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Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
received for 33$.

Mario Kart 64
Perfect Dark
Turok 2 (grey cart)
Armey Men Sarge Heroes 2 (grey cart)
Rampage 2
Extreme G2
Goldeneye 007 (player's choice edition)

seller was dumb and used priority mail shipping instead of first class mail. it cost him 33$ in shipping alone, not making a dime. im extreme g2, perfect dark & thps1 are extras.

Collectors: Which consoles do you collect for?
n64 stricly. also have some ps2 & ps3 games but that's game i either bought new or bought used when they were released. im keeping them instead of being ripped off by ebgames lol

Controller discussion
very nice man. was it a BIN ?

"Reviews" section out of order ?
oh my. didnt realise this. it does makes sense after all. :)

"Reviews" section out of order ?
i dont know if it's just me but the Reviews section is out of order per date. if look at the last topic on the first page, it's dated 2012 while the first one is date 2008.

it seems like the only section like this.

Dream house?
Nov 29 2012, 10:03 PM
If I had the money I'd probably buy this Silo Home as I think the stuff is about to hit the fan here in the United States. ;)
that is exactly what i'd do !!! any idea of pricing this beast ? that must be in the millions... who cares lol ?

Dream house?
i'd build an underground nuclear facility under my house hidden from anyone and only me could access via some secret tunnel and passage. i love underground stuff. haha

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater/Skateboarding US title screen?
Nov 29 2012, 02:20 PM
AFAIK they are batch numbers, indicating in which production run a particular cartridge was made
yes and also plant factory where it was produced

Wii Mini
Nov 29 2012, 11:18 AM
Back in the goold old days, the NES PSU cables kept getting shorter through the years.
Electric cable doesnt cost much but it all adds up if you use it by the truckload..
Cutting a couple of inches from each cable * millions of consoles = lots of extra money
those are very good points. I know what copper is worth, I work in it. couple of inches here and there can save a huge amount of money. probbaly the same reason as why the SNES & N64 console didnt come with A/V cable in Japan.

Should you buy rare games first or later?
Nov 27 2012, 07:13 AM
Right now, I'd put off Black Dogs. It just hit near $300 and it's probably going to be inflated for a bit.
holy s**t ? 300$ for Battle Zone Rise Of the Black Dogs ? curse me and my local retro shop. they had it priced at 9,99$ for a CIB copy :) i knew it was rare but didnt know it was stupid expensive like that.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater/Skateboarding US title screen?
wow, very nice. what are the punch number on the back of the cart ?

Your dream job?
am I weird not having a dream job ? I mean i really like what I do and it was way far from what I expected to do in life. still, im doing it for the last 10 years now and I still enjoy every day. Of course there's more rough time (like the last 2 months) by having twice what we can actually produce, but it's a challenge to make it fits and placing the good people at the right place to cut down production time and get the stuff out.

Wii Mini
pretty sure they cut down wifi & gc support to prevent softmodding the console. wa sway too easy to do so.

still, if you guys want it and want to arrange something for folks in the US, pretty sure I can help. same for Europe.

Wii Mini
who want one :P cool piece but without internet & GC compatiblity, it's at least 25$ too high.

Post your games collection(s)
very nice setup Alice ! although i dont like seeing your ps3's right side so close to the shelf. you'll kill it in no time this way. move that baby so the air can get out easier & faster :)

To all members, a small update.
Nov 26 2012, 09:19 PM
I don't have sympathy for those who this restricts really. These are the same people who for the record, largely never read the rules. Though we intended for the restriction to be automatic, They break rule #10 by posting a topic in Buy/Sale/Trade before their 10th post. They never read this though, as they are here for the quick sale.

The only REAL security blanket here is the feedback topic. Members should always research those they do business with, here or anywhere.

I don't think what we are asking is unfair in anyway.
oh no, it's not unfair. it's a simple and easy task. but let's be honest, who read the rules of a forum before posting ? i dont and never did, sorry.

maybe these rules should be the next step after registering ?

register > forum rules > then can begin to post

that way, you sure know they all red it and are aware of it. just some thoughts

To all members, a small update.
Nov 26 2012, 06:44 AM
Cabanon: yes all for that. The staff decided it as a rule before knowing the trouble involved. It seemed wrong to change the rule simply because we couldn't easily execute it. Anyhow, I believe it is fixed now. The motive behind the rule is that Buy,Sale Trade is a benifit of regular members, not un-proven people who just joined.
altho I respect the decision, I feel treated like a stupid-newbie whenever I join a new forum and I need X amount of posts before I can sell something even if i've always been honest, never scammed anyone or did anything wrong regarding sales or purchase everywhere else. Of course there's these rules because of scammers and stupid douche-bag/a**holes, but buying or selling, even by veteran members, is always a risk. no one can predict what a user can do even if he's/she's always been truthfull on a forum.

if you do that rules, besure to include a huge warning concerning every sales aspect between members as well. paypal gifte, adress, method of payment, method of shipping, what to use as a security to ensure the package was delivered to the good person & good adress. the "oh this is a veteran, i wont have problem" option isnt good enough. we need to built a solid thread about this too.

Goodbye Nintendo Power
was able to snatch an October copy sealed. will keep it that way. now hunting a november & december copy.

Easiest First-Person Shooter Game on N64
maybe it's just thge control settings you're using in Goldeneye. I always use the control that use the C-button to go forward/backward and sideways. the stick becomes up & down, right & left and Z to shoot. it is literally the best control ever for a FPS. try that.

To all members, a small update.
all this to prevent newbie sales ? sounds like a mess.

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