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N64 Connection for Modern TV
ah yeah i have one of those for sale. never knew what that connection was for.

BTW: what the f**k is that TV that has no standard A/V inputs ? even the cheapest TV available have them. just bought my Panasonic Viera and it has 4 hdmi, 2 component (yr gr bl), 2 component and an sd card inputs. plenty enough to connect whatever i wants.

N64 Connection for Modern TV
i can confirm both (actually 3) snes/n64 and gamecube uses the same port to output video. i have all 2 in my hands and they're all the same cable.

N64 Connection for Modern TV
maybe use gamecube component cable ? they're the same connector coming out fo the console.

is this game worth it ? i saw it for 5$ last week-end in a flea market and was wondering if it was any good.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
bought Rock Band: Track Pack Volume 2 for PS3 brand new for 9.99$. at first it was used but the guy behind the counter at EBGames told me he had a new copy hidden somewhere, he foudn it and swap it for me instead of a used one. very nice from him !

Gold N64 Controller
anyone from Canada been able to bid on this controller ? even tho mujcc added Canada, i cant even bid on it.

EDIT: if someone from the US (WHO HAS NO INTENTION ON BIDDING ON IT) could help me out getting this. that'd be very nice. i'd gladly pay a small amount for helping me. contact me via PM please.

Nintendo 3DS discussion
they're gonna kill this console with all these special limited edition ONLY AVAILABLE TO JAPAN. for f**k sake, japan is not the onhly place in the world.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
finally received some games through the mail today, all loose

Wayne Gretzky's 3D Hockey
Star Wars: Shadows Of The Empire
Excitebike 64
Diidy Kong Racing
1080 Snowboarding
Starfox 64
Cruisn 'N World
Turok 2

and a CIB Rumble Pak, box is a crushed on one side but i dont care as it was cheap
i payed 35$ for the entire lot shipped to my door. most of the agmes are to complete my last month FREE haul.
Posted Image

GameCube NR Reader
you might wanna try to sell it on assemblergames forum, every dev kit unit or special stuff are sought after over there.

Gold N64 Controller
s**t. and i had a lowest time while the contest was running lol ! but i'm shitty Quebec and i can't participate in like 99.9% of every contest run in the world. goddamn f**king stupid place.

any idea if the buyer still have it ?

E3 1997 Official N64 Controller
Oct 14 2011, 06:40 AM
So how is that N logo attached to the controller? Just glue? Held in place pretty snugly? It seems odd that for a controller so "rare", that one person had already found 5 or 6 of them. Maybe if you live close to E3 then it seems more plausible but that's a hell of a coincidence.

I also remember the three that you sold were pretty beat. You would think that people would take more care of hard to find controllers.
i know the story about TheGt550, but he should be the one telling where he got 'em from. seems all legit to me.
as for the controller, i think the N logo is painted, never saw one peeled. the back is also black. no idea if its the same black used as the black controller.

Long time lover.
Flare Dancer
Oct 13 2011, 05:22 PM
and a nice store rack sign reading "Nintendo 64 Accessories".
pics ! and welcome here

PS: i love my PS3 as much as my N64. oh gosh, what did i just said

iQue Player Value Query
thats an awesome collection. and most of it sealed which is quite extraordinary. never knew there was a family pack neither a 4 player set as well. one day i'll get an ique, this thing looks beautiful. those extra boxed controller are awesome as well.

Controller discussion
and the hunt racing for the foxdata controller is on ! this makes me wanna have one

A new gamer is born...
Oct 13 2011, 11:07 AM
Thanks guys, your kind messages really mean a lot. Its been a tough couple of days getting into the routine of nappy changing and feeding at weird times of the night, but its getting better everyday. I'll be a master at nappy changing in no time at all X_D
getting up at 4h am is the worse of all. there's so little time to sleep after that when you wake up at 6h am lol dont worry tho, you'll use to it really fast !

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
link pleae ? these are gorgeous.

E3 1997 Official N64 Controller
i almost bought one from TheGT550 but ran short on money at the time. i'd be comfortable now to buy one if there's one left.

N64 on TV & HDTV
im looking at Panasonic TCP46S30 in the near future, maybe 42" i dunno. they are cheap but they work perfectly for my PS3 and GH has virtually no lag. since i mainly play pos3 more than other console im not too woried about it, but the question about old console displaying good or not is a good one. i might have to bring mine to the electonic store to try it before buying it lol my salesman will have a good laught about it haha.

Anyone played the Terminator FPS game(s)?
the first game i remember playing in DOS was Wolfenstein 3D & Doom. i didnt know there were a Terminator. i would have played it for sure.

A new gamer is born...
ah man that is lovely ! be prepared to get no sleep time and sitll kicking some butt afterall. i have 2 kids and the feeling you get when they grow up is incredible =)

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