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Top 3 Video Game Franchises
Feb 26 2016, 05:01 PM
Feb 26 2016, 03:27 PM
Guitar Hero/Rock Band
Need For Speed

I have not played anything else that I'm so pumped to see release after release. I cant play NFS/RB4 anymore since no next-gen tho but one day when they get cheaper, I'll get 'em.
When you do get the next gen, the new NFS game that just came out is very fun. I enjoyed that they went back to NFS Underground style. The only thing that sucks is its online only so one of these days it will turn into MAG and be worthless. But until then, lots of fun.
thanks, is it online only ? because I don't give a :cussfit: about online.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
how weird is that, this pop up by the same seller today, 1 year later.

DJ 10025259 (yamatoku-classic - ebay March 2015 - loose)

My ASCII Pad 64 Collection
Feb 23 2016, 11:29 AM
I just wanted to make a quick bump to this thread (an oldie but a goodie) for me to properly acknowledge and congratulate @Cabanon on getting that metallic blue ASCII controller.

For what it's worth, it was somewhat on my radar years ago when I was very actively hunting different versions of the ASCII pad on Yahoo Japan Auctions. I've seen pictures of this version, but was never really able to 100% confirm if it's a variation (due to lighting and glare from the camera) of the metallic black version. I did save a picture of 1 auction which had unfortunately ended years ago, which looks like this:

It looks pretty much identical to the one that Cabanon has acquired, so it's now officially confirmed that there are a total of 14 versions. I'm out on the hunt again to find this one metallic blue (with blue plug) to complete my collection!
thank you Glen. If I see one, i'll let you know and if you see a Black one, lemme know :)

Post When You Buy Any Movies, Music, Etc.
Rogue Nation was pretty cool. loved it.

The ultimate N64 joystick refurb? SS + teflon
im curious at the sales price once done and complete too.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
The Red Shadow
Feb 26 2016, 08:04 PM
Today's arrivals:
Posted Image
Trials Fusion is on my top list of games to play, but freaking ps4 exclusive kills it. that'll be one of those games I'll buy day one when I get a ps4.

EDIT: I forgot to post that I bought Cars 2 for ps3 for my son this week. these are impossible to find used around town or are way too expensive. 10$cad was fine by me. still have 2 more to buy to get the complete series.

Top 3 Video Game Franchises
Guitar Hero/Rock Band
Need For Speed

I have not played anything else that I'm so pumped to see release after release. I cant play NFS/RB4 anymore since no next-gen tho but one day when they get cheaper, I'll get 'em.

Mario Kart 64 Hotlap Thread
cool run, I cant get this work anymore lol I was the SC master back then, not so much today.

The ultimate N64 joystick refurb? SS + teflon
Feb 24 2016, 11:10 AM
Nice surprise in the postbox today! :)

Posted Image

Super convenient for testing now! Awesome stuff Sanni.

Oh and sorry, couldn't help myself with the new bolts! hehe :P

what are the results ?

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3

DJ 10010428 (eakindoshop - Yahoo Auction Japan - January 2016 - Loose)(kotoshu - ebay February 2016)

The history and all the promo items of N64DD
the randnet starter kit was available via an online form at first (as well as the games). the retail kit came year later in shop if my memory is right. or is it the other way around ?

Pre-Ordering Games
Pimpin Mainer
Feb 16 2016, 01:07 PM
I agree with Knightly and to continue...

So one thing people often say is good about pre-ordering is that you get your game on the release date and you get to play it before most people. This is true most of the time but there were times when I was working there that they didn't have enough to ship to our location so a bunch of people that already paid for the game didn't get to have it on release date and had to wait. Better yet other stores like Walmart had extra copies. So those people had to deal with getting a refund, which is not as easy as it sounds, and then go buy it in another store. This happened for a couple games. I think Skyrim was one of them. You would think that because there is a digital database with all the info on all those pre-orders they would be able to at least ship the right amount of copies to the store, or better yet don't sell pre-orders that you don't have to sell.
Zelda Skyward Sword Limited Edition comes to mind with not available on release date. it was the only case where I saw that so far.

An Exercise in Influencing Video Game Market Demand
one thing that bothers me is when price are too high, people create clone, copy, replica etc. and I don't blame people for buying them since it's half price of the original. Demand or not, I think it's pretty stupid to pay over 20$ for Mario Mart 64. heck in shop it's closer to 40-50$. insanity.

Don't question yourself as to why I sold my collection and will get a flash cart for 200$ instead of 2-3k for a full cart collection.

Monster Cable for N64
Pimpin Mainer
Feb 18 2016, 09:42 PM
Hey glad you like them, I've had bad experiences with them and some of my friends have too. They are not the worst but I still think they cost more than they should. I bought a pair of Sennheiser head phones for less than Dre's but I have equal quality. It's mostly the price that bothers me.
no problem man, I paid 250$ (well my wife since it was an x-mas gift) around 4 years ago. I wouldn't have paid full retail as I thought it was too much money for any brand of headphones, period.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10015408 (kotoshu - ebay February 2016 - loose)
DJ 10024558 (yamatoku-classic - ebay February 2016 - loose)

The ultimate N64 joystick refurb? SS + teflon
I like this man.

Monster Cable for N64
Pimpin Mainer
Feb 14 2016, 08:49 PM
Not an expert but here are my 2 cents. I think monster cables are way overpriced for what they are. The are to cables as Dre Beats are to headphones, overpriced and over hyped. Honestly you could by the Amazon basics HDMI cable for $7 (which I did for my 4k monitor) and you will get the same picture quality. The only thing I would watch when buying cables is if they are gold plated and what they are rated for (1080, 720 and so on). You asked about composite / s video but here is a great example of how high price isn't high grade.

On a side tangent, I dont like Dre's at all, they look cool but are a waste of money. The quality is ok but you are paying for the box, oh and that box wont list any of the stats of the headphones which is kind of important. Thats what really gets me, you can buy a $2 pair at Walmart and they list the stats of the headphones, Beats, well good luck.
typical dre's bashing. I don't care what people says but I love my studio hd headphones. I have them since 5 years and I've never been happier with the build and sound quality. in fact im listening to music while writing this.

Complete Aus Pal Collection
snowboard kids and starcraft I believe are the 2 biggest nightmare.

My Nintendo Registration / Miimoto Pre-Registration
Feb 17 2016, 04:41 PM
I signed up. I'll proceed into Miitomo (Which I always see Miyamoto when I look at that name) with cautious optimism.
funny, I red the same and had to focus to read it correctly, lol

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
hey yogurt, nice to see you, been a while !

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