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What were your first N64 games?
My first game for the N64 was Super Mario 64 since I picked it up with the console at launch. After that I got Wave Race 64 which held me over until Mario Kart 64 was released.

Ironically Mario Kart 64 and Wave Race 64 remain two of my favorite games for the system and I still play them to this day.

Cool New Thumbsticks??
Mar 30 2011, 11:51 AM
Grizzmeister: That is one sweet controller. I was thinking this a.m. that I have not seen any N64 controllers on eBay with the new GC-stick . . . the first wave may fetch a few dollars more.

When you consider the effort I put in to restoring these controllers yes they should be worth a few extra bucks. Especially since the third-party thumbsticks may ultimately prove to be more durable than the original Nintendo unit.

Cool New Thumbsticks??
Here's a picture of a smoke grey N64 controller I bought today for just three dollars from a sneaky seller on Craig's List. The lady selling it wanted five bucks originally and claimed that the stick was tight. When I got to her house I noticed that the stick was loose and worse yet there was a nick in the cable close to the actual controller body. I was a little perturbed having driven out to buy what I was told was a good controller so I sternly asked the lady if she would take three dollars and sensing my anger she hastily agreed.

Posted Image

When I got home I took it apart and washed the shell and buttons in antibacterial soap. I then replaced the worn out analog stick with a brand new third-party one. Lastly, I put it all back together taking special care to hide the nicked part of the cable inside the shell itself. Looks pretty nice, huh? Bet I could get a few bucks for it on Ebay. ;)

My Introduction 64
Here are a couple links which should help you place a monetary value on your N64 games.

Video Game Price Charts

Rarity Guide

These resources are helpful for collectors but they don't tell the whole story when it comes to value in gameplay. For example, Mario Kart 64 isn't the most expensive game to purchase yet no collection is complete with out it. :n64:

Cool New Thumbsticks??
Mar 24 2011, 05:04 AM
I think the originals still have a nicer feel but I am impressed with the gamecube type ones. I better get back to testing. It's a tough job, but someone's gotta do it :D
Yeah the originals when they're not worn out are superior but the new ones are quite nice indeed. I've been using my controller that I refurbished with the new third-party thumbstick for over a month now with games like Mario Kart 64, F-Zero X and Super Smash Bros. and the only drawback has been performing smash attacks in SSB. For some strange reason these new sticks don't register exactly the same as the Nintendo manufactured originals. Nonetheless I still consider them a terrific alternative for anyone who owns a N64 controller with a severely worn out thumbstick. :yeah:

N64 stuff I wish someone would produce
I've never really cared much for wireless controllers. In fact, I use a wired controller for both my Wii and Xbox 360.

For the Wii I prefer to use the wired GameCube controller because it allows me to get the most out of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Mario Kart Wii. Needles to say I still play GC and VC games on the Wii so the GC controller is ideal for that purpose too.

When it comes to the Xbox 360 I prefer to use a wired controller because the rumble effect is stronger which I believe gives me a slight advantage when I play shooters like Black Ops. I also like not having to replace batteries.

I own wireless controllers for both my 360 and Wii but I much prefer going the wired route. Yes I do own 5 Wavebirds which are truly brilliant but they have the shortcoming of not including rumble support. So with all that in mind I've never felt the need to have a wireless option for the N64 controller.

My Introduction 64

This really is a great site for both hardcore N64-philes and casuals alike.

My advice is to not get too hung up on the value of your games and just play through them to see which ones you like. For example, if you enjoy racing games I can't suggest F-Zero X and Wave Race 64 strongly enough. Both can be purchased relatively inexpensively but they're two of the best racing games ever release on any console, IMHO.

Star Fox 2 Acquired
Very Cool! I've always wanted to play Star Fox 2. :w00t:

N64 stuff I wish someone would produce
Another product I'd like to see released for the N64 would be heat-shrink rubber tips for those new third-party thumbsticks. Yeah you can buy Geltabz but they never fit as snug as the rubber tip on a GameCube thumbstick does. Heat shrink would probably resolve that.

N64 stuff I wish someone would produce
Mar 22 2011, 08:58 AM
Mar 21 2011, 06:02 PM
Also, while I really think the new thumbsticks are marvelous I'd like to see it taken a step further by having someone or the Taiwanese reproduce the parts that wore out on the official Nintendo N64 controller's thumbstick. That way we could maintain the stock look, feel and more importantly collectability of the official N64 controller.

There is a company manufacturing new OEM-style thumbsticks, but I have not tried them yet. Lukie Games (whom I've only had great transactions) is one vendor offering them.

Even though the picture shows the original thumbstick I'm pretty sure what Luckie Games is selling is the same third-party unit available everywhere else.

I've had problems before with Luckie Games not properly describing their product and that's why I choose not to deal with them anymore.

Nintendo 3DS discussion
The 3DS is a little too rich for my blood considering how little I'd actually play it.

If it drops by about 100 dollars by the time Mario Kart 3DS gets released maybe but I just can't spend $250 on a handheld when in my case that money would probably be better spent towards an iPad 2.

What does kind of upset me is that 3DS development is keeping Nintendo from releasing more games on the Wii. Where's Star Fox Wii, F-Zero WX or Wave Race Wii?! :angry:

Play an N64 game...
Mar 20 2011, 04:35 PM
I'm currently playing Snowboard kids 2. Great edtion to the first.
Snowboard Kids 2 is an amazingly underrated game and in my opinion far superior to the original. The graphics are better, weapons more balanced and you can actually control your characters as they ski down hill. I own both games in the series (and would love to have a burned copy of Snobow Kids plus for the PSX- hint, hint ;) ) but I consider SK2 the definitive iteration.

Posted Image

N64 stuff I wish someone would produce
Ever since the new third-party thumbsticks for the N64 were released I've been thinking of other things that I wish some resourceful institution would produce for the Nintendo 64 faithful. Here are just a couple of my ideas.

Remember those dust covers that came with the SNES cartridges? Well I'd love to have those available for my N64 games too. Since they're just a simple single piece of plastic I doubt they'd be too hard to produce and I'm sure most of us collectors who unbox our games and play them would purchase N64 cartridge dust covers in droves. Heck, I'm good for nearly 100 of 'em just by myself. :w00t:

Also, while I really think the new thumbsticks are marvelous I'd like to see it taken a step further by having someone or the Taiwanese reproduce the parts that wore out on the official Nintendo N64 controller's thumbstick. That way we could maintain the stock look, feel and more importantly collectability of the official N64 controller.

What do you guys think?

If I can get a box and manual fine but I don't usually go out of my way to hunt them down. There is of course the occasional exception for example I purchased the manual for F-Zero X off of Ebay because I love that game so much.

Most of the time I just download manuals from this site.


N64 collection discussion
My Nintendo 64 collection is actually a series of smaller collections. For example, here are my Zelda and Mario Party games.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Starting a gamecube collection
I have a very small GameCube collection since I didn't start picking up games until I got my Wii but here's a picture of my black console along with a few of my favorite games. These are the titles that any serious GC aficionado must have in their collection.
Posted Image

That's a black GameCube with the extremely rare component cables, GameBoy Player attachment and a Broadband Adapter. :)

Pictures of You
An extremely rare picture of the Grizzmeister.

Posted Image

Top 5 Attractive Video Game Girls
Mar 16 2011, 12:36 PM
Samantha Fox

gosh.. thats what you call a blast from the past. I reckon she must be about 60 years old by now :)

Yeah she's no Spring chicken but back in the day she was hot. :-8

As for video game females I guess I gotta go with Zero Suit Samus since I'm such a big Brawl fan.

Posted Image

Top 5 Attractive Video Game Girls
Samantha Fox has always been my favorite import from the UK although to the best of my knowledge she's never been in a video game but she does kinda sound like Laura Croft. ;)

Posted Image

Some N64 issues I am having.
Mar 15 2011, 01:54 PM
What I am wondering is does / can the N64 slot become sensitive over time, maybe like the pins widen or something? Anyone know if I can repair this to be more dependable? OK thanks.
Yeah I've had some pins widen to the point of experiencing the same problem you described. If it gets really bad you may have to order a replacement 48 pin connector which is rather easy to install.

N64 48 pin connector

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