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The Wii U Topic
Aug 31 2017, 12:41 PM
do they even make WiiU console ? I have not seem one in store in over a year. I thought I could pick one on the very cheap side whent eh switch was out but it seems, even in the used market, they keep their value on the high side.
Just another example of Nintendo manipulating inventory to artificially boost prices. :-/

You can still buy refurbished Deluxe Wii U's directly from Nintendo for $200.

Recommend a S-Video cable
Monster S-Video cables are often considered the best for the SNES/N64/GameCube but they've gotten crazy expensive lately.

Super Smash Bros
Aug 31 2017, 04:51 AM
I just went back to the original game's website via the internet archive's wayback machine; they referred to Kirby back then as a "huggable Goldberg" :)

What browser do you use?
Nowadays I use Chrome almost exclusively and I just noticed yesterday that YouTube looks completely different. It's even more difficult now to read and post comments. :angry:

Movies and Television
I finally saw the movie Arrival a few weeks ago when HBO premiered it. Since its director Denis Villeneuve is also directing Blade Runner 2049 it was on my short list of must-see films. I had already seen his other directorial effort Sicario and was duly impressed.

Arrival is a very clever sci-fi movie that feels fresh and intelligent. While watching I knew that it was thoroughly modern and worlds apart from Close Encounters of the Third Kind which the trailer leads you to believe it reimagines.

Denis Villeneuve - undoubtedly he's the right director for a movie like Blade Runner 2049 which holds impossible expectations. I fear the weak link, if there is one, is more than likely Ridley Scott who's acting as executive producer on the film. As of now I'm just going to hope that 2049 is a sequel to the theatrical release of the original Blade Runner rather than the Director's and Final cut. :rollseyes:

Super Smash Bros
It just so happens that I've been playing Super Smash Bros. again myself. I suspect because I wanted to see the influence that older wrestling game classics like WWF WrestleFest had on its development. There's little doubt in my mind that Smash creator Masahiro Sakurai drew as much inspiration from the wrestling genre as he did from popular arcade fighting games of the mid to late 1990's.

Movies and Television
After having watched all 50 episodes of Orphan Black, I can honestly say the show was pure unadulterated genius. It was so good, in fact, in the way it bravely dealt with the chillingly sober and timely topics of human cloning and eugenics, that I think the bar has been raised significantly for Blade Runner 2049 which will be dealing with similar themes. If you like movies or TV shows about Frankenstein, super soldiers and/or corporations run amok then I can't suggest the fives seasons of Orphan Black strongly enough. It's a series that I genuinely believe will go on to achieve cult status as more people discover this tragically overlooked gem. :yeah:

Online gaming
Posted Image

Here's what I get in rural North Carolina with respect to internet capacity.

Wii discussion
Aug 26 2017, 10:54 AM
I have that same white Classic Controller and a pink/purple-ish Classic Controller Pro that came bundled with the Xenoblade Chronicles limited edition, but to be honest, I've rarely used them as I love the GC controller.
Somehow, I'm not a big fan of the Classic Controller's analog sticks, they feel too sensitive and cheap to my taste... I haven't touched the Pro version yet though... Is it any better?
I prefer the GameCube controller as well. The analog sticks on the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro feel like they're too tall making them seem overly sensitive. The analog stick on the GC controller, however, feels just right. :yeah:

Wii discussion
I've got a nice set of Classic Controllers for my Wii. :yeah:

Posted Image

There are several I still don't have including the Gold and Red Classic Controller Pro units. I'd also like to get the SNES/SFC style controller that's compatible with the Wii-mote.

The first time I held a Classic Controller it felt so light that I just assumed it wouldn't be very durable. Surprisingly both the original CC and CCP hold up well even after extended use with fighting games like Street Fighter II Turbo and Samurai Shodown II.

Kickstarter: Next Gen N64 Controller
I'm adopting a wait and see strategy with these new controllers. Admittedly, it's easy to be ambivalent when I've got so many N64 controllers already. :D

Posted Image

Wii discussion
Aug 25 2017, 09:22 AM
honestly, I dont see how B/C Wii will be collectible. I mean, it's so easy to jailbreak that the need for a disc drive is absolutely 0%. Any wii, except the Mini, could do just fine.
Backwards compatible Wii's allow you to play Mario Kart 64, Super Smash Bros. and Wave Race 64 with what is arguably Nintendo's greatest controller.

Posted Image

480p graphics and GC controller support make those classic N64 titles and several others even better and just shy of HD remakes. Of course, the Wii Classic Controller Pro is still best for SNES and NeoGeo Virtual Console games.

Wii discussion
Just a few things to keep in mind with respect to Wii collecting. First, since they're not natively solid-state machines like N64's, there will be fewer Wii's every year as drives start to fail and people hastily discard them. Second, the Wii represents the epoch of console collecting for the sake of the digital titles stored on the system's internal memory. Lastly, the ease of sourcing component cables and the plethora of inexpensive HDMI adapters for the Wii gives the console the ability advance forward technologically much more easily and economically than most of Nintendo's other legacy consoles.

These three backwards compatible Wii's in the photo all have broken disc-drives which means they sold for under $20 total.

Solid-state Wii consoles

Are they worth more than that? You bet they are as they all now have several extremely desirable Virtual Console games on their internal storage. Games like Chrono Trigger, Super Smash Bros. and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

I believe the face of collecting is evolving and that probably means that backwards compatible Wii's (thanks to their built-in support for GameCube controllers) will only become more valuable as the years go by. :)

September Game of the Month Vote Off
I went with WWF No Mercy for obvious reasons but I wouldn't mind playing Extreme-G either. I played the heck out of it when it originally released but haven't played it much since so I'm well overdue.

Post a Video Better than the last.
Robotic fish at Henn na Hotel Maihama Tokyo Bay

Wii discussion
I'm holding on to backwards compatible Wii's as I suspect they're going to become highly sought after collector's items some day.

Posted Image

The picture shows two white Wii consoles with Monoprice component cables on top of each. In the background is a boxed black Wii that's also a b/c unit.

The popularity of 20XXTE and Project M for Melee and Brawl respectively should insure that these consoles never dip below their current market value.

Wii Price Charting Index

Right now people who don't want to hassle with pre-ordering the Super NES Classic Edition are probably very happy that Snes9x GX on the Wii works so well. ;)

Original Release vs. Virtual Console
Aug 21 2017, 07:38 AM
The problem with digital libraries is; once you get presented with too much choice, you can't choose!
This is often referred to as "the paradox of choice". Simply stated, when we have too many options presented to us our brains get fatigued and give up. That's why it's wise to never give someone more than 3 choices at one time if you want them to make a good decision.

How does this relate to video gaming? Have you ever noticed that many people who pirate large libraries of games rarely take the time to play any of them? :rollseyes:

The Future of collecting
Aug 20 2017, 07:40 AM
However, the biggest reason that it won't go away soon is space.
While most indy games are pretty small, big games (on the consoles anyway) take up so much space.
It amazes me how inexpensive storage is nowadays and how it just keeps getting cheaper everyday. For example, a Western Digital 3 Terabyte external drive compatible with the PS4 can usually be found for less than $100.

I have all my original Wii Virtual Console games stored on a 2 Gigabyte SD card that I bought for less than 3 dollars. If memory serves, I believe I still have more space on that card if I want to add even more games.

That just blows my mind that I can store the entire N64 library on something the size of a postage stamp. When the N64 launched 20 plus years ago you probably would have been laughed at for even suggesting such a thing. Now we even have smaller micro SD cards that allow Raspberry Pi's to store complete libraries for a multitude of different consoles. I wonder where we'll be in 20 years from now with respect to storage?

Watcha Listenin' To?
In celebration of the lunar eclipse that the U.S. will be experiencing today.

Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart

Here in Raleigh, NC where I live we'll be getting about a 93% eclipse. So cool! 8)

Original Release vs. Virtual Console
Aug 19 2017, 10:38 AM
The talk about 19XXTE does bring up another issue I have with the virtual console. At least with Nintendo's eshop they're very clear in their agreement that you are only buying a license to play the game and not a copy of the game itself.
I suspect that's nothing more than legalese as I doubt Nintendo would ever revoke your license. Once you download the game it's essentially yours forever. What's especially nice about Virtual Console games is the fact that even if the disc-drive on your Wii stops working, you still have access to your entire VC library. :yeah:

The Virtual Console version of Super Smash Bros. is notable because your saves are not dependent on a battery like they are on the cartridge version. Once you unlock all the characters, stages and the Item Switch on the Wii VC version - everything stays unlocked. You can even download a fully complete save file for SSB64 if you don't have the patience to unlock everything yourself. :)

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