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Welcome supersmash5992. May I ask what brought you here?

You don't really need to be a collector to enjoy this site. Many of us also play retro and modern video games on a regular basis. Of course, collecting video games and consoles has blown up as of late but what sets this site apart is that most members are extremely knowledgeable and posses some truly unique and rare items.

Very good tip for current gen games
Dec 31 2012, 01:31 AM
Dec 30 2012, 10:51 PM
I purchased 3 GameCube component cables from them for just $6 a piece.
Whhhhhhaaaa??? Gamestop chains were supposed to stop carrying all GameCube merchandise and begin eliminating their stock on April 2nd of this year. I don't understand, lol how did you possibly find three of these cables in 1 Gamestop 9 months past their purchase stop? And most importantly willl you sell me one? lol
Wow, you really read a lot between the lines there. First, I purchased the GC component cables long before Gamestop stopped selling them. Second, I didn't get them all at one store.

PM what you're willing to pay and maybe I'll sell you one of them.

Dec 31 2012, 07:11 AM
Are there any guides for someone who has never used a soldering iron before or any tips on using a soldering iron? I'm gonna try and attempt this at the weekend >_<
There are a lot of good videos showing how to properly solder and desolder on Youtube. I suggest watching those before attempting this mod on an official Nintendo Rumble Pak.

Very good tip for current gen games
Gamestops usually rips gamers off so it's nice when we can turn the tables on them. I purchased 3 GameCube component cables from them for just $6 a piece. This is a pretty good deal as they regularly sell for about $70 and up on Ebay.

Here's a picture of one of my GameCubes along with my favorite games for the system and the aforementioned component cable.

Posted Image

Oh, this GC also has a Broadband Adapter in it which I also purchased at Gamestop for just 99 cents. They were so cheap that I eventually picked up 8 of them. :-8

Favorite moments in videogames.
When I brought my brand new SNES home along with my copy of Earthworm Jim and seeing what "Next Gen" really meant. :o

Play an N64 game...
I posted about the series the other day so I thought I'd start playing Snowboard Kids 1 & 2 again.

Posted Image

SBK 2 is really a beautiful game that while not as polished as Diddy Kong Racing easily matches it in art design.

Wii discussion
Waddle Dee
Dec 30 2012, 12:09 PM
Yeah, I love the Wii because I can play my GameCube titles like F-Zero GX on it and the 480p upgrade to N64 Virtual Console games is a nice bonus.

BTW, here's a list of my Virtual Console games from the N64 era:

1) Mario Kart 64
2) Wave Race 64
3) F-Zero X
4) Super Smash Bros.

Regarding Banned Members
The admin staff here at Nintendo 64 Forever really is amazing. They're unparallel in their wisdom and courage as exemplified by the fact that they allow me to continue my Targeted in America thread despite the controversial nature of the topic. Early on some long standing and prominent members argued that my thread was out of place here and could only hurt this site overall. The admins are continually vindicated in their decision to allow the thread to remain as membership here at N64 Forever has literally doubled since I started sharing the story and the daily post count remains quite high. Bravo to the moderators of Nintendo 64 Forever for your deft handling or potentially sticky situations! :applause:

What TV do you guys use for your N64?
My Sharp Aquos LCD TV doesn't lag because the Game Mode turns off any processing that could cause it to.

Wii discussion
There was talk among the Nintendonista that we'd eventually see a Mario first person shooter on the Wii (or now the Wii U) titled Mario Paintball but after the events of Sandy Hook, Connecticut there's no way that's ever gonna happen. :(

Posted Image

Hey :)
Welcome Dr Celery. Hey, you've chosen a very distinctive name. How come?

2012 Personal Member Appreciation List
Dec 29 2012, 04:32 PM
Dec 29 2012, 04:01 PM
99% of the people who post here seem to be very friendly and awesome, and I couldn't even come up with a list because honestly I would probably leave someone out, so I choose everyone :)
EXACTLY! I feel so bad, I left so many good names out :mellow: That is the problem with having SO MANY great members though ;)
I'm sure a lot of other forums wish they had this problem. :D

Hello Everyone :) I know its a bit late :)
Hello and welcome.

New member from Australia :)
You have an AMAZING collection, louise!!! What really stands out the most to me is that facehugger from the Alien movies. :lol:

You have so much nice stuff that it's hard to take it all in with just photos.

Welcome to our little family of video game enthusiasts, collectors and historians.

2012 Personal Member Appreciation List
The whole moderator crew is amazing and keeps this site a class act. :yeah:

Other than that I'd go with these people in no particular order:


Seriously though, there's a synergy to this site in that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Everybody here adds a little something in their own special way.

Regarding Banned Members
I'm sorry to hear that it came to this but if you gave him a chance to change his ways and he didn't then you guys did what you had to do.

What TV do you guys use for your N64?
I sometimes play N64 games via my Wii's Virtual Console service on my 40 inch Sharp Aquos LCD. In this photo the picture looks a little washed out but that's just because of the flash from the camera.

Posted Image

Hey hey hey
Howdy supaloco! You'll find plenty of Diddy Kong Racing fans here so you're in very good company.

I like DKR and I'm also a fan of Crash Team Racing on the Playstation.

Posted Image

What Is Your Most Prized N64 Possession?
Dec 27 2012, 06:05 PM
Second to that my original SSB cart with box and manual.
I really value mine highly too.

Posted Image

Jonebone, you've got some AWESOME collectables! :yeah:

Best racing game ever?
I was kind of late to the game with F-Zero X as I didn't pick it up until autumn of 2008. Even then I didn't think too much of it until I eventually worked my way up to the extremely challenging Expert level and it wasn't until 3 years later that I finally beat the insanely hard Master difficulty level. :wacko:

Before F-Zero X stole my heart and became my favorite pure racer on the Nintendo 64 Wave Race 64 held that distinction. Of course, it helps that I own the Shindou version of the game which was a Japanese exclusive re-release that added Rumble Pak support.

Posted Image

For pure gorgeousness the Wii Virtual Console version of Wave Race 64 in 480p reigns supreme but thanks to the inclusion of a time trial ghost feature and Rumble Pak support Wave Race 64 Shindou Edition is ultimately the definitive iteration.

* I always wished that Nintendo had released a Shindou version of Mario Kart 64. :(

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