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UK Blocking
Aug 29 2013, 02:55 AM
You can opt out of the blocking by simply ticking a box on your internet providers website. Dont worry your porn and forums will be fine :yeah:
Wouldn't it be smarter to have the porn filter turned off by default? That way conscientious parents would have to go in and turn on the filter and then they could also password protect the settings while in the process.

Having such a filter automatically turned on would never work here in the United States because you'd have a ton of people calling their ISP complaining about not being able to reach their favorite sites. ;)

Targeted in America
Cathie and I have now submitted our documentary video to the prestigious Sundance Film Festival in hopes of gaining even greater exposure. Obviously, we don't care if we win but by entering we know that the mainstream film community will become aware of our plight as every submission is thoroughly reviewed.

Oh, it's no longer appropriate to continue this adventure here on N64Forever so I'll be starting my own website within the next two to three weeks. My goal is to have that site be the exclusive outlet for all my posts and musings on a multitude of various topics but as always all entries will be written in my colorful yet brutally honest style. ;)

Targeted in America
Thank you so much for your support scooter77! I'm very pleased that our video documentary has helped legitimize this whole thing for you. Believe me, I wouldn't be sharing this nightmare on an international forum if it wasn't true. Feel free to show our video to anyone you like and all questions posted as a result will be quickly answered here.

Thanks again to everyone who has been sticking with Cathie and me since this tragedy began.

Targeted in America
I present our video. Oh, Cathie has braces because her teeth got chipped and moved out of place in that violent accident she had in September of last year.

Please watch the video and discuss but be aware that I may remove it without warning based on the feedback that I get from my US Representative George Holding's office.

Any feedback be it positive or negative is appreciated. However, this is a VERY low budget affair that attempts to encapsulate over tens years of story in to just 20 minutes of video so please keep that in mind.