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Pokken Tournament DX
I only own 4 games for my Wii U and Pokken Tournament is one of them. I actually find it much more enjoyable to play online as a 1-on-1 fighting experience than the Wii U version of Super Smash Bros.. In fact, Pokken Tournament is the game that's in my Wii U right now. My only disappointment with it is that we didn't even get the option to purchase the additional characters from the arcade and Switch versions as DLC. Nonetheless, if you own a Wii U and enjoy fighting games then you're missing out if you don't also own Pokken.

Good deal or not? Also what should I add to my collection?
@GonzoArmstrong You can use this site to determine the current value of the games you purchased.

N64 Price Chart

It doesn't tell the whole story but should at least give you a ball park figure on each individual cartridge. Remember, though, that condition plays a big part in resell value.

I hope you didn't buy the games just to flip them as the retro video game market isn't too kind to speculators right now. :huh:

Anybody else having trouble posting comments to YouTube?
Too bad we don't have a legitimate competitor to YouTube. :(

It's funny in a way, YT probably helped fuel the video game collecting bubble and now with the comments section so neutered it may facilitate its collapse.

Oh and here in the United States the internet is even under attack now that the FCC is going to repeal net neutrality. :o

Anybody else having trouble posting comments to YouTube?
The comments section on YouTube videos is now even more of a disaster. :angry:

Some time in 2017 the Up Next section on videos became more prominent than the Comments section. It's as if YouTube doesn't want you to comment but rather move on and watch another video. This sucks because an engaging comments section can add so much to a collecting or tutorial video. I've learned so much in the past by reading the comments section and now YouTube has pushed that feature to the back burner.

Happy Thanksgiving 2017
Happy turkey day! :lol:

I'm grateful to be alive and in relatively good health given my age and what I've been through. There are tons of things I'd like to have but nothing that I really need. That realization keeps me quite content. All I really need is the air that I breath and my friends and family to believe in me. Hey, that'd make a great song! :D

TRIK TURNER - Friends and Family

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I'm pleased that Cabanon kept Wave Race 64. I don't blame him either as it's held up really well. Even though I own the drop-dead gorgeous WipEout Omega Collection for my PS4, which not only looks like a tech demo but also has some of the finest controls of any racing game I've ever played on any system, I still believe that Wave Race 64 can hold its own against it. :o

It's a testament to the quality of this site, however, that even though Cabanon sold off his collection he still wants to hang around here. :yeah:

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy 20th birthday Shellshocker18. :gift:

Did you get anything game related as a gift?

Post a Video Better than the last.

Robot does backflip! :o

The Cult of Mario Kart
Oct 27 2017, 10:29 AM
These are the people who put Super Circuit on the Wii U without updating a thing though :p

Too cynical?
Yeah that's cynical but also honest. :yeah:

I'm kinda bummed out that Nintendo released Mario Kart DS on the Wii U Virtual Console but didn't restore the online play support. That would have been the perfect opportunity to create the definitive iteration of the game if they also removed snaking. ;)

So with respect to the Mario Kart Arcade GP games, if you plan to play the Triforce versions I suggest skipping right to MKAGP 2 as it does everything better than the original. It's still not as complete a game as Mario Kart Wii which came out just a short year later but it's still fun playing through and testing all the character specific items.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Happy birthday EnvyFox! :gift:

Blade Runner II ?
I'll be discussing Blade Runner 2049 in greater detail after the BluRay releases. Rumor has it that may happen as early as January 2018. I'd discuss some of the finer points of the movie now but I don't want to give out any spoilers before everybody who wants to has had a chance to see it.

If you like stylized visuals or were even mildly interested in the original then I strongly recommend purchasing BR2049 when it's released. It's the perfect movie to watch on a bleak winter's day when it's too cold to go outside.

Here's a spoiler free thought on the film, though - it's often said that director Ridley Scott never truly understood what made the original Blade Runner so endearing. I'd have to say that given his input as executive producer of 2049 that's probably true.

Excitebike 64
I never cared for the controls in Excitebike 64 either. :-8

This may be because I played the ATV Offroad Fury games on the PlayStation 2 first and found their control scheme much more intuitive. I do own the WiiWare title Excitebike: World Rally but I still haven't gotten around to playing it even though I've heard it's good.

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
I'm kickin' it like I'm a boss for my birthday. :lol: Gettin' ready to throw a couple of T-bone steaks on the grill to eat with the baked potatoes my lady's been cooking for the last hour. We'll have a glass of Cabernet Sauvignon with dinner and a celebratory shot of Jim Beam Apple later. Thanks for the b-day wishes from all my gaming brothers!

The Xbox One Topic
Here's a review of the just released Xbox One X.

Seems like a very slick console but since I don't own a 4k TV I'll just keep playing on what I've already got. With a PS4, Wii U, Raspberry Pi and original Wii all connected I obviously have a HUGE backlog of games to work through before I pick up another console. :lol:

The Nintendo Switch Topic
I want a new Wave Race game developed by Nintendo EAD so bad I can taste it! :lol:

Wave Race 64 is still a game I go back to often and if a true follow-up came out on the Switch it'd be an instabuy for me.

Watcha Listenin' To?
Guess I've become addicted to electronica. :-8