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F-Zero X
I hate to see April and F-Zero X end. ;_;

N64 collection discussion
Apr 2 2011, 07:31 PM
Apr 2 2011, 06:07 PM
Also have two memory packs for saving now as well as a rumble pak, I have heard it is possible to mod rumble packs to run off the N64 itself to save on batteries, I might look into that.

I've heard about that too. Here's the video.

Anyone here ever try this, does it work?
Since I was able to snag a fifth official N64 Rumble Pak cheap today I finally got around to trying this mod and I can confirm that it does indeed work. It's actually a very clever solution for those of us who hate to use batteries. 8)

Hori Mini Pad Variations
Apr 29 2011, 05:11 AM
Apr 28 2011, 06:55 PM
That snow one is awesome!!!

I've always wanted a Hori pad but have always been put off by the high prices.

I saw a black one sell on Ebay UK the other day for about 70!! :o
Yeah, the prices listed are rather optimistic.

I can find them for those prices in Japan with a little effort. I would be surprised to get them outside of Japan for those prices, though.

It's absolutely worth getting one -- not for collecting so much as for playing, though. They're soooo much better than the original controllers, and are probably my second favorite controller after the GCN controller.
I'd like to try a Hori pad with Super Smash Bros. to see if there's any difference when performing smash attacks. The new replacement third-party sticks while nice are a little finicky with forward smash attacks thus many purists stay away from them even if their stick is badly worn.

GEOFFREY Controller
Wow! Just when you think you've seen it all. :o

Thanks for sharing with the community, ddr2nite!

MadCatz SE Fightstick
Apr 26 2011, 12:34 PM
Love that retro arcade feel to it, Where did you get the spare parts?
I purchased the parts from Lizard Lick Amusements which is located right here in my home State of North Carolina. All the hardcore Street Fighter players purchase their parts from Lizard Lick as they have a great reputation of excellent customer service.

MadCatz SE Fightstick
Before and after pictures of my MadCatz SE Fightstick which I purchased used. I modded it to make it a little nicer when playing Super Street Fighter IV.

Posted Image

Posted Image

My main motivation for modifying the Madcatz SE fight stick was primarily for functional reasons. Sure I wanted it to look cool when I was done but I never would have invested the time or money to replace anything if I felt that the stock stick's performance was acceptable to begin with.

As you can see, I retained the standard Xbox 360 controller's color scheme for the four left buttons that are used to navigate menus as it's just much more logical that way. I also kept the original SE's color combination for the four buttons on the far right of the stick. This I feel works better for some that may want to use the outside buttons (ala American arcade cabinets) to play fighting games. It's also for this reason that all eight buttons have been replaced with the amazingly superior Sanwa units.

The stick itself is the drop-in replacement Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT-SK part which is infinitely better than the worn out one that was in the SE stick when I bought it. The Sanwa ball top may seem superfluous but was actually carefully chosen as a green replacement to maintain the Xbox 360 identity.

Overall I'd have to say that my concept for this project was that form should follow function. That's why all the parts are Sanwa and why the stick still looks relatively stock even though most of the moving parts are new. So what do you guys think?

Wii Successor confirmed.
Apr 25 2011, 09:46 PM
I was hoping for one this year its probably gonna be a bad release time like March 2012. I'm excited though, I hope it just has a regular controller. Wouldn't it be sweet if it used cartridges? Like a new technology that makes cartridges cheaper and better than discs plus no load times...just dreaming I guess...I love cartridges.
I suspect Nintendo will release the new console during the 2012 holiday run-up which starts in September here in the US. Consoles just don't do well when they launch in the earlier part of the year as the 3DS is presently demonstrating.

As for cartridges, my feeling is that Nintendo will pursue digital distribution much more heavily as it's proved so successful for Virtual Console and Wii-ware titles. Given the Wii 2's reported size the thing will probably have a substantial hard-drive. This is nice because it'll help alleviate load times associated with disc based systems.

I'm very excited at the prospect of a new Nintendo console as it bodes well for on-line versions of Star Fox and F-Zero X. Maybe even a Super Smash Bros. title with on-line leader boards. :w00t:

Wii Successor confirmed.
While it seems that the Wii is being replaced prematurely that's simply not true; the Wii has been out since 2006 so if the new system ships in 2012 that's a 6 year lifecycle. Not bad for a system many considered underpowered at its launch.

I hope Nintendo drops the price of the original Wii to $129.99 after E3 as the system is still very desirable for playing a few Wii titles, GameCube games and VC releases.

Wii Successor confirmed.
If an F-Zero game is released at launch I'll probably pick one up. Otherwise I'll just wait for either a Super Smash Bros. or Mario Kart game.

F-Zero X
D.J Cat
Apr 22 2011, 10:12 PM
Technical Driving Style?

Performing perfect drift turns without slowing too much.

Hey D.J Cat, sounds like you're a master at F-Zero X. Have you beaten all the staff ghosts yet? :huh:

N64 stuff I wish someone would produce
Apr 22 2011, 06:54 PM
That's quite a lot of money for a sticker! I could see paying maybe $2 at most for one N64 label. Then again, only one of my games is missing a label and it's a somewhat crappy game so I wouldn't really buy any labels.
I'm doing pretty good too. Out of my ~ 80 games only a few have torn front labels. Sadly one of those games is Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards. :(

Post your games collection(s)
Just one of my gaming areas in the house. :D
Posted Image

This is mostly where I test consoles or peripherals that I've repaired. All 4 systems in the picture were brought back from the dead.

N64 stuff I wish someone would produce
Apr 20 2011, 02:25 PM
Apr 20 2011, 01:55 PM
Does anybody make replacement labels for the front of N64 games? If not then someone should. :huh:
Just go to the Nintendo 64 section at the Cover Project. Then download the label you want, and print it on normal paper, cut it out, and glue them on the N64 cart. Or if you know the dimensions of N64 labels, then get sticker paper that matches the size, and stick the labels on your N64 cart.
My printer stinks so this isn't a good option for me but thanks for the tip.

Just wondering, how much would you guys pay for an exact replica sticky label for your favorite N64 game? I'd probably be willing to spend $5 if it was exact.

F-Zero X
Apr 8 2011, 04:40 PM
Do you have a favorite character? For me this would be Mighty Gazelle/Red Gazelle.

Gomar and Shioh are best known as "Georgey and Stanley" when playing with my friends. :D It's really fun to play the 4-player-mode when all of you take the same strange character and then even chose the same vehicle-colour ^^
It terms of race characteristics I'd say Bio Rex and his vehicle Big Fang which suits my technical driving style perfectly. I like Big Fang's excellent grip and durable body. Granted the boosting characteristics aren't great but in my opinion that's a fair tradeoff.

I suspect F-Zero X's goofy cast of characters which I tend to call out by name whenever I pass them or they pass me, and its comic book art style are the reasons why the game doesn't feel dated or old. It just has this neat retro over-the-top quality which to my mind makes it a true classic.

Gas prices...
Apr 20 2011, 09:06 AM
well, the idle rich have been waging a class war for the last 30 years and working people are beginning to wise up to the fact that the game is rigged against them.
The rich get much richer, the poor remain poor and the middle class gets squeezed into oblivion to pay for the bonuses and tax credits for the super-rich.
Democracy has been corrupted into an unholy mixture of plutocracy and kleptocracy.

So yes, perhaps the time is right for fighting in the streets and some good old revolution... off with their heads!

I've never been an advocate of class warfare as it never leads to anything productive.

I'm also not an advocate of corruption and that appears to be what's going on in the oil markets. The Obama administration here in the US recently announced that investigations will begin to "root out" cases of fraud and manipulation in the oil markets. This seems like a VERY good idea to me as gas prices are no longer really being determined by supply and demand as proven by the fact that OPEC will actually reduce supply in response to lower consumption.

Just a little information to those of you outside the US; we're like a third-world country now with widespread corruption in everything from big business to government. Our federal budget spends much too heavily on defense and government officials who espouse continuing that reckless behavior are supported by the national propaganda machine we have here called Fox News. One such politician is a congressman by the name of Paul Ryan who is actually suggesting cutting healthcare benefits to the elderly before cutting spending on defense. :wacko: Sounds like something the evil regime of North Korea would do doesn't it?

F-Zero X
Thanks to this message board I finally mustered enough initiative to beat all the tracks in F-Zero X on Master difficulty. It was no easy feat I'll tell you and it took me all of 3 years (on and off) to accomplish it.

Most people who claim to have beaten the game have only done so on the easier difficulty levels but F-Zero X doesn't really get interesting until you start racing on Expert. That's when the real fun begins because you have to knock out your rival(s) to stand a chance of winning the cup and even at that you may not come in first on every race.

What's really sweet for me is that I finally earned the new intro screen! :w00t:
Posted Image

Starting a gamecube collection
Apr 21 2011, 04:23 PM
aye, Gamecubes are dirt cheap right now. i can often usually them up for around 10 or 15 euro's.
But i dont unless they come with a bunch of games i dont have because they're pretty hard to sell at a profit.
Here in the US the major video game retailer Gamestop sells GameCubes for just $30. Kinda funny when you consider that the controllers sell for around $15 just by themselves.

Since I own a Wii I guess I don't really need a GameCube but I genuinely like the look and functionality of the little purple lunchbox of fun. :lol:

Wii discussion
The Wii has started selling at just $170 for the bundle with both Wii Sports titles and the updated Wii-mote. I saw the same price at both Walmart and Best Buy.

There was talk that the price would drop to $150 but I guess that won't happen until after E3 if at all.

Here in the US Wii sales had really slowed thanks to the drastic price drops on HDTVs and the fact that very few Wii games are being released. The weak on-line support hasn't helped either.

What games are you playing?
Today I did some Halo: Reach as I'm getting a little bored with Black Ops.

Starting a gamecube collection
Apr 20 2011, 03:34 PM
Nice to see other people collecting gamecube too!
Dollar for dollar I consider it a better value than the N64. :o

Here in the US you can get a GC for next to nothing and there are some absolutely brilliant games on it that everyone who enjoys gaming should experience at least once.

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