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Amazon Prime: End of an Era?
AmazonVideo will go through the roof once The Grand Tour kicks in. (Top Gear's ex-host). It's probably one of the most anticipated show this year.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Oct 31 2016, 04:48 PM
Posted Image
This is my copy of it, I think that I can post pictures now
Can anyone see this picture?
doesn't work mate. it needs to end with a valid image format

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
what a bollock !

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
The White Falcon
Oct 28 2016, 07:32 PM
Sadly it, like the other Smilebit titles, won't work on my Xbox since it's a 1.6 and I use component cables, so I'll have to pick up an older revision console (they show up for cheap in thrifts all the time).
enlight me on this. how come games don't work on latest xbox model ?

Micro Machines 64 TURBO: included vehicles
saw that auction this morning and loled hard. gotta be a fool to hit the market at this price

Amazon Prime: End of an Era?
still 2 days in Canada

The Nintendo Switch Topic
Oct 25 2016, 08:25 AM
I realize that a lot of people are debating what the price of the Switch should be which is a valid concern. Most people are tying price in with things like specs as well. I just hope Nintendo continues to offer free online. I know their online service is limited and inconvenient, I still think it should be improved, but they are the only console manufacturer to still offer free online which is a great value for their systems in the long run in my experience.
thats why I keep playing my ps3 and reluctent to buy a ps4. free online even if I never play against people.

The Nintendo Switch Topic
Oct 24 2016, 09:06 PM
I like the idea of a BotW edition that comes with everything you need plus BotW for $299 or another similar release like what BDR said. If Nintendo only sells the hand held unit for $299 plus charges $50 for the dock and home console stuff plus $60 for a little cartridge game, I could be wrong but I think people might have a hard time paying $60 for a game cart that looks like it should be on the 3DS, than Nintendo might have a hard time making the sell to the average gamer.

Sorry for the long sentence.
thats not a bad idea at all but it would compete directly against the 3DS which doesnt work well unless they plan to ditch de 3DS completely

The Nintendo Switch Topic
console component and what is has to offer play a huge role on which console you will choose as your primarly one. My decision always come this way

1) Price
2) Specs
3) games

sometimes tho, I see an exclusive game that i'm really interested in and so game become #1 priority. thats a very rare case tho.

Nintendo is coming up with something that isnt even up to date in term of console specifications which is a huge mistake but I understand that the Nintendo world is toward kids mostly and they dont generally look for this kind of thing. What they are missing tho, is the amount of grown adult playing/loving Nintendo that WANT to see them bringing up a full modern console that can rival x1/ps4.

300$ for something up to date or 350$ for something from last gen, I do think it's a no brainer. Of course when you look at games and what you play, it could change alot but console exclusive, other than Mario/GoW/Halo, are far less than what they used to be.

Dont get me wrong, I will pick up a WiiU down the road for 100$ and an NX too probably in 3-4 years for 100$ just to play 1 or 2 game, but there's no possibly way to justify a 350$ price tag for just 1-2 games.

Post When You Buy Any Movies, Music, Etc.
snagged these today. I really wanted to revisit The Schindler's List and couldn't pass up at this price and Goldeneye, wellt hats a classic ! bare in mind these price are in CDN, that's means 15$usd. Slednecks 19 is my yearly purchase.
Posted Image

Controller discussion
how was it listed btw ? was it "grey controller" or "comboy" ?

Controller discussion
Oct 21 2016, 07:17 AM
I picked up a grey one a few months ago myself. Did they make the console in red or just the controller?
AFAIK, only the controller was made in red.

The Nintendo Switch Topic
if it's red. im buying day 1. im still waiting for a red wiiu. they really need more color option, black is getting old.

Controller discussion
cool man, red or grey ?

OMG SRSLY CANT WAIT - (future release pwnage)
yep, red dead 2 coming Fall 2017 !

64DD cartridge ports
I know LuigiBlood is working on translating the 64DD games and it's going ver well but it requires an insane amount of time. I would also go the everdrive/64drive route.

Micro Machines 64 TURBO: included vehicles
how in the bloody world this didnt pop up in my daily ebay email ?

car looks like a lamborghini countach

The 10th Anniversary Celebration "Welcome Back / Check In" Topic
member #14, holy crap !

The ultimate N64 joystick refurb? SS + teflon
check his twitter. there's alot of updates posted almost daily. https://twitter.com/SteelSticks64

Fake Atomic Purple PAL Nintendo 64 Box
looks cheap, but im fairly confident it's legit. that was probably done at the end of n64 lifespan.

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