...or shiny perhaps colour.

Snowboard Kids 2 is fantastic.

And our Player's Choice didnt look like that Banjo Kazooie game, they had the silvery/grey around the outside but not like that.
I dont have many, if any Players Choice, cause i got my games before they were cool. 8) :P

September Game of the Month
International Superstar Soccer 64. :n64:

Big Head Mode and an over the top excited commentator make this game.