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SOLD!!! S> JUSCO 30th Anniversary 270 USD
That CIB Japanese F-Zero X sure looks sexy. :)

Now that they've been out for a little while... PS4 or Xbox ONE???
In the short term the Wii U is just fine for me but I'm eventually going to get a PS4. No plans on getting a Xbox One as none of my friends have or want one.

Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U
When SSBWiiU is finally released I'll probably stop playing Mario Kart 8 entirely and devote all my spare gaming time to Nintendo's fabulous 4-player brawler. Hopefully we can resume our friendly N64Forever Friday night get-togethers playing it. Has anyone heard if SSBWiiU will feature an on-line tournament mode? :huh:

What's your favorite 4 player games?
My favorite N64 4-player games:

1) Mario Kart 64
2) Super Smash Bros.
3) Turok Rage Wars
4) Star Fox 64

Honorable mention to Mario Tennis and Mario Golf.

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Super Smash Bros for 3DS/Wii U
Sep 26 2014, 12:06 PM
Seems like a real bargain considering everything you get. Sure, lots of people already own a GameCube controller but you still need the adapter to use it with the Wii U.

I'll probably run out this coming week and prepurchase this bundle. Hopefully SSBWiiU will get released around my birthday in November. :D

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
I'm getting ready to go to the beautiful North Carolina beach but they're calling for rain for the next week. :(

Doesn't matter, though, because I need a little R&R to unwind from the hectic last two weeks I've had travelling to Kansas City and San Antonio on business.

Play an N64 game...
Sep 12 2014, 06:07 PM
I'll BE playing Dairantou Smash Bros. very soon. Finally caved and got it off Amazon along with gamebit screwdrivers to mod my 64.
I modded the cartridge itself instead.

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Just swapped out the back with a North American cartridge.

Heroes in your life
One of my personal heroes is my wife's cousin Lt. Col. Kevin M. Shea who paid the ultimate price while serving in Iraq exactly 10 years ago today. Ironically, September 14th is not only the day Kevin came in to this world but also the day he went out. He was taken from his loved ones on exactly his 38th birthday which was much too early for a person with so much future potential.

Please take a moment to think about Kevin today as he was a marine who never thought twice about answering when his nation called no matter how dangerous the assignment.

Kevin Michael Shea

To Kevin's memory my wife Cathie and I say - Semper Fi

Are you a PLAYER or COLLECTOR of video games/accessories?
I'm mostly a player although I do collect games that hold sentimental value. I don't have very many games compared to some of the other people on this forum but the ones I do have will probably be with me until I leave the United States and sell off all my possessions to start anew.

What console do you play more of?
Right now I'm playing:

Wii :Wii U: about 60% of the time

Xbox 360 roughly 30% of the time

Original Wii (for N64 classics like Wave Race 64 and Super Smash Bros.) the final 10%

Sadly, I don't spend any time with retro consoles like the actual N64 hardware because interlacing really bothers my old tired eyes now. What a drag it is getting old. :(

MK8 Tourney SATURDAY, 12/3 @ 10:30PM EDT
I'm going to be away on business September 5th so I know I won't be able to race that night. As of right now, the plan is to have me fly back to NC on September 11th which is probably going to be a nightmare. :-/

At least I'll be back in time to race on Friday the 12th.

Teaser picture ;)
Looks good, LG! :yeah:

The Cult of Mario Kart
Official Wii U Pro controller for me. :D