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Favorite extremely small details in games
Sep 16 2016, 02:00 AM
On Macbeth in starfox 64 Falco says "I'm here to rescue you" but it's the trains voice actor.
I'll have to check that.
I don't recall that being the case in Lylat Wars, the PAL version.
Maybe just an NTSC thing?

A reason to play through Starfox again = 😊

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Train and Silo aren't particularly easy levels on 00 Agent!
About to have a few goes myself.
Will have a bit more time over next few days 😄

The Official N64 Forever Chat Thread
Sep 28 2016, 06:40 AM
Hi guys missed me, :omg: alot things happen while I was away. Been playing pokemon go alot lately. The app really made me walk alot again. Pretty sure I got nothing else to say besides not sure how long ago I was last logged in. but can't wait for super mario run looks good too.
I've been playing it, it's OK.

I think I overdid it for a few weeks and got pretty burnt out, seems I have the balance right now though.
I do get annoyed that so many people around here play in car and also people who cheat and use GPS BS to teleport.
Absolutely defies the point of the game!

People who pay to win also kinda suck but no where near as much as the other things i mentioned above.

I think I bat well above my average for someone who hasn't spent a cent on the game and only plays on foot or bike.
Level 27 so far.
Enough rambling!

Although in other news, 3 cats can equal plenty of stress.
Fleas + one is injured, therefore pain killers, therefore can't give flea medication to any of the cats.
Grrrrr!!!! 😠

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
I will consider doing some.

I only have my phone to record with, it's OK quality, not the best, but good enough to see what I'm doing.
I made some F-Zero vids earlier this year.
It's more about getting the phone to sit nicely somewhere, the lighting and the cats not knocking stuff over during it!😅

3:00 for Statue first go.

I played through these levels plenty of times back in the day.
I find Train to be a really fun level.
And good Training...🚄

What Grinds Our Gears?
I do love making the it's a "Rare(ware)" game though.
I even had a section dedicated to all my "Rare" games at one point.
Didn't work though cause I was constantly getting the games out to play them 😀

What Grinds Our Gears?
When work changes your hours back to what they used to be.
Not bad hours, but they used to be better...😐

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Train, Caverns and Cradle...
The only levels we haven't beaten on the Enemy Rocket challenge.

I think most people's time will be similar for Statue.
Silo and Train is where the big movements will come.

Granted, but you're not allowed to play Goldeneye for 20 years.
Not worth it I say!

I wish my cats were 100 percent flea proof...

Another-nother Goldeneye Challenge
Pumped to have a go at this one.
Happy I played through the game on 00 Agent just earlier this year to keep the skills sharp/get rid of the rust.

Silo: Level 007...

Would You Rather . . .
Probably the 10 FPS.
I have played Turok 2 recently and I think I know how that feels 😂

Would you rather only be allowed to play game released before the year 2000 or after.
For the rest of your life.

Single Word Sentence
WORD: however

SENTENCE: Link, however

The positive topic!
Feb 2 2016, 12:17 PM
I like DJ Cat for the awesome Sabrina related pic =P
You're welcome!

Such a 90s world reference!

I like Legend 64 for that cool as Banjo avatar!

Another Goldeneye 007 Challenge?
Shall we call this one run and won then?

I'm keen for a new one if someone sets one. 😎

I reckon I should think about doing a video of the enemy rocket challenge.
Might make it easier to undestand and more fun that way😊

Now to get home and attempt to get close to the elusive under 1'20'00 on Golden Forest in 1080...

Play an N64 game...
My housemate and I played through the game a few years ago and got perfect or near perfect scores eventually.
I found it easier than I thought it would be.
Like the scoring system is more generous then I remember or thought it would be.

Yeah, really good game though, that atmosphere and music.
Maybe if you didn't play it back on the day you don't get the nostalgia bonus flavour.

Also, the cannonball game. 😎
We used to play trying to give the characters the most painful or amusing landing possible.
Like on a tiny boat way off in the distance etc.

Oh and Turok 2.
Played through about half of level 4 and found it really enjoyable.
Great music, atmosphere, level design and slow down not too bad either.
I didn't finish the level, so if I missed an objective or key, not sure how much I would have enjoyed it then but still, quite liked it.
Look forward to my next proper play through...probably sometime next decade.
Pretty sure I will play through Turok 1 at least once a decade.
It has aged so well.

Another Goldeneye 007 Challenge?
Any luck getting closer on the time?

Or is it time for a new challenge? 😀

I actually had a dream about this challenge last night.
And having to write a report on it or something.
And specifically the time of 25 seconds.

Play an N64 game...
Turok 2.

Was pretty over it after playing through the 2nd level and missing 2 objectives and it took way too long.
I was over it at least an hour before I finished it.
Too many enemies on screen at once during the graveyard bits and not strong enough weapons to kill them quickly causes severe slowdown.

Then, the next day I decided to do the third level and I feel WAY better about the game.
Only took an hour and a half, got all the objectives and the slowdown was nowhere near as bad.
Stronger enemies but less of them equals less slowdown?
I'll see how keen I am to do the 4th level...
Only ever beaten it once.
But it is the place where you find what is possibly still the greatest weapon ever created in a game...
You know the one. 😎

What games are you playing?
Turok 1 and 2 and a bit of Goldeneye.

Keen to get into Body Harvest at some point .

@Karsty: first time or one of many replays? ☺

Games You've Finished in 2016
Aug 31 2016, 02:31 PM
This is sad, but I think I've only played like three non-mobile games this year. I've been busy!

Mafia II
GTA V (replay)
Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm

The reviews for it were only so-so, but I remember loving Mafia II. I liked all the period details, even though I know they took some creative liberties. Also it's funny I think GTA V and Mafia II both have fictionalized versions of the same astronomy station in their worlds.
Love your name and avatar.

That dance/scene IS iconic!
Hot, hot HOT!

@Envyfox: Goldeneye only on Agent?
You can do better than that! 😄😃

Finished Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.
Fantastic game, aged really well.
That music. Oh man.

Played through the 2nd level of Turok 2.
Fantastic game, especially for its time.
But bloody hell, time has not been so nice to his game.
I appreciate the ambition and design and all of that, but the slowdown at times and size of the levels takes a toll.
Might still persist a bit more, but more pumped about getting into Body Harvest.

Conclusion: Turok 1 is amazing and as I thought for some time, I probably will play through this game once a decade.
Keen to play Turok 3 again too, still need to play through Josephs story and THEN actually finish Turok Evolution...
Shame I never finished that one 😑

Unreal Tournament on the N64?
People who haven't heard of Doom?

Get them out of here!

I understand that strategy though.
They did the same with the reboot of Killer Instinct as well.
Get the old school fans plus the casuals in one hit.

Unreal Tournament on the N64?
I'll have a look through some of my magazines from that time period and see if anything is mentioned.

Not sure how well the N64 would have handled the game.
I would have still given it a go though for sure.

At least I have the Goldeneye and Perfect Dark fan made levels to enjoy in UT.

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