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NY man's 10,607 video games secure Guinness title
meh, its not even the world record, just an official one.



Christmas Gifts
got no games but Santa gave us the Mario & Luigi Wii Remotes. pretty cool looking and now we can play New Super Mario Bros Wii with 4 players, total madness lol

Posting Replies in The Gallery
as long as the discussion remains on the user's collection, I dont see any problems. but if it goes in a totally opposite direction, then it should be deleted or closed again.

Movies and Television
been ripping through the whole Prison Break series since the beginning of this month. im halfway through season 4 already lol. man this is good. I miss it.

oh and also Alcatraz, I know it's only 1 season and it's been cut by fox but it's very good so far (3 eps in)

Xbox 360 discussion
Dec 14 2013, 09:07 PM
The Red Shadow
Dec 14 2013, 07:45 PM
Can anyone here provide for me some insight as to what will happen to DLC and downloaded games whenever Microsoft shuts down servers or ends their online support of the 360 in a few years? If something is downloaded and installed on the hard drive will that ensure that it will be playable in 10 or 20 years (provided the 360 is still in working order :lol: ).
Don't worry, Microsoft products don't last 20 years. ;)
yeahd thats why i'll never go full digital. if it shutdown, you've loss tons of money and games. that's my biggest fear with digital only. at least with a disc, you're good for life.

Post a picture of your car
wow very cool man. must be a PITA tho to find these very small tires !

What Lubes Your Chassis?
Dec 13 2013, 06:18 PM
Anyways... just had to add... holiday bonuses. :w00t: :w00t:
yeah I love these too. scored one for x-mas, first in a very long time and something I was never expecting from the place im working at. we moved the shop 1 month ago and it was a total chaos, worked all weekend long to be sure we could be ready to be functionnal on monday. plus the shop is running full on on orders and we've been doing some overtime for over a year now and im always there to help. yeah being good with your company can have some rewards in the end.

Xbox 360 discussion
gamestop are selling them refurbed for 89$

Setting up my nintendo 64, help
some amplifiers can upscale but they are generally the high end version. I had an old dvd recorder that could upscale but never used it. you connect it the normal way, some via HDMI, some via Component. you dont have setup it, it's built-in the device.

exactly what it does, I dont know.

Post a picture of your car
you know they still build brand new one, right ?

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Dec 11 2013, 02:36 PM
not pictured are 4 years :w00t: of PS+ membership
:cussfit: you lucky, we didnt get that and im jealous as hell. im past my renewal and I wish the US & CAN playstation netwrok service would be same, alas it's not.

Setting up my nintendo 64, help
it's a well known fact that older console does look bad on modern HDTV. I suggest an upscaler if you really want some improvment or simply keep the old tv just for your lovely n64 console.

mine look actually very good, so does MKII, maybe it's the brand you bought ?

Top 5 Favorite Bands
oh thats a hard one

1. Metallica
2. Pantera
3. Kataklysm (the older stuff tho since I grew up with it)
4. Korn (again, the older stuff up to "Take A Look In The Mirror")
5. Linkin Park (again, the older stuff up to "Colision Course")

Honorable mention

Limp Bizkit (the last album is a pure gem, if you missed it, you HAVE to listen to it. a pure Limb Bizkit album that goes back to the 1st/2nd album)
Cannibal Corpse
Cephalic Carnage
Amon Amarth
Five Finger Death Punch
Green Day (my 1st album was Dookie on cassette in 1994 for my birthday)
Megadeth (im not liking them live anymore but this was my first show ever so it has a good place in my heart)

The Wii U Topic
Dec 9 2013, 12:44 PM
Anyone think/know if the Mario and Luigi wiimotes are just the beginning of a series? I could see them followed by Wario (yellow on purple) and Waluigi (violet on purple) wiimotes . . . .
while these would be very cool, I think the color theme would be ugly as hell and wouldnt sell.

The Walking Dead
Dec 9 2013, 06:30 AM
Spoiler: click to toggle
I can't believe the next episode is in february. way too long !

Post a picture of your car
Dec 4 2013, 12:39 AM
Dec 3 2013, 08:38 PM
Dec 3 2013, 02:08 AM
A SR20DET would be cool but a NA SR20DE with separate throttle bodies would sound just awesome :wub:
I second that. not the same engine, but one day i'll have that in an old 77 corolla like I always wanted.
Would a 1UZ actually fit?? be sweet if it did :dance:
it'd be tight as hell but yeah it would fit. it would require tons of mods and fabrication but I dont mind much.

Movies and Television
The Red Shadow
Dec 7 2013, 05:55 PM
@Cabanon: I paid $16.48 for this blu-ray at Blade Runner blu-ray on WBShop.com and its still on sale. In fact, they have a bunch of good deals currently and I might be snagging something else real soon. And I own that Blade Runner PC game and I really like it but I've never beat it. I get stuck not that far in.
:cussfit: US Only, I hate those

2013 Game of the Year (Console)
GTA V cuz that's the only game I played that was released/bought this year

Movies and Television
The Red Shadow
Dec 7 2013, 02:47 AM
Very excited to have finally picked up the 5 Disc Blade Runner Collector's Edition blu-ray.
The PC game was so badass. a perfect point & click story with incredible details & visual. never watched the movie but I do believe I need to see it one of these days. how much was this edition ?

Wii discussion
they jacked up the price as well on these by 10$ lately. they were selling for 89$ not less than 2 months ago and they're 99$ now. go figure. at 50$ they would sell, but not double.

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