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My ASCII Pad 64 Collection
Dec 13 2017, 03:58 PM
The seller had both a boxed gold and silver forsale and the boxes were mixed with the wrong pads, I've bought both to sort this problem out 😁
looks like you're listing them wrong again tho. that Gold boxed one you're selling has the Silver box according to the Bar Code on the back.

N64 Mini Screen, picture inside
oh my god ! hahahha thats pretty rad. too bad it's broken and useless, but pretty cool hardware. would have worked well I think.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
what a great game to finish with ! congratz on your complete collection, hopefully you will enjoy it as much as you tried to complete it now that it's done. I know you wont buy anything else in the upcoming months, but is there anything else you would like to collect, like exclusive of each regions ?
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N64 Mini Screen, picture inside
I found this little gem while browsing ebay. Since I've never seen or heard about this, I have to ask the expert here to dig deep and find some information. For the record, I found this in EGM Magazine Vol 98 September 1997.
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Watcha Listenin' To?
Guitar Hero 3 Classic !

Christmas/Holiday 2017
merry x-mas all !

N-cyclopedia 64 - POWERED BY N64 FOREVER
good lord, that one hell of a post filled with information like never before.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10008295 (hakushin - ebay December 2017 - Randnet Starter Kit)

Does anybody here have wireless home internet?
i get you on that, everything at home is wired except every mobile device. 1x PC, 1x TV, 1x Laptop, 2x ps3, 1x wii, 1x 360, 1x ps2, a/v receiver. I simply hate the lag plus you get only half speed via wireless and much more ping which equal to lag.

Does anybody here have wireless home internet?
One of our friend have 4G internet at home since they live in a backroad in a rural area. She isn't a big time internet user (facebook, google search, barely video but it works just fine) and don't need unlimited data. It fits perfectly their needs and works like a charm.

The only problem is the cost, it it much more expensive than standard cable/DSL internet but you have the choice: internet or no internet. with kids, it's not even an option, you have to have it.

Traveling/Carrying Case for N64?
Pelican. Sold mine for 20$ 2 weeks ago. https://www.google.ca/search?q=pelican+n64+carrying+case&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiJ3PLem43YAhWX8oMKHTp4BHcQ_AUICigB&biw=1440&bih=769

Unpopular Gaming Opinions
Dec 13 2017, 10:21 AM
Unpopular opinion #2: I think it's because I was an n64 guy at the time but I don't find really any of the iterations of the dualshock comfortable. That might change if I use it for fighting games and I'd just be using the d-pad but having the control sticks on the bottom like that is just weird to me. I feel the same way about the Wii classic controller/pro.
I'm on it with you, I dont play FPS since n64 because the controller layout was simply perfect. I can't stand either the xbox or dualshock controller.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10021310 (cbaus2 - ebay December 2017 - Randnet Starter Kit)

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
hopefully this one enlight you even more !

Post a Video Better than the last.
no idea but I just asked in the comments

EDIT: red some comments and it was done on real hardware.

N64 collection discussion
yes !

Post a Video Better than the last.
15 years old records beaten ! thats friking perfection !