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Nintendo 64 Forever 1000th Member Giveaway (FINISHED)
hey yogurt, i see you got the 2nd shortcut in Luigi, nice. im out of this comp, i cant even play this week due to work and IRL stuff. doing overtime and when i get home, im just too tired. maybe i'll do a quick run on Banshee Boardwalk but dont expect any good stuff out of it.

too bad this contest switched and focused on 1 game only. we lost many people competing in it. ah oh well :)

Name some great old PC games
Doom, Wolfenstein, King Quest, Monkey Island, such good games.

German help needed
yeah Heinrold might be willing to help, just pm him.

Check out my newest RARE additions :)
Jan 29 2013, 10:55 AM
Will he make any more?
no. everything is a one-off.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
given to me yesterday by a friend who also gave me lots of boxes last year. it is v3.3 so now i just need to find the gameshark itself which wont be that hard compared to all this freebie stuff

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Sealed Games
yeah you're right. i might just have overdone it. sorry bout that. no harm feeling to anyone.

Sealed Games
why people are even discussing this ? i mean, you're into it or you're not. if you're not, then move on and stop whining to those who do. no one forces you to collect sealed games or any games at all at first.

if i would collect horse turd, im sure i would get lot of disgust but i dont. and even there, i'd still say "shut up and let me collect the things i want"

Nintendo 64 Forever 1000th Member Giveaway (FINISHED)
sweet jesus. NOW my chances are slimmer than an hair to beat this time.

EDIT: i dont know what the :cussfit: im doing wrong or it's my controller now, but i can't even jump the 1st and easy shortcut of all time. im pissed right now so Wario Stadium will suck it up and eat my crap. best i could do today was 10 sec with a crappy setup.

Another Big Box Rampage turns up on NA!
pics man ! it's amazing how you were able to find two of these while there's only less than 10 confirmed of it. kinda nuts.

What did I buy?
you know there's the Doom BFG edition right ? Doom 1-2-3 for 30$ or even less.

Nintendo 64 Forever 1000th Member Giveaway (FINISHED)
holy :pottymouth:. welp, that wont be mine this time. had a rough week and barely made it after supper before passing out. if i can play some more, maybe i'll lower my time by probably wont beat this.

nice job man.

N64 Analog Stick Replacements Test
do you need a gc replacement stick AND that upgrade kit on top of that ?

The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time N64 Pack
oh my god, that is sexy.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
got this 2 weeks ago and it arrived this week. one of those rare Player's Choice you dont see often or is even known about.

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N64 collection discussion
Jan 26 2013, 09:32 AM
You guys know if this Japanese game is any rare?

I think it's a Japanese exclusive...but beyond that?
that's a hard to find game yes. this is the last game Finngamer needed to complete is full N64 set (eur-jap-usa). you dont see it often and they are kind of expensive. there's one on ebay right now but i dont have the cash to buy, otherwise i'd have bought it rightaway.

Nintendo 64 Forever 1000th Member Giveaway (FINISHED)
wjhere is the other time now :dance: i need something to do this morning.

Everdrive 64
Jan 26 2013, 06:42 AM
I've bought the 64drive myself too. Not because it's better but because marshallh is a cool dude and I was happy tp pay the $100 price difference seeing what he has in development right now(vga/hdmi output for N64)
how long did it take to arrive at you ? i know he's been full or order and could take up to 3-4 months when it was released, but has this problem been fixed ?

Everdrive 64
i dont know but if it was me. id buy the 64drive unit instead of the everdrive

A good way to keep your games in good shape?
Jan 24 2013, 06:07 AM
Protective box covers seems to be very expensive
for less than a buck each, I think that's pretty cheap to protect multiple valuable games.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
The Red Shadow
Jan 24 2013, 07:15 AM
I'm in a similar dilemma. I bought a PS2 lot on eBay for 13 games and a code book. Listing under Good, the pics looked fine and nothing was mentioned of any sort of water damage. But every single game appears to have been submerged in water at some point. All of the cover art pieces and manuals are damaged, some even crackle when I try to open them. I think the games themselves should be fine but it irks me to no end that it is all mostly damaged. My dilemma is what exactly I should do about it as the entire lot only cost me $7.99. I don't want to return them and get a refund but should I leave negative feedback? A few of the games were dupes so I'm just going to toss the papers and re-use the cases. The ones that I didn't have I'll just replace the books and inserts. It'll cost me a little more than expected but it'll be worth it. So should I ding the seller with negative feedback or just let it go?
neg him ! was the seller from US or Canada ?

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