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Must have Nintendo 64 games?
Every N64 aficionado should at least have these games in their collection. :whistle:

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Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Feb 28 2012, 09:10 AM
Last week I got 2 games for $1 each at the thrift store near me of series of I never played before.
Resident Evil 2 and F-Zero X
Wow, that's a pretty good deal! F-Zero X is so underrated that I'm not surprised you got it for just a buck but RE2 is somewhat sought-after.

Third Party OEM Thumbsticks
Feb 25 2012, 03:12 PM
It turns out those ones would be okay for some games, but they were in actuality extremely sensitive and hurt gameplay on other games. Specifically SSB which was the reason i got it (to replace for my controller as I play SSB a LOT). It makes it near impossible to do upsmashes and other technical things.
Yeah the "GameCube-like" third-party sticks don't work very well with Super Smash Bros. which is a pretty big deal since enthusiasts of that game are the people who most need a quality analog stick replacement alternative.

Sounds like these more OEM style sticks may be better suited to cannibalize for parts if the spring inside really is a weak link. Hopefully Bluedog can let us know how his Frankenstick holds up and performs with SSB.

Third Party OEM Thumbsticks
It'd be nice having the option of buying just the parts that typically wear out in the factory original N64 thumbstick assembly. Specifically the two axis parts, thumbstick (made from a harder plastic, of course), spring and washer. Having it all together in a new module probably makes installation much easier for even novice N64 enthusiasts, though.

Third Party OEM Thumbsticks
This is BIG news!

Let us know what you find inside and share pictures if possible.