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Killer Instinct Gold
"You do not truly know someone, until you fight them."
People often ask me what I like so much about fighting games and then seem perplexed when I give this cryptic answer. It's true, you learn so much about a person when you fight them. Are they lazy, are they creative, will they make critical mistakes when the pressure's on? They say the eyes are a window to the soul and that may be true but the way a person plays a fighting game gives tremendous insight in to their true personality.

"There is no knowledge that is not power"
This Ralph Waldo Emerson quote made famous by Mortal Kombat is the very embodiment of 90's fighting games and Killer Instinct Gold takes that precept to ridiculous extremes. Knowledge quite literally is power in the game because knowing all the combos can almost make a person seem omnipotent.

Son Of Sorrow (Benoni Defense)
Chess grandmasters are aware that to be successful they often must enter a state of imagined reality. Some claim that's why exceptional chess players often seem to go mad later in life. Well, in some ways fighting games are like chess matches only they're played at a highly accelerated pace. Does that mean great fighting game masters will end up going crazy faster? :lol:

July is almost over and I'm filled with sorrow that it's time to move on and stop playing Killer Instinct Gold. It's all good, though, as Mortal Kombat X(L) offers up much of the same thrills as playing the KI games back during their heyday so that's what I'll be delving in to next.


Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
Best wishes to our own renascence man, happy birthday Kartmaster. :yeah:

My WWF No Mercy challenge to anyone
You know a game is solid when Vice is still praising it after all these years. :lol:

Why Fans Still Love WWF No Mercy, a 15-Year-Old Wrestling Game

WWF No Mercy came out in 2000, but a group of devotees insist that itís better than any other wrestling game that's since been released.

On Thursday, video game publisher 2K will release the PC version WWE 2K16, the latest edition in series that traces its lineage to WWF SmackDown on the original PlayStation. But while the big-budget games in the SmackDown series largely come and go, it's WWF NoMercy, released at the tail end of the Nintendo 64's lifespan in November 2000, that went on legendary status among wrestling fans, and is still actively being played by dedicated communities on the likes of Facebook, Reddit, and YouTube.

How is it that this decidedly old school brawler still resonates so strongly after all of these years, and who are the people who continue to play it? After all, unlike the WWE 2K games that are trotted out every year, No Mercy doesn't have any of the trappings of modern, AAA games: there's no online multiplayer, the graphics can be charitably described as a blurry mess, and there are no commercials starring Arnold Schwarzenegger to promote its existence to the millions of fans who watch Monday Night Raw.

Is this merely nostalgia at work, or did Japanese developer AKI manage to create the perfect wrestling game on the N64 all those years ago?

"You will never find a ranking of top wrestling games that doesn't have No Mercy or one of its predecessors in contention for the top spot," said /r/N64WrestlingGames moderator homer62 (whose first name is Dan), who created the subreddit less than a year ago to create a centralized location where fans could discuss No Mercy and its progenitors like WCW Revenge and the Japan-only Virtual Pro Wrestling 64. "A common trope in isolating what makes a great game is that it is easy to pick up by hard to master. These games define this concept."

The gameplay of No Mercy is easy enough to explain: Players assume the role of nearly 100 wrestlers like The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and Triple H, and then face off against as many as three opponents in the ring simultaneously. Rather than chip away at a health meter like in traditional fighting games,players in No Mercy instead build up momentum (called "Attitude") as they connect basic strikes and bodyslams. Build up enough momentum and you're able to perform a flashy, high-impact finishing move (think Stone Cold Stunner or Tombstone Piledriver) that knocks out your opponent, leaving them open for a pinfall.

While that may sound dizzying to anyone unfamiliar with video games or pro wrestling, one of No Mercy's key strengths is its accessibility: because there aren't complicated button combinations to remember, a novice can pick up the controller and immediately be competitive against the CPU or his or her friends. Compare that to 1998's WWF WarZone and 1999's WWF Attitude, which required strict memorization of byzantine button combinations to pull off everything from a hip toss to a hurricanrana.

At the same time, No Mercy offers an incredible depth that fans say has yet to be matched by any of the 2K games. This depth is best exemplified by the create-a-wrestler-option (CAW) that fans routinely use to create wrestlers as soon as they join Vince McMahon's travelling circus. With this CAW mode, fans can mix and match hundreds upon hundreds of moves, taunts, and outfits to create their ideal wrestler.

And thanks to the rise of emulation (which lets players boot up old N64 games using nothing more than a smartphone or laptop), fans can now easily "mod" No Mercy to include entirely different rosters and arenas with little effort.

"There are many many mods [for the game]" said prominent No Mercy YouTuber sebaaxvy, noting there are mods for different promotions, like Ring of Honor and Lucha Underground, and mods for different time periods, like the Attitude Era (covering the late 1990s and early 2000s) and Ruthless Aggression (through about 2008). These mods swap out No Mercy's dated, November 2000 roster with more modern wrestlers like John Cena and Randy Orton. One mod released earlier this month, called No Mercy 2K16 + NXT, piggybacks off the popularity of NXT, a recently launched sub-brand of WWE that features wrestlers like Finn Balor and Shinsuke Nakamura who were previously only known to the most hardcore of fans, many of whom are openly nostalgic about how much better wrestling used to be. (Yes, there's a Trump hat to that effect.)

"Part of it is probably that the late-90's era of wrestling is widely considered the best era in wrestling history, and I'd imagine most guys still playing these games are in their 20s-30s and have fond memories of that time," said fellow /r/N64WrestlingGames moderator BAWguy (whose first name is Casey). "It's so hard to put a finger on and put into words, but I think maybe the biggest thing is that AKI made its games to play to simulate the 'sport' of pro wrestling, and 2K made its games to simulate the 'spectacle' of WWE."

A couple of times per year, I will clear hours from my weekend schedule to dive into the wonderful world of video game emulation, revisiting the PlayStation, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 games that defined my youth. After a quick check-in with the likes of Super Mario World and Metal Gear Solid, I invariably return to No Mercy to have the same :cussfit: match: Triple H (me) vs. The Rock. Why this match? Back in 2000 I was the biggest Triple H fan around (I liked, and continue to like, bad guys in wrestling), and his seminal opponent back then was The Rock. But unlike the recent 2K games, which can feel more like disparate rounds of Street Fighter II, playing No Mercy feels more like storyboarding a film.

"Momentum dictated who was in control in the N64 games and the resulting pacing captured much more of the drama associated with 'sports entertainment', noted Dan, the /r/N64WrestlingGames mod. "I felt like I could control the pace and the story of the match and really, that is the essence of pro wrestling."

Jul 26 2017, 02:42 PM
Walmart.com just cancelled my preorder. :angry:

Blade Runner II ?
After having watched the Blade Runner 2049 trailer multiple times several thoughts have popped in to my head. Please allow me to share them with you.

1) So the original Blade Runner expressed the widespread fear of the 1980's that Japan would eventually replace the United States as the top global economic power. Those concerns were undoubtedly rooted in the fact that the Japanese automotive and electronics industries were making exponential strides at the time. Obviously that theme wouldn't play so well today but given the fact that the Chinese economy has surpassed that of Japan, shouldn't that new reality be reflected in BR2049?

2) The first-person narration by Harrison Ford in the theatrical release of the original Blade Runner really helped sell the 1940's detective vibe for me and sadly I don't think it'll be present in 2049. :(

3) I'm pleased that 2049 isn't being released as a summer blockbuster dependent on over-the-top action to pull in audiences. However, it looks like the film will have much more action than the original, which in the end may not allow the sequel to develop the deep elements of mystery which gave the first Blade Runner such enduring appeal.

Watcha Listenin' To?
Figured this song is timely.

"When the world is running down, you make the best of what's still around"

What games are you playing?
I'm mostly comparing and contrasting Killer Instinct Gold on the N64 with its contemporary Samurai Shodown IV for the Neo Geo. The latter is a gorgeous game which I believe this review describes perfectly.

While Samurai Shodown IV wasn't the last game in the series, it is considered by some fans to be the best, and with good reason. The weapon-based gameplay is refined after the experiments of the first three outings and roster of fighters is unique and varied; add in the "Slash" and "Bust" variants and you've quite a few combat options to master. All of the Samurai Shodown games boast excellent presentation but this entry truly benefits from the increased storage available on the Neo Geo at the time; smooth animation and plenty of detail in the backgrounds helps to elevate the game above many other 2D releases of the period. While it's easy to grumble about the proliferation of fighting games on SNK's platform, this franchise has always set itself apart thanks to its focus on swords and other weapons, so if you're sick of Street Fighter and can't stand another King of Fighters then this might be just the tonic you need.

Another reason for my interest in this monumental SNK fighting game franchise is because I recently discovered that Samurai Shodown V Special is going to be released on the PS4 in an uncensored form.

And it will also support online play! :w00t:

Oh Photobucket
The entire Photobucket affair has re-taught me an important lesson, "there's no such thing as a free lunch". :rollseyes:

Favorite YouTube Channel?
A friend of mine and I were talking and we both got to wondering if YouTube isn't responsible for the huge uptick in video game collecting that started after Google bought the service. What are your thoughts?

Would you buy an N64 Mini?
I figured an N64 mini was inevitable. At this point, though, I'm just interested in how Nintendo will handle the controller. Will parts from the N64 mini controller be compatible with the original N64 controllers?

Oh Photobucket
Where did Photobucket go wrong? How come other picture hosting sites don't need to charge $400 a year for third party hosting but Photobucket thinks it does? How much longer will PB be around? Obviously their latest action has alienated lots of people who used the service.

Just imagine what would happen if YouTube started charging to host videos! :o

The Dojo - N64 Fighting Game Discussion
Feb 8 2017, 08:57 AM
Killer Instinct - I really don't know a whole lot about the series but I love the combo breaker concept. Is it gory like Mortal Kombat or what?
Even though Killer Instinct Gold was obviously inspired by gory games like Mortal Kombat and Samurai Shodown, KIG includes the option of turning the Blood off entirely.

As to the Combo Breakers, Killer Instinct Gold also includes an option to make them easier to pull off.

Would you buy an N64 Mini?
Nintendo Trademark Suggets N64 Classic Mini Coming

This is pretty exciting! :w00t:

Killer Instinct Gold
Another issue with Killer Instinct Gold is the N64 controller. Granted, it's nice that the buttons are laid out in a StreetFighter-esque 6-button configuration but the C-buttons are simply too small. Also, as previously mentioned, the D-pad on an N64 controller is stiffer than my back when I wake up in the morning :lol: - so it definitely takes a backseat to the floating D-pad that Sega controllers are known and loved for within the fighting game community. What a shame that making a custom arcade stick wasn't as easy in 1996 as it is today because that's what I feel KIG needs to fully extract the most out of it. That's arguably a minor quibble now that both KI2 and KIG are playable on the XB1, and that arcade sticks are easily attainable for Microsoft's newest console. However, game of the month here at N64Forever is about playing games on the original N64 hardware so the controller issue is worth noting.

Any exclusive N64 gamers?
Jul 20 2017, 04:56 PM
If I weren't such a big fighting game fan I probably would play n64 exclusively or at least retro exclusively, but I'm majorly pumped for dragonball fighterz (even getting a new console for it).
I'm stoked about Dragon Ball FighterZ too after having watched videos of Maximilian Dood play it at EVO. Which console are you planning on purchasing? I'll be getting DBFZ for the PS4.

Use of display technology to produce the best possible image from the N64
Last year I got a 13 inch Sony Wega FD Trinitron flat tube CRT free from another person on Craig's List. The guy had everything including the original remote, instruction manual and even the box it came in. I figured since it was a Trinitron (model # KV-13FS100) the picture quality would have to be good. However, after extensive tuning I came to realize that the TV's best days were behind it. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get a really sharp image out of it. Yeah, the average person probably wouldn't have noticed but I'm OCD about stuff like that so I decided to pass along the Wega to somebody else who would appreciate what it had left. Here's the picture I used for my own Craig's List ad when I sold it.

Posted Image

I got 35 bucks for it from a guy who intended to use it for Super Metroid speed runs. He didn't mind the lack of sharpness as all he was after was a TV with no input lag.

What blows my mind about that 13" Sony Wega and the 14" Toshiba that I just got is that both sets have S-Video and component inputs. It's as if the companies who made them knew eventually hardcore gamers would covet them.

So back to that Toshiba 14AF46, after minimal tuning I've concluded that the picture quality is utterly amazing. I'm gonna store it in my in-laws basement for safe keeping should my 20" Toshiba ever fail. I figure that as game companies keep offering HD compatible alternative for their libraries like Nintendo is doing with the Virtual Console and their Classic lines, I'll have less need for a big CRT TV and a little one like my 14" Toshiba will be enough to satisfy my future needs. :)

How many consoles do you have hooked up?
Sacrilege, BDR has an Xbox One in his house! :o

Just kidding, man. The more consoles the better. Do you have a copy of Rare Replay for it?

Use of display technology to produce the best possible image from the N64
I shall call him Mini TV. :lol:

Posted Image

That's the one I just picked up today on the right. Isn't it cute?

Played a little bit of N64 on it after tuning and I must say I'm quite impressed. Since the 480 pixels are spread across just 14 inches the picture quality is very nice, almost like a computer monitor. Oh and tuning was a snap too because I mostly copied the settings from the 20 incher. Just had to make some slight modifications but nothing major. I still can't believe I got such a nice CRT absolutely free! :D

Use of display technology to produce the best possible image from the N64
OMG, I'm so happy right now! :w00t: Today while scanning Craig's List I found an ad for a free flat tube CRT. I check the pictures closely and it's a smaller version of my current 20 inch Toshiba CRT which I'm beyond satisfied with. I just got home, tested and the TV actually works and the picture quality is great before I even tune it! Here's the model number and year of manufacture.

Toshiba 14AF46
January 2006

I'll post pictures of it soon but right now I'm dog-tired because I had to drive out 35 miles to pick it up.

Post your N64 Gaming Setup
My little 20 inch Toshiba.

It breaks my heart when I see ads on Craig's List for larger CRT's that still have good picture quality and the owner is practically giving them away. I just don't have the room for a TV like that any longer now that I live in a house with no basement. ;_;

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