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N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Aug 29 2013, 12:50 PM

I would like to help with posting your completion picture . . . I'll see if I can access your pics via your photobucket user name.

Good luck with Chopper Attack.

Thanks mate, I know how to do it, just not on this bloody phone.

Very fun game already is Chopper Attack.
Hey Italia, there is a volcano on level 3.
I am always going to be looking out for them now.

Hydro Thunder pic to come later as well.

Sin And Punishment
I have it on my Wii.
Played it a bit and quite liked it.

Need to have a real good go at it one day.
Never got very far.

Controller Pak
Maybe I should have got a dex drive.
I have about 6 official cards.
Too many.

I got an official 1019 or so pages GameCube card with everything on it and that let me down.
Sucks! -_-

Good N64 games that aren't well known
Jun 6 2013, 08:48 AM
indiana jones and the infernal machine
duke nukem zero hour
castlevania legacy of darkness
top gear rally
sin and punishment
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour for sure.
Hard as all buggery with its long levels but so satisfying and that humour!
The Wild West level is so good.

I also agree with Doom and Quake.

I have only just started Chopper Attack but it's hella good.

Also Hydro Thunder.

Body Harvest was a great idea but maybe not pulled off as good as it could have been.
Or the technology wasn't quite up to it.
And stupidity hard!
But I will finish it one day.
It leaves you interested enough that you want to keep going.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Airboarders is done. ^_^
Posted Image
Started on Saturday night.
Noticed it was made by a Gaga Communications. Love the Gaga.

Took some getting used to.
Once you work out just what the hell is going on, you find it kind of plays a bit like the Tony Hawk games.
I didn't think I was going to like it much, but once you get a bit better it kind of grows on you.
The bad Engrish and voices do make the game kind of amusing.
Ready...Gooo! :D

I did really enjoy the music in the Lost Forest level.
That classic kinda haunting feel that would sound at home on a good RPG.

I wasn't quick enough to take a pic of the screen before the credits, but you do get a proof on the character select screen where it shows your "MAB" (master air boarder licence)

I will do Chopper Attack next.

Teaching my kids the pleasures of the Nintendo 64
Aug 27 2013, 07:34 PM
Thank you so much here is an album of my meager set up.
I want one!

Welcome mate.
I reckon you will like it here.
I'm back after 2 years and loving it.

It's great when the youngsters appreciate the ol 64.
I enjoy going to my brother's place and sometimes seeing the kids playing the 64.
And then I have a go at Diddy Kong Racing and blow them away. ^_^

Italy in N64 games
I think Carrington Villa in Perfect Dark was France.
So close.

I also thought Frigate might have been near but no such luck.

I don't think Chopper Attack has it but I will let ya knowwhen I get around to playing it.

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
I shall get a pic or maybe even a vid of us racing in Hydro Thunder when I get a chance.

Fired up airboarders.
Froze after 3.seconds.
Good start!

Hope I can play this game.
Seems it needs a controller pakl to save. Does not say how many pages it takes.
Wish I had the instruction book.

Had great fun with Quake 1 and 2 last year.
Beat both when I was forced to take time off work when I had my appendix out.
Good times!

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Good job on blitzing Blitz bluedog.
Love my sports games.
We played the hell out of ISS98 last year.
Got so good we were beating everyone with Greece and Uzbekistan.

Beat Hydro Thunder :D
Posted Image
Once Venice was finally beat (wish we recorded it!) The bonus tracks were easy as.
They certainly saved the best till last with this game.
The Bonus levels and boats are awesome and a great reward for your efforts.
I highly recommend this game 8)

There was no end screens or credits.
But I could still do a pic of the all boats unlocked.

May I do airboarders next?

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Hydro Thunder update.

Well I unlocked the hard levels easy enough, but those hard levels are dam hard!

Having said that, we did manage to beat New York Disaster and Ship Graveyard in tonights session.
Just Venice Canals to go.
Bloody hard level that!

2013 Member Survey
I will do one if you want, if it's not too late.
I have been away though.

Too many 12 hour days at work lately :yawn:

GoldenEye 007 Challenge
We originally tried it with 1000 damage as well, it was a bit much. 1 hit from a machine gun and your done.
The Magnum is essential on some levels where ammo is an issue.
And shooting through doors and multiple enemies at once is quite pleasurable.

Dam took my mate 27 mins.
Can't believe I did Frigate.

The "Hello, I'm Back" Topic
Have not been arouund mostly cause my laptop got stolen and I refuse to buy another.
Finally got a phone with decent internet, but it's still a pain to use...

Been playing heaps of 64 still.
Shame I missed the 64 game beat em all thingy.
I will make up for it this year. ;)

GoldenEye 007 Challenge
OK people.
Me and a my mate came up with this Goldeneye challenge.
For anyone who has beat the game and needs more.

Go to the cheat menu and turn on the following:
Enemy Rockets
Slow Animation

Now pick any level and choose 007 mode.
Enemy health 1000
Enemy damage 100
Enemy accuracy 1000
Reaction speed 100.

So pretty much full everything except damage.
We have beat about half the levels but that's after quite a lot of trys.
Give it a go!

I will give a list of what levels we have done later and maybe some vids if we can
Have fun :toad: :yeah:

N64 games where you can find a volcano
Blast Corps.
Magma Peak.

Body Harvest. Java.

HSV Adventure Racing in the 3rd level.

Good topic.

EDIT: Chopper Attack has a volcano in the 3rd level. :D

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Hi all. :)

Might do Hydro Thunder.
Played the game a fair bit in the last couple of.years but never finished it.

After that I will consider body harvest...man that game is hard.