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What kind of vehicle do you drive?
May 20 2011, 11:34 AM
you have the coordination to play video games but you can't handle a car?

ditto for me. i took over 40 driving lessons but never got the hang of it. some people just cant drive (safely)
Here in the US our roads or so wide that driving really requires very little skill. Sure some big cities offer more challenge but aside from that even a child can generally drive here safely.

On a psychological level, driving is also very much associated with freedom here in America so most young people are very eager to get their license at age 16 and hit the open road.

Collecting Question
I know we have a lot of hardcore N64 collectors on this forum so I wanted to ask; what do you believe will be the most valuable game both loose and complete in the years to come? Also, do you think N64 prices on software and peripherals will continue to rise incrementally or sharply and why?

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
May 29 2011, 02:57 AM
This morning i discovered that some cretin deliberately punctured the rear tire on my scooter so i could not go to the big fleamarket as planned.
I sense foul play; seems like a competitor doesn't want you to keep trading in gaming antiquities. :blink:

May 28 2011, 07:44 PM
Howdy Ya'll

Just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. Always have and always will love the :n64: greatest console ever.

Hope to see everyone around soon :yeah:
Welcome! Nice Avatar, BTW. Snowboard Kids is a great game.

N64 on TV & HDTV
May 28 2011, 05:50 AM
May 27 2011, 03:55 AM
Has anyone used the S-Video Monster Cable (looks like this)?
Just had a look on Monsters website... $60 for a cable?!?! Someone told me years ago who worked in a independent game shop that HD cables are all the same, don't be conned into buying an expensive one for quality purposes. But I don't know whether quality of cable does actually make a difference now...

How can Monster justify them prices?

Also, I'm guessing you can't buy the N64 monster lead anymore directly from them?
I purchased a used Monster S-Video cable for about $5 a couple years ago and it's a really well made high quality product. In fact, if you can find one for about that price it's probably worth picking it up because the signal that it carries is analog and not digital like HDMI. Cheap S-Video cables are known to degrade picture quality because they're often not properly shielded. I speak from first hand experience here as I once ordered some low grade S-Video cables off of Ebay and lived to regret it.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
May 27 2011, 05:06 PM
wouldn't mind owning a copy of Chou-Kuukan Night Pro Yakyuu King

! ive had one (mint in box) availlable and on offer here for a long time until finally Heinrold snapped it up
I'd be happy with a less than mint loose cartridge at a reasonable price. This is basically a game I'm interested in playing with friends if we can get beyond how Japanese it is.

I sorta wish Nintendo had made a Mario baseball game for the N64 to waste away the scorching hot summer hours while I'm also playing Mario Golf and Mario Tennis with my mates.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Cabanon, I wouldn't mind owning a copy of Chou-Kuukan Night Pro Yakyuu King. Let me know if you ever want to sell it. Maybe we could even do a trade.

What's the best deal you got for N64 stuff?
May 26 2011, 10:44 AM
Yeh, some folk think old = rare = valuable. Couple of weeks ago i came across a guy who wanted 45 Euro (70 bucks?) for a boxed Super Scope light gun. HAH ! i'm didnt even try to haggle him b/c he was so delusional.
We're partially to blame because as we collect we leave fewer games and peripherals out on the open market. Also, word starts to spread that crazy collectors are paying outrageous prices for obsolete video gaming paraphernalia.

How much time have you spent on your Nintendo 64?
I've probably spent 700 hours on just Mario Kart 64, Star Fox 64 and Turok Rage Wars. :lol: Back in the day my friends and I would lock ourselves away for entire weekends in my basement and play those games with breaks only to go to the bathroom or to eat.

N64 collection discussion
Alice Lawless
May 25 2011, 11:20 AM
It's great how we could all be here for each other to support our common collecting hobby. Nowhere else we will see this much mutual support for the N64 nowadays.
This place reminds me a lot of car collecting clubs were members are always ready, willing and able to help a fledgling collector get started. It's amazing how much I've learned just by hanging around here a short while. That's probably why I consider Nintendo 64 Forever the premier N64 fan site for both people who play N64 games and collectors alike.

BTW, I'm just a semi collector but I do play many of my N64 games almost religiously. Not a week goes by that I don't put in some time with Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros. or F-Zero X. Occasionally I'll bring out one of my more obscure titles and spend a little time with it. It's amazing how playable many of those games still are today! :)

Post your games collection(s)
May 25 2011, 12:09 PM
May 25 2011, 09:14 AM
I have great fondness for this trilogy as I literally poured thousands of hours in to them. In fact, my friends and I used to link 2 Playstations so that each player would have their own individual screen. At the time such an option was revolutionary for a home console.
I actually remember linking PS1s, Amazing how many things you think are amazing these days we've had all along.
The link compatible games aside from Armored Core that stick out in my mind are WipeOut XL and Bushido Blade. The latter was especially impressive as it allowed you to sword fight from the first person perspective in link mode.

Post your games collection(s)
May 25 2011, 02:43 AM
The new Goldeneye is actually really good. I had my doubts at first but after playing it I was actually really impressed.
Yeah it's surprisingly good. Definitely worth adding to any Wii collection and of course it features free on-line play as do the other two games I posted in my previous picture. Funny isn't it? Goldeneye 007, Mario Kart 64 and Super Smash Bros. were arguably the best 4-player games on the N64 and now their successors are the best on-line games on the Wii.

To stay on topic I'm posting this photo of my collection of North American and Japanese Armored Core games for the original Playstation.

Posted Image

I have great fondness for this trilogy as I literally poured thousands of hours in to them. In fact, my friends and I used to link 2 Playstations so that each player would have their own individual screen. At the time such an option was revolutionary for a home console.

Post your games collection(s)
Yesterday on an impulse I added the Wii version of Goldeneye to my collection. When I got home it struck me that my favorite games on the Wii are generally my favorite games on the N64. Take a look at the two pictures below.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Another interesting thing is that the games I enjoy playing on the Wii also allow me to use the Classic Controller Pro or GameCube controller. >_<

N64 collection discussion
May 24 2011, 07:48 AM
joined the ranks? he is the elite! :lol:
Yeah him and finngamer. Compared to those guys my collection just seems like a pile of junk. :D

N64 collection discussion
ddr2nite has definitely joined the ranks of the elite N64 collectors!

Bin Laden Dead
The results of this case will tell us if the United States has really moved beyond the brazen trampling of the US Constitution that was instigated under the nefarious Bush/Chaney administration.

U.S. v. Whistleblower Tom Drake

N64 on TV & HDTV
May 21 2011, 05:24 PM
Grizzmeister I would appreciate it if you could throw me in the right direction. Also, would I have to make sure that the crt has a S-Vid output? Unless I use a scart which has a S-Vid input....

All this for a bit of goldeneye.... :yeah:
Here's a good S-Video cable on EBAY, use it as a reference:


It will work with any TV that has an S-Video input but the picture will probably be best on a CRT.

N64 on TV & HDTV
May 21 2011, 04:34 PM
The cable is brand new so if what you say is true MK then that shouldn't be the problem.

In terms of my TV, its a samsung which is a good make, so I would have thought the software and components would be good :/

I noticed that someone mentioned RF input are the same as the arial input on the back of the TV, would that mean (possibly stupid questions coming up) I could try and tune the N64 in using RF? Saying that - RF doesnt seem like a good choice based on what people are saying is the best input...

EDIT: I'm actually tempted to buy an old crt instead of trying to get the N64 look good on my HDTV. I've found one (4:3 ratio) for 99p starting bid 7 miles away from me... So tempted :P
I play my N64 on a 20 inch flat-screen CRT TV even though I have a 40" LCD. It just looks MUCH better that way. Oh, and I have my N64 connected to the CRT with an S-Video cable which yields the best results, IMHO. You can even share that S-Video cable with a SNES and GameCube if you own those consoles as well.

Post your games collection(s)
Thank you for sharing pictures of your beautiful room, Mattman!

Hi All
May 20 2011, 04:49 AM
:n64: Just wanted to say hi. Just joined the forum (im in the UK) as I am an avid collector of ALL things N64, not just games but ANYTHING N64 related. I have a great collection built up over the past 10/11 years and have just started documenting each item on an inventory (which is taking longer than I thought). So, hi all and looking forward to chatting with other fans on here. :n64:
United States N64 fans say welcome.

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