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Star Wars Episode One Racer Controller
Amazing work, Clarky!

Howzabout making a 6 button arcade stick for the N64 to use with fighting games like Killer Instinct Gold? It'd be really neat to have the button colors patterned after those of the standard N64 pad. With a splattering of KIG art I'm sure you could sell it for quite a bit of cheese.

N64 collection discussion
Jul 31 2012, 05:43 AM
Not sure if i want to laugh or weep... you be the judge

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And some people wonder why mint condition N64 cartridges keep going up in price. :lol:

Yeah, that's a Conker's Bad Hair Day on his chest plate. :blasphemy bat:

Entered a Super Smash Bros. tournament today...
I wish this tournament had been held locally to me so I could have brought my Japanese copy of Super Smash Bros. I bet a lot of people would have gotten a kick out of the different sound effects for punches which sound more like bare knuckles and the beam sword which sounds like a light saber.

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I may have gone a little Gamecube crazy....
Nice collection, Brodieman!

However, I didn't see the newer official white GameCube controller with the longer cord. Here's mine (still boxed) in the upper left hand corner of this picture.

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Having a hard time finding Killer Instinct Gold
brown duckz
Jul 29 2012, 05:25 PM
A user on Nintendo Age may have just what I'm looking for. Crosses fingers.
Good luck, let us know how it turns out.

In the meantime, here's a little video that shows how fun Killer Instinct Gold is to actually play.

The game was way ahead of it's time with wake-ups, pressure moves, juggles and even a parry system long before Street Fighter III made the concept popular. Also, unlike the original Killer Instinct- KIG includes throws and even throw reversals. :o The game is so deep that if the characters hadn't of been pre-rendered, thus blurry during close-ups, many people would mistake KIG for a thoroughly modern fighting game.

Having a hard time finding Killer Instinct Gold
Wouldn't it be nice to have the original arcade versions of KI and KI2 re-released in HD for the Wii U? Nicer still would be the inclusion of on-line play.

Hey, I downloaded Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers for the current Wii Virtual Console and it includes on-line play! This is really nice as I get to use my TvC fightstick with it and relive the 90's arcade experience.

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Sadly, I don't have a 6-button arcade stick for my N64 so I gotta play KIG with the standard pad or the 3rd-party Madcatz controller seen in my previous photo. This isn't horrible but I'm sure the game would play much better with some sort of arcade style stick.

Millenium 2000 Controller Unique Black Buttons
Jul 28 2012, 06:55 PM
This is my Sin & Punishment inspired controller. The finishing touch was Zoki's black buttons:

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That's an AWESOME looking controller, bluedog! Question; will the black paint ever wear off the buttons or do they have some sort of coating for protection and durability?

Having a hard time finding Killer Instinct Gold
KIG isn't just a great game to collect but also a very fun game to play and that may explain why it's rather pricey. The fighting engine holds up quite well against many modern fighting games and the combos can be rather thrilling to pull off and watch.

Having a hard time finding Killer Instinct Gold
Don't forget to also check Amazon.com. You may pay a little bit more but you may also be able to find a copy of KIG in better condition.

Here are some pictures of mine:

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Posted Image

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I've been playing this game quite a bit as I'm trying to master Kim Wu's combos. She's really a neat character with great range thanks to her fire balls, but she's also deadly up close thanks to her three different openers.

Get to know the staff: Mk II
How's your employment situation now, Mark?

Turok Rage Wars NTSC Grey Fixed Cart
I believe I have all the other Turok games except that one.

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After watching the video I modded one of my Rumble Paks and it works like a charm. In fact, I removed the resistor completely and just used a piece of wire between the two connection points with no ill effects to either my N64 or controller.

I use this Rumble Pak just about every time I play F-Zero X as the rumble feature adds so much to that particular game. Interestingly enough, although the Wii Virtual Console version of F-Zero X supports improved 480p graphics- even when playing with the GameCube controller it still doesn't provide a rumble feature. It's for this reason and some slight tearing on the VC version that I consider the N64 cartridge iteration of F-Zero X to be the definitive example of this awesome game.

Jul 18 2012, 11:15 AM
I'm trying to find a place to get the grease that is near me but I'm having trouble. Does anyone have any ideas?
I got mine at a local bicycle shop.

Something to consider
I'm fine with the board the way it is too. Sure it has a few faults but in the end I believe that's what gives this place character.

1000 Members!
Jul 11 2012, 10:25 AM
We have grown quickly in the past year or so and soon we will have 1000 members. I was wondering if some people wanted to share any interesting stories about this forum or special moments in their gaming / collecting that came as a result from this forum in order to demonstrate how truly wonderful this forum is to our newer members.
This site is simply amazing thanks to the passion of the; collectors, players and tinkerers who visit and post here. We've got it all on this forum no matter how you choose to enjoy your N64 experience.

For those of you who actually play original Nintendo 64 game cartridges we've got plenty of people including myself who still find time to indulge in such classics as F-Zero X and Killer Instinct Gold. Of course it goes without saying that Super Smash Bros. is nearly a religion amongst some of us too.

Modders find this place near nirvana as you'll often come across some dolled-up N64 work of art by our resident artist extraordinaire zoki64. You'll also find plenty of info on replacing a worn out thumbstick or even how to mod a Rumble Pak so that it'll function without needing batteries. :o

Last but not least, this is an incredible site for N64 collectors thanks to such luminaries as Lithium017, ddr2nite and the living legend of N64 collecting finngamer. :applause:

Overall I'd say that this site deserves to have 10,000 members but 1,000 is nothing to turn our noses up at either. Long live Nintendo and long live the N64 and its software in all its various incarnations!

The Future of collecting
Excellent topic!

While I love owning physical copies I can see a future where digital distribution becomes the primary method for releasing games.

In the mean time, I adore the fact that N64 cartridges are huge yet hold less than a fraction of a postage stamp sized SD card. Yeah the cartridges are archaic but they're as durable as a tank and I just love them for that.