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Hiroshi Yamauchi has died
What a legend.

I will never forget his name due to it being present right at the end of the credits to all those iconic n64 games.
Burned into my memory forever.
Starfox and Ocarina come to mind with the bells chiming right at the end.


Does Ocarina of Time sitll hold its spot as greatest game of all time?
I never had a problem or disliked the Water Temple.
What a weirdo.

Except that one time I stayed up helping the missus through it.
I couldn't just take over when it got hard, she had to do the lot.
Missed out on a bit of sleep...

Loved the Spirit Temple.

Turok 2
Sep 14 2013, 02:18 PM
That is so good!
Where could one get a download of that?

Loved this game.
Hugely anticipated this game back in the day, loved the challenge.
Never beat it back in the day.
Had a memory card issue once or twice and got stuck in level 4 another time.

But a few years ago I replayed all the Turoks and finally finished it!
Felt like such an accomplishment.

I do admit it felt a bit slow at first, the first game ran a lot smoother.
But once I got used to it, it was a pleasure to play.

Hello from NZ

Good bloke :D 8)

Best and worst aged N64 games.
Sep 9 2013, 07:44 AM
Still no more love for 1084 as a well aged game? C'mon!
1080 and wave race are still fantastic.
The water effects on wave race 64 still stand up.

Goldeneye is still brilliant.
Better than any new shooter.

I find Mario Tennis, Bomberman 64 and the Mario Party's still very playable in multiplayer.

Connect an N64 to a laptop
Get a good old CRT tv.
69cm or bigger is good.

You can get them for free or cheap and they are better. :D
Too big and heavy to steal as well. :lol:

How do!
Good intro!

You will enjoy those games you have yet to play for sure.

Play an N64 game...
Sep 2 2013, 10:12 PM
Last night, a few of my friends and all our gfs got together and played some N64 along with a few drinks going around. I can absolutely say I was amazed at all the joy and laughter it created-- mostly by us playing Conkers Bad Fur Day.

I even got a picture of us in action, maybe ill upload later.
Sounds like good fun. :)

I have had many a good time that sounds like that. :yeah:

Paper Mario is bloody good.

I have been playing my N64 beats em all games as well as a bit of Doom64, 1080, Goldeneye (check out my Challenge 8) ) and that's it for now. :)

N64Forever Beats 'Em All!
Finished Chopper Attack on normal and Expert. :D

No credit screen again just a spinning camera of your chopper landed with people congratulating you.

Good game as reviews suggested but definitely a bit short.
A good challenge for a while till you get a hang of the controls andhow to use the weapons well.
Good fun, and certainly something worth coming back to for a good blast.

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May I do Micro Machines next?