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Designer Creates HDMI Adapter for N64
I wonder why Marshall H didn't initiate a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project? I'm sure he would have gotten the funds more quickly as there's still plenty of people who'd like to play their actual N64 console on a modern TV.

Designer Creates HDMI Adapter for N64
Designer Creates HDMI Adapter for N64

"A freelance hardware and software designer has created an adapter to let fans of the Nintendo 64 plug their systems into their sets via an HDMI cable.

Anyone who has plugged their trusty N64 into an HDTV knows all too well the heartbreak that ensues. The games, already painfully dated as far as polygonal graphics are concerned, don't handle well the transition to the 16:9, high definition output of modern sets. The old-school graphical charm is distorted in ways that make them look worse than they did on an old CRT standard television.

The creator of the adapter, a 23 year-old by the name of Marshall H, has a background in electrical engineering and design work. He told VentureBeat's GameBeat he was initially sparked to create the adapter by the lamentations of many people, himself included, who noticed how poorly N64 graphics showed on flatscreen televisions.

With HDMI, or DisplayPort, Marshall said you will always get a better picture, even with the "low-res pixel soup from the N64."

The adapter is still in development, with Marshall looking to improve on his original design -- like making the mod easier to install. In its current incarnation, the adapter requires a bit of soldering. He also wants to make sure it works with the various television formats used around the world. "A lot of N64 fans are Down Under," he said.

Marshall has a website, Retroactive, where you can read more about his N64 adapter, along with entries about his other projects."

I've been holding on to several N64's for a reason. ;)

The Gamecube Topic
Jun 30 2014, 03:08 PM
*The special Super Smash Bros. GameCube controller shown in the video is also planned for release.
I wonder if it'll have the longer cord that the White Japanese GameCube controllers did?

Hopefully Nintendo will bundle a copy of SSB IV, the GC Controller Adapter and one of the new controllers for around $99. :w00t:

The Nintendo Amiibo Topic
The Amiibo represent the future for legitimate collectors as the gaming industry is very quickly moving towards digital distribution. We see this very clearly in the way that Nintendo promotes a free download with Mario Kart 8 that the company would love to cut middlemen retailers out of the equation. Further evidence of this business model is the way Nintendo sells "refurbished" Wii U's through their on-line store. Most pundits are of the opinion that refurbs are actually new units that are sold at a discount because retailers are cut out of the transaction.

In the very near future, if you want to collect anything tangible and video game related you may have no other choice besides consoles, controllers and now Amiibo.

The Nintendo Amiibo Topic
Nintendo seems to understand that because of digital distribution game collecting may soon be obsolete so they're trying to supplant that with Amiibos.

Amiibos are tailored made for the Super Smash Bros. franchise but they'll also work well with Pokemon so Nintendo is guaranteed an additional revenue stream to help make the Wii U monetarily successful regardless of how many units they sell. :yeah:

All of you who lament that you didn't get N64 games and peripherals when they were readily available back in the day better jump on Amiiibos before the rarer examples become prohibitively expensive. ^_^

The Nintendo Amiibo Topic
It'd be neat if Nintendo releases region specific Amiibo so that we can use this site as a place to trade figures.

The Nintendo Amiibo Topic
With all the hardcore collectors on this forum I'm surprised there hasn't been a topic created about the recently announced Amiibos yet.

At first I was turned off by the thought of what seems like an obvious Nintendo money grab, but the more I think about it the more I like the idea of collecting a few Amiibos of my favorite characters like Mario, Luigi, Wario, Donkey Kong and Bowser. :w00t:

I really like the fact that the Amiibos will even interact with Mario Kart 8 even though the figures themselves won't be available until Super Smash Bros. Wii U launches this Winter.

What do you guys think about the Amiibos? Gonna catch 'em all?

MK8 Tourney SATURDAY, 12/3 @ 10:30PM EDT
Jun 28 2014, 02:33 AM
I used to be so good at Mario Kart on Wii. I wonder what happened :huh:
Mario Kart 8's item balance happened. :-/

Boomdiers was certainly the man to beat last night. His kart was tailored for top-end speed (Metal Mario, Circuit Special, Cyber Slick) and without me or Brandon able to cut his lead with Lighting or a Blue Shell, he was essentially just running time trials.

Don't get me wrong, Boomdiers is VERY skilled but the dynamics of MK8 don't really allow for the come-from-behind wins that Mario Kart is traditionally known for. For example, whenever I was in second place I kept getting Coins as my item even though I already had reached the 10 coin mark. :(

Maybe Andy will switch the N64Forever server over to Frantic Mode to make our races more like traditional Mario Kart outings. :huh:

Regardless, I'm still down for additional races although I hope more people join next time. :D

MK8 Tourney SATURDAY, 12/3 @ 10:30PM EDT
Maybe we need to start playing in Frantic Mode? :lol:

Watcha Listenin' To?
Right now I'm jammin' out to some Southern Culture On The Skids.

MK8 Tourney SATURDAY, 12/3 @ 10:30PM EDT
Jun 27 2014, 02:18 AM
When is the next tournament?
I'm available tonight although I think Bluedog has other plans. Maybe we can still do a Friday race night but start a little earlier?

Hey DarkLink, send me a friend request, my NNID is Grizzster.

The Cult of Mario Kart
Jun 26 2014, 08:04 AM
Bowsers Castle. Love the soundtrack and the challenge.
Bowser's Castle has one of the best musical scores in the game, IMHO. :yeah:

Mario Kart 8 Music - Bowser's Castle

Twisted Mansion has some incredible music too. I love the way this theme has a sort of Danny Elfman vibe to it.

Mario Kart 8 Music - Twisted Mansion

The Cult of Mario Kart
As of now, these are my 5 favorite tracks in Mario Kart 8.

1) Mario Kart Stadium

2) GBA Mario Circuit

3) Thwomp Ruins

4) Mario Circuit

5) N64 Royal Raceway

Random Mario Kart thought for today: I like the N64 original Toad's Turnpike music better than the remixed version from Mario Kart 8. Thoughts? :huh:

Watcha Listenin' To?
I always get a chuckle out of this song. ;)

The Cult of Mario Kart
Here's another resource for those of you who enjoy tuning your karts as much as actually racing them.

Mario Kart 8 Stats Calculator

It's always hard balancing games that have several variables and MK8 is no exception. Right now, while racing on-line in the higher VR races, you see heavy characters like Bowser, Donkey Kong, Rosalina or Metal Mario almost exclusively. Hopefully Nintendo's first patch for the game will give lighter characters a buff that makes them more competitive.

The Cult of Mario Kart
Mario Kart 8 Mercedes Car DLC Coming West

"European and North American Mario Kart 8 owners are set to get the Mercedes GLA car DLC already confirmed for Japan.

The development was confirmed by Nintendo's Twitter account, with a vague summer release window also revealed."

In my opinion, the DLC should be free as it's essentially an advertisement for Mercedes. I'd also like to see Nintendo fix the item balance issues as a patch associated with the DLC.

What games are you playing?
I'm playing Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition. Got it free with my XBL Gold membership. I did have to pick up another 16 GB Flash Drive, though, as I've got one of the original 20 GB Xbox 360's. So now I have a quirky 52 GB of storage total which is really weird. :wacko:

MK8 Tourney SATURDAY, 12/3 @ 10:30PM EDT
Jun 20 2014, 09:08 PM
Good game everyone. Everyone did good.
You've got some serious skills, Boomdiers! :yeah: I'm looking forward to doing it again next week.

Interesting note: Grizz and I happened to meet up on a worldwide race afterwards. Grumble Volcano. At one point, we were running 1 and 2, but items happen. We managed a 4/5 finish, which was not too shabby considering some of the allstars in the race.

I think we got zapped by a Lighting Bolt within sight of the finish line. ;_;

Had a lot of fun last night with our friends Down Under! I was amazed, quite honestly, how smoothly everything ran given the physical distance between contestants.

MK8 Tourney SATURDAY, 12/3 @ 10:30PM EDT
Jun 20 2014, 08:03 AM
And the karts. Those slicks and roller wheels are great on pavement, but put them in the jungle and struggles ensue.
Great point, Andy. I don't think there's a single configuration in MK8 that's universally dominant. The heavies are great for top speed but they're usually slow off the line which means they don't often get the early coins. Lightweights also have the advantage of getting to the item box first which may provide a tactical advantage.

Let's all do our best but let us never lose sight of the fact that Mario Kart is all about having fun. If you don't do too well tonight don't worry, you can always avenge yourself next Friday. :lol:

MK8 Tourney SATURDAY, 12/3 @ 10:30PM EDT
Every time I've joined I've done so through my Friends List. I just look up bluedog and join whatever lobby he's in. I've never used the 8073-6384-4485 code.

It's great if people race with a competitive spirit. I myself never hold anything back but the neat thing about Mario Kart is that the items have a way of leveling the playing field. That's why I say it's best not to take the races too seriously. Just give yourself to it and have fun.

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