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The beginning of a journey
I like the idea of using plate stands to hold up your controllers for display. :yeah:

Jun 30 2013, 01:35 PM
From what I hear, GameStop is actually pushing for the PS4, I read on other forums that head office has even sent memo's etc over it
Gamestop has stopped taking preorders for the Xbox One but Sony has told them to take as many orders as possible for the PS4 because demand is so high and they don't want to leave any money on the table. That's a smart strategy to my mind because I hate it when a company rations out the consoles at launch trying to create a false sense of exclusivity. :angry:

Thanks YogurtStorm! Yeah, I had a lot going on when I received the invitation to visit Inevitable Studios which was a major bummer because I've always wanted to visit Austin, TX. :(

So I was talkin' with the attractive young lady who manages my local Gamestop the other day and she told me that the PS4 is selling at ridiculous levels. In her educated opinion the PS4 is already the clear winner of this round of the console wars.

That makes lotsa sense to me as Japan is certainly going to pick the PS4 and I have a feeling that Europe is gonna go that way too. What do you guys think? Maybe this video will help you formulate an answer.

Activision: Xbox One has to "convince" gamers

Targeted in America
We're making a major revision to our documentary and replacing the intro which featured our interviewer describing the crime perpetrated against me and Cathie to something text based. Is this too wordy? :huh:

What you are about to watch is a factual account of two US citizens who started being overtly harassed after speaking out about federal government wrongdoing. All events described herein can be corroborated by witnesses, third-party testimonials, videos and/or official documents.

The harassment first started in 2002 for Peter Weissenberg alone while then employed at the telecom giant Verizon designing circuits for numerous federal government agencies and the White House. When attempting to leave that position for another within the company he became the target of severe retaliation which included:

  • Bullying, Mobbing & Intimidation
  • Having his drink spiked at a going away party
  • Union officials unwilling to intervene and/or represent him
  • Being seated next to a man who would eventually be arrested, tried and convicted for terrorism related offenses in the FBI's "Virginia Jihad Network" case.
Later in 2010, an old co-worker and former Union Steward confided in Peter that his earlier workplace harassment was directed by the federal government. Armed with that knowledge Peter wrote a letter to his US Senator Kay Hagen requesting her help. Shortly after that contact the couple started being overtly harassed with what appears to be an elaborate discrediting campaign in the tradition of the FBI's COINTELPRO. The abuses reached the ridiculous extremes of:

  • Exotic radio and acoustic frequency attacks to disrupt their sleep.
  • Constant stalking from DHS directed First Responders such as police, EMS and the fire department.
  • Low flying and often unmarked helicopters.
This is likely being done in an effort to get the couple to speak out about such nonsense and discredit themselves thus marginalizing them as whistleblowers.

I know some of you have education in filmmaking so would you suggest having music in the background while this is on the screen?

Name a developer and a game series you'd like to see them have a go at
I'd like to see Respawn Entertainment, which is made up of some staff members formerly at Infinity Ward, develop the next installment in the Armored Core franchise exclusively for the PS4. My hope would be that they could return the series to it's 1-on-1 competitive spirit that it had back during the PS1 and PS2 days.

If they couldn't secure the privilege of developing the next Armored Core game then I'd like to see them make a proper Frame Gride sequel exclusively for the Wii U in which Motion Control would be used for the Mecha's sword play.

Here's the brilliant intro from the original FG on the Sega Dreamcast.

Come Hither Collectors Alike
A warm welcome 311 and I love the title of this thread. :yeah:

I'm praying that the PS4 gets a new Tribes game! That's because I used to play countless of hours of Tribes: Aerial Assault back on the PS2 and that game was incredible. :wub:

In fact, I played so much T:AA and wrote so much about it on various forums that I attracted the attention of one of the game's programmers, D. Michael "Ricochet" Traub, who even invited me to visit his studio's Austin Texas location. Sadly, I never made it out there but that didn't in the slightest diminish my love for the game and my desire that a proper sequel would someday come to another Sony console.

Given how amazingly powerful the PS4 promises to be I'm sure it will be the perfect platform for a new console exclusive Tribes title that would potentially render any future Halo iteration completely obsolete. Here's keeping my fingers crossed! :w00t:

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Jun 28 2013, 08:15 AM
Right now I am saying goodbye to my dear colleagues , because of :cussfit: economical issues 25% is leaving today, (and I am next in 2 weeks) ..
Not a good day..
Ouch! Where do you work? I'm very sorry to hear this news as I know it can be very difficult to find a new job nowadays.

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
Right now I'm in the settings screen turning off WiiConnect24 now that many of the on-line services have been discontinued. I'm really gonna miss the News and Weather channels. :(

What games are you playing?
Just PM me your address Mark and I'll send it out ASAP.

What games are you playing?
Jun 27 2013, 03:03 PM
I saw the official AC NL strategy guide today while I was at Walmart and I was struck but how small it is

anyone willing to pick this one up for me?
If Red Shadow doesn't with his store discount then I'll pick one up for you. PM him with a request and if he can't do it let me know. Walmart is only about 5 minutes away from my house and I'm there about twice a week so it's really no bother.

Creative Writing
I love your work, Red. :wub:

We should collaborate on the book Cathie and I want to write involving our harassment. I'll ask you about it after I post up our documentary. :huh:

What games are you playing?
Jun 26 2013, 04:30 AM
Currently playing Zen Pinball (Wii U) and Animal Crossing New Leaf (3DS).
First time ive actually played one of the AC games and i'm loving it.
My 3DS Friend code is 0731-4737-4010, please add if you'd like to join me
I saw the official AC NL strategy guide today while I was at Walmart and I was struck but how small it is. It's pretty thick but instead of the traditional letter size it's about the size of a paperback book. Weird. :huh:

NEW Wireless N64 pad coming
Jun 26 2013, 04:04 PM
I contacted Retro-bit yesterday, they said to me "Regarding the thumbstick, it has the look of the original but we are not imitating the original quality. Thus far, we have not seen any issues with durability"
Durability isn't usually the issue with third-party sticks but rather how well they imitate the originals precision. For example, the "GameCube-like" analog sticks are very durable but they're just a tad too touchy for games like SSB.

Targeted in America
Wow, I never knew that making a documentary would be so difficult! The filmmaker Cathie and I are working with has given us a rough draft but after testing it out on my friends it'll probably need some intensive revisions. Thankfully no new footage will need to be shot but we want to clarify things a bit more. We know that a lot of people are going to be resistant to the notion that First Responders are involved in a COINTELPRO-like gaslighting and discrediting campaign. So to that end we're going to make it very clear that those people may not even know what they're being asked to do. You see, here in the United States First Responders like police, the fire department and ambulances are directed by the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) "Fusion Centers" so the corrupt people would only need to reside in those centers to pull this caper off.

When we get our documentary finished I'll post it up here but please keep in mind that this an extremely low budget effort being produced by people who are sleep deprived and kinda freaked out at the prospect of all the things we've been put through.

Oh, I've been calling several US Senator's and Representative's offices recently and their staffs are now MUCH more receptive to my accusations. All it took was a few investigative reports in The Guardian and The Washington Post to open people's eyes. :rollseyes:

The Xbox One Topic
The Kinect Dilemma
It isn't just the fact that Microsoft has betrayed the public trust and consorted with the reckless National Security Agency (NSA) to spy on millions of innocent Americans; it's also the possibility that somebody else will hack in to Kinect and abuse it the way journalists working at News of the World in the UK did with cell phones.

I'm just not comfortable with somebody, be it a government employee or otherwise, using the Kinect spy cam to surveil me and my family. For all we know some perverted government employee will use the technology to pleasure himself while watching our girlfriends, wives or daughters and that's beyond creepy to me. :-/

The Xbox One Topic
The Kinect is something I have no interest in so I don't feel comfortable paying an extra 100 bones for it. Besides, the whole notion is creepy as demonstrated by this video featuring video game celebrity Adam Sessler. :P

NEW Wireless N64 pad coming
I curious to read reviews concerning the quality of the analog stick. :unsure:

Welcome to Nintendo 64 Forever, Wynrrer. Mind telling us what your favorite N64 game is?

Your Favourite Nintendo 64 Mario Game
Mario Kart is my favorite franchise in all of video gaming and Mario Kart 64 is easily my favorite game on the Nintendo 64. :wub:

Mario Kart 64 still holds a very special place in my heart with fond memories of getting together with Doug, Joey and Ray for endless hours or racing and battle mode fun. Good times, good times! :yeah:

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