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Movies and Television
they gave him an Oscar to shut him up. there's probably a millions reasons why he never got one before. he's such a whiner

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10030741 (rin106g - ebay March 2016 - Loose)

The 10th Anniversary Celebration "Welcome Back / Check In" Topic
if it brings back more people, I support this email method !

Post When You Buy Any Movies, Music, Etc.
that movie is on my watch list. look very interesting and funny as hell with a Tarantino twist.

Star Fox or Star Fox 64?
I honestly have played maybe 5 minutes each and that was when the games came out. so can't really tell which is better

Blister controller collections
uh where is this SE sealed story at ? havent heard of it either.

Our new house
this reminds me to do a photoshoot of our house when we move in in late June.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10016765 (finalfantasticism - Yahoo Auction Japan March 2016 - loose)

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Mar 26 2016, 12:34 PM
Is there any difference between a regular box of Micro Machines and the Blockbuster one you have?

That one is reaaaaalllllyyyy sun-faded.
other than no car, everything else is the same.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10013861 (kotoshu - ebay March 2016 - loose)

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10013816 (yamatoku-classic - ebay March 2016 - loose)

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
DKC are a must have for SNES. they're all good and the challenge keep getting better. DKC2 is the harder by any mean.

the NES appreciation and collecting thread
getting ready to get your :donkey: kicked with Mike Tyson, man that one is hard as hell

Adventure of Lolo series if you like puzzle games
Dr Mario but I like the 64 version much more as there is a 4 players battle version which is a total nightmare lol
SMB 3 of course
Excitebike, classic.

The Nintendo Amiibo Topic
just stumbled onto this, how cute is that !


64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10006134 (kotoshu - ebay March 2016 - Retail Unit)

OMG SRSLY CANT WAIT - (future release pwnage)
holy crap man, that's a buttload of money you got on pre-order. Doom alone is 179$cad lol

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10024944 (wwjd75 - ebay March 2016 - loose)(mtmonks - ebay March 2016)

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
picked up a copy of Burnout Paradise today for 5$, that's a title I wanted to try for a good while after trying the demo years and years ago.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
ty, I was about to post it.

Vinyl's Gallery 3.0!
very hot.

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