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Wii discussion
For a long time people running the Homebrew Channel have been able to play Mario Kart Wii online even after the official servers shut down. Now there's a way for people who haven't even hacked their Wii to enjoy the thrills of Mario Kart Wii online again. :w00t:


I've tested this and can confirm that it works. If you get an Error Code 60000 it simply means that you played Mario Kart Wii on the official server and your profile ID didn't transfer to the Wiimmfi server. In that case just go ahead and create a new license.

Edit: To correct Error Code 60000 information.

The Future of collecting
The White Falcon
Dec 29 2017, 01:45 PM
Long story short, I'm not sure there will be a price jump.
Thanks for the insightful information, TWF! :yeah:

Nonetheless, a Wii Mini is still potentially one of the highlights of 2018 for me. :-8

Christmas/Holiday 2017
Anybody here doing anything special for New Year's eve?

Would you buy an N64 Mini?
Oct 14 2017, 02:20 PM
i wouldnt because it slightly ruins the nostalgia of the original model
In what way? :huh:

To my mind the original model and the N64 Mini can peacefully coexist. The latter obviously makes sense to those of us who want to play our favorite N64 games on a modern HDTV that features HDMI inputs.

The Future of collecting
Here's a thought - if Nintendo does in fact release an N64 Classic Edition is 2018, prices on the original cartridges might experience an uptick. This will probably be short-lived, however, so if you've been considering cashing in on your collection - that may be your best last chance.

Watcha Listenin' To?
Still sounds as good as the first time I heard it.

Der Kommissar - After the Fire

N64 and fog
Most of Nintendo's first-party games for the N64 use fog only when it's appropriate. It was the third-party games like Turok and Extreme-G that used it to hide lazy programming. :-/

SoulCalibur VI is coming in 2018
I'm pretty excited about SoulCalibur VI too. The series has always been welcoming to newcomers but also deep enough for serious fighting game enthusiasts to enjoy.

Does anybody here have wireless home internet?
@Retro Junkie - Thank you for sharing your first-hand impressions! Would you please do a bandwidth test and share it too?

Here's the site I like to use and my results on a cable connection for comparison.

Posted Image

One last question, do you live in an urban or rural area?

N64 and fog
One of the reasons I love Wave Race 64 so much is because of the fog that slowly lifts each time you go around the Drake Lake track. That really blew my mind the first time I raced on that level. Heck, I still find it impressive today. :lol:

When I bought my PlayStation 4 (December 2014) it was the superior console in my opinion. However, in many ways I believe the XB1 has caught up and maybe even surpassed the PS4. Nowadays I'd suggest buying whichever has the most exclusives that you enjoy. If I owned a 4k TV and didn't care about exclusives, though, I'd probably go with the Xbox One X.

With respect to Crash Team Racing, I guess I'm just hungry for a high quality mascot racer for the PS4. Since CTR is second only to Mario Kart in my mind, I guess that's why I want a new entry in that franchise. I still play the original on my Raspberry Pi from time to time and it holds up amazingly well. It's really just the graphics that let it down as that part of the game hasn't aged particularly well especially when played on a modern television.

Does anybody here have wireless home internet?
I have my PS4 and Wii U wired directly to my router since I regularly play fighting games on both systems. As you know, fighting games like Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros. are adversely affected by lag spikes that are often associated with wireless internet. It isn't just that the bandwidth is lower but rather the interference from neighboring wireless networks that causes those pesky lag spikes. Wired internet is the way to go for any fan of twitch based online games. :yeah:

This is why I think AT&T and Verizon's future 5G offerings here in the U.S. will probably just be attractive to those who don't have access to fiber or cable internet to their home. Also, if the cable companies like Comcast and Spectrum lower the rates for their service, 5G home-based internet will probably be dead on arrival.

With Dragon Ball FighterZ and the Street Fighter: 30th Anniversary Collection coming in 2018, I'm sure I'm going to be spending a lot of time gaming on my PS4 next year. Needless to say, I love the fighting game genre. I also enjoy racing games and for this reason I'm praying with all my might that a new Crash Team Racing game gets released next year. I'd be satisfied with just an HD remaster of the original CTR, but in all honesty Crash Team Racing 2 would probably be a much more satisfying racing game given how far video game technology has come since 1999.

Does anybody here have wireless home internet?
Yes, I can see the benefit of wireless home-based internet in rural areas where no other option is available. It serves the purpose well enough for those who aren't serious internet users and/or hardcore online gamers. However, the real long-term solution for a first-world nation like the United States should be a fiber to every home initiative. Hopefully something like that will become a goal when the Trump administration starts working on an infrastructure spending bill in 2018.

Hey, I'm one of the first to admit that all forms of wireless communications have improved dramatically over the last 20 years. Even with that in mind, though, ask any serious Super Smash Bros. or Street Fighter player if they want to play on a wired or wireless connection and the answer will be a resounding - WIRED. :)

Wii discussion
Ebony and Ivory. :lol:

Posted Image

My friend Steven and I recently played Smash 64 and Project M 3.6 on the black Wii which is why two controllers are plugged in to it. I've got the HBC on it and I boot a disc image of PM3.6 from a 32 GB thumb-drive using Configurable USB Loader. I get less hiccups that way than when I boot from the disc and have PM on an SD card. In case you're wondering, even though I have an N64 right there, Steven and I still played Smash 64 on the Wii so we could use the GameCube controllers.

The X-Files: Season 10
A mainstream media source here in the United States CNN is reporting the possible existence of extraterrestrials. :o

The cynic in me would normally believe that this is being done to promote the X-Files season 11 premiere next month but that's airing on a rival network. :huh:

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Just finished helping my father-in-law set up his new Samsung UN55MU8000FXZA. Oh my God, does that TV have beautiful picture quality. :wub:

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Finally downloaded the PS4 version of Ultra Street Fighter IV off of the PlayStation Store yesterday since it was on sale for just $9.99. This way when the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection comes out next year I'll have all the major Street Fighter games on one platform since I already own Street Fighter V.

Unpopular Gaming Opinions
Unpopular opinion #4: The backwards compatible Wii is Nintendo's best home console to date. :P

Nintendo 64 Forever Member Info
Dec 13 2017, 09:28 AM
Iím in the annapolis area. All the smash tournaments are around Baltimore so itís a little bit of a drive and I canít do it as often as iíd like because of it.
I used to live in Crofton, Maryland which isn't too far from Annapolis. In fact, I bought a bunch of my N64 games from the Electronic Boutique in Annapolis Mall back in the day.

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