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Watcha Listenin' To?
Now I'm listening to this.

Targeted in America
Jun 27 2012, 11:31 AM
What would give me cause for greater concern for the welfare of my family, learning that you were purposefully targeting by our government; or that ambient radio waves misdirected into a residential home from one of thousands of satellites or radio or cell phone towers caused such agony . . . .

I think either possibility is unsettling . . . . .
What I find EXTREMELY unsettling is the fact that the investigator in the video mentions that the 500 MHz radio frequency anomaly concentrated in our master bedroom demodulates to radio station WCPE; only problem with that is WCPE only operates at 89.7 MHz! :o

This video may just be more misinformation to further instill fear in Targeted Individuals but I believe that anyone still following this thread will find it interesting.

Up until the discovery of the concentrated 500 MHz radio frequency (RF) in our home I mostly believed that acoustical weapons were being used against Cathie and me but now I'm not so sure. While it's still possible that the strong RF was present to mask the presence of listening and/or visual observation devices, a follow-up conversation with the private investigator revealed that the radio frequency may have been pulsing. :phear:

Oh, for those of you curious as to what device was used to detect the concentrated RF in our home I was told that it is a unit from the UK called a Nearfield Pro 7000 FX.

Please keep checking this thread as I'll soon post up the complete write-up of the private investigator's findings. Until then pray for our health and safety, and ponder if this might just be the Orwellian future that the US media keeps alluding to as of late.

Targeted in America
It's official, our house now rivals The Bermuda Triangle as the epicenter for bizarre occurrences.

Counter Surveillance expert David Shelton of Advanced Technology Investigations expresses his concern about extremely high radio frequencies of about 500 MHz concentrated in our master bedroom. :o

Mr. Shelton is a licensed North Carolina Private Investigator (# 3578) as well as also holding a license in Electronic Countermeasures (# CI-175). He was referred to us by The North Carolina Association of Private Investigators which is a licensing division of the NC Department of Justice.

have troble with f-zero
Jun 25 2012, 07:50 PM
thnx for ansers
the battry wich i put is exacly like the orignal battery in volt and size
i cleand it to its working very good just not saving the data some times it save
but when i restart the game for 3 or 4 time it will delet
If the battery was not working at all I doubt it would ever save so I suggest cleaning the contacts again thoroughly. I had a copy of Mario Kart 64 (which doesn't have a battery) and it was doing the same thing until I cleaned the contacts with a Q-Tip and Windex.

If nothing else, having to constantly restart F-Zero X seems to be making you and your brother better players. :P

Targeted in America
I'm sorry for jumping back and fourth between my story and ongoing events in our investigation. It's just working out that way as new revelations keep coming in almost weekly. In fact, I'm going to have some pretty big news posted up in the next few days which may send shockwaves throughout the community of people following this thread.

In the meantime, I suggest reading this longish older article which discusses Voice-to-Skull (V2K) and the people who claim to be Targeted Individuals experiencing it. Don't laugh; this article is actually from one of the few remaining creditable papers here in the United States The Washington Post. Oh and for the record, neither my wife Cathie nor I are experiencing V2K but a cursory understanding of the phenomenon will become critical later in my story.

Now you may have to register at the Washington Post to read this story but I consider that a worthwhile nuisance as that will also allow you to read the Post's excellent coverage of Top Secret America.

Here's just a small quote from the article:

Washington Post
January 14 2007
"One TI from California conducted about 50 interviews, narrowing the symptoms down to several major areas: "ringing in the ears," "manipulation of body parts," "hearing voices," "piercing sensation on skin," "sinus problems" and "sexual attacks."

Mind Games By Sharon Weinberger

Happy Birthday to me
Better late than never, Happy (belated) Birthday!

If they act like component cables then they will make a big difference as they allow you to play your games in progressive scan on a HDTV.

Games like F-Zero GX look amazing in progressive scan and in wide-screen (16:9) mode so I highly recommend picking up these cables if they allow for that function.

Targeted in America
The Great Escape?
Getting back to the story...

Cathie's boss Robert had basically kicked us out on the street. Worse still, we now had alcohol on our breath from the few sips of beer we had while attempting to relax at his house. Nonetheless we started walking to the flop house which was approximately two blocks away. When we got there the landlord wasn't available so spending the night was no longer a viable option. Next up we decided to walk another few blocks to downtown Wake Forest and see if we could scrounge up a place to spend the night there.

By this point I was literally exhausted and just about ready to pass out. I kept moving forward simply because my wife Cathie suggested that if I passed out and was found smelling of alcohol I would probably end up being completely discredited and no one would ever believe our incredible tale. We walked the main street of Wake Forest but as it was Sunday evening no overnight lodging was available and for a brief moment I felt panic come over me. Maybe it was the culmination of the gaslighting, sleep deprivation and beer but I felt like all hope was lost.

Just then I noticed that the Domino's Pizza place was open and urged Cathie to follow me inside. Remember now that at this point we felt like we were being tracked in our vehicles by GPS or by triangulation via our cell phones and that's why we didn't have possession of either. However, inside Domino's Pizza seemed to be the answer to getting us to a safe place to crash for the night and give those keeping us under surveillance the slip. We asked one of the pizza delivery guys, who I will refer to as Mozart, if he would drive us across town to a hotel and even though he seemed surprised by the request he agreed.

Within 30 minutes we were checking in to the Sleep Inn motel under an anonymous name and paying in cash with hopes of getting something better than just two hours sleep. Thank God we did because who knows what psychiatric ward we'd be locked up in now if we hadn't...

Best and worst aged N64 games.
Jun 15 2012, 07:01 PM
best aged hands down is super smash 64
Agreed, the game is timeless.

I've been playing the Project M version of Super Smash Bros. Brawl and I love the fact that it includes some of the original SSB stages like Metal Cavern, Saffron City and Hyrule Castle.

have troble with f-zero
What battery did you use for the replacement?

Also, just out of curiosity, which version of F-Zero X are you playing, North American, PAL or Japanese?

If you're not skilled at soldiering it's quite possible that you didn't properly install the new battery. Sometimes N64 games don't save when the contacts are dirty so you really should try cleaning those too.

BTW, it makes my heart sing to know that even people in the war torn country of Iraq are enjoying the N64! Hopefully you got your console from an American GI who gave it to you as a gift? In my humble opinion, acts of generosity like that are the best way to spread democracy. :yeah:

Gamecube Controller Collection
Jun 18 2012, 12:05 PM
Although, it would have been awesome to see Jet, Indigo and Spice colored Wavebirds.
Yeah a Spice colored Wavebird would have been sweet!

Best Gamecube Games?
Here's a picture of my black GameCube complete with component cables and my three favorite games for the system.

Posted Image

Targeted in America
Jun 15 2012, 10:26 PM
Please tape video of their verbal final analysis of the issue as I'm very curious to find out their professional opinion on the issue. Really interesting info on wavelengths and such. Strongly encouraged that you do have their opinions on some sort of medium for future purposes, and also in the event they may later change their analysis to avoid legal action.
I try to take video of everything but if someone asks to be off the record I have to respect their wishes.

Ideally, I'd LOVE to have a trained counter survellience professional out with an OSCOR GREEN spectrum analyzer (see video) to sweep my house and cars for electronic eavesdropping devices but that would cost big bucks.

Using one of these babies is the only real way to hunt down modern-day government level bugs and tracking devices. Who knows, maybe my wife Cathie and I will purchase one and go in to business either proving or discrediting other TI's claims.

Note: Cathie and I have both gotten our FOIA forms and there's no mention of an investigation. However, thanks to the Patriot Act the FBI doesn't have to tell you if you're presently under investigation. :wacko:

Targeted in America
Wow, just after my last post in which I mentioned that the inside of my house often has more noise than outside Cathie and I heard an incredibly loud bug just outside our door.

This lasted about 30 minutes intermittently and then stopped completely. We've lived in this house about eight years and we've never heard an insect this loud before. Ironic, huh?

Targeted in America
Jun 11 2012, 04:01 PM
So turning back to the meat of this thread, have the frequencies really stopped? When? When did you first notice it? What do you attribute it to, if anything? Was the FCC contacted/ded they respond? Any recent changes/activity in that empty field?
It appears that the ~ 9.0 kHz frequency has indeed dissipated. Seems to have happened just before we had a professor and two graduate students from NC State out to conduct their own investigation. Apparently who ever or what ever was behind it doesn't want academia to verify the existence of the emanation and/or isolate its source.

That's not to say that all is well acoustically in our home as even when the professor and his students were out a much weaker ~ 11.0 kHz signal was present. Unfortunately it was too faint to really blame for any sleep interference or any of the physiological affects my wife and I have been experiencing.

Watching the professor and his team in action did inspire me to download an audio range spectrum analyzer software package called SpectraPlus to my laptop, though. My wife and I have been testing extensively with it and have made some fascinating discoveries which we'll video tape and share soon. What we're finding is that the minimum sound levels in our house with all the power turned off often exceed the overall ambient sound outside. :o

There's still enough interest in what's going on at our house with respect to sound that the owner of Dilicast Broadcast Services here in Raleigh is going to conduct a more thorough investigation with a piece of equipment better suited for the task than anything used thus for. He's also qualified to work in the radio frequency domain should the situation warrant.

For anyone who still isn't convinced at how effectively sound can be weaponized or used for controlling people's behavior I suggest watching this video.

Gamecube Controller Collection
Here are my four platinum WaveBirds.

Posted Image

I've refurbished them so they're nearly mint. Thats why I keep them in plastic bags.

Here's the grey one I mostly use when I play F-Zero GX.

Posted Image

Targeted in America
Jun 11 2012, 05:57 AM
i dont get the hate that is given to the Grizz here. seriously people, stfu and move on and just dont care about what he says if you dont like it. im very intrigued buy his story. do i have to believe him ? absolutely not. i make my own thougths about it and if i just find to over the top, i just skip it and do something else. c'mon people. why do you care so much ?
Thank you Cabanon! Yes, given the number of views that this thread has received there are obviously MANY people who are interested in this subject.

The fact that there is historical evidence of what my wife and I are claiming is happening to us has happened in the United States before (e.g. COINTELPRO), and the reality that US intelligence agencies are even more powerful today should remove much doubt that our claims are at least plausible.

Brodieman: Thank you for your service to our country! Please know that my wife's cousin also served and paid the ultimate price. His name was Kevin M. Shea and he was killed while serving in Iraq on September 14th 2004. Ironically that was also the date of his 38th birthday. He was promoted posthumously from Major to Lieutenant Colonel and his body now rests at Arlington Cemetery. It is in his memory that I'm sharing our story.

Targeted in America
Thank you for your opinion DeeMoney. I have indeed been seen by both a noted psychological associate here in Wake Forest Matthew McNally, MA and also by a psychiatrist Doctor Peter B. Van Dyck and neither believe there is anything wrong with my mental health. That's why I haven't been prescribed any antipsychotic drugs or even antidepressants for that matter.

If you watch the videos I've included in this thread you'll see that others have come in to my home and experienced some of the same things that my wife Cathie and I have so I don't understand how you can discount them and say that I come across as sick. :rollseyes:

I know it'd be great fun to write me off as a paranoid schizophrenic with delusions of persecution but that simply isn't the case. Besides, even if I was crazy wouldn't it be odd that my wife go crazy at the same exact time? Look back at my posts and you'll see that I wasn't making any of these claims before October of 2011. Back then I was just having a good time playing and collecting N64 games like everybody else. Man... what I wouldn't give to be able to go back to those carefree days!

Targeted in America
If the trolls are finished I'll explain why I'm posting my story here. Mainly it's because it's harder to knock down a site like this without people noticing and asking why. You see, many TI's claim that their blogs get deleted or edited but thanks to the nature of this site that's a little harder to accomplish.

Also, I've had many people here say that they are intrigued by our story so I'll continue sharing it as long as circumstances permit.

Targeted in America
Jun 10 2012, 07:05 PM
And what are you doing about it?
Posting my true story which includes forensic video as proof on an international forum.

If some of you don't believe my story that's fine and if some of you are frightened by the implications then I suggest you read some of the other threads on this fantastic site. Just keep in mind that I cleared this topic with the moderator before posting it.

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