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Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
received my Conker coaster from acomicbookguy, a big shoutout to him for bringing this to our community !

Getting itchy feet...
im facing the same situation man, but I have 3 kids so it's even more important. with no house yet and free spaces because very limited in our apartment, it's getting to a point where 1) I sell it off or 2) i keep 'em. very hard to do the right thing honestly. very hard. I do wanna keep but it would illogical.

What does your 64 mean to you?
this is where very serious video gaming started for me. I had an SNES but I didnt played as much as I did because I was restricted by my parents. since my brother and I both fully paid for our n64, they had nothing to say. game on !

N64 Forever Members Map
I know luick555 is in Japan. maybe others ?

What consoles are plugged in? And what games are in them?
N64 connected to my PC with an old ATI TV Tuner with standard component cable. Game In: Milo's Astro Lane
SNES connected to my Yamaha receiver via standard component cable. Game In: Goof Troop
NES connected to my Yamaha receiver via standard component cable. Game In: Dr Mario
WII connected to my Yamaha receiver via WII2HDMI adapter w/ HDMI (of course). Game In: none because it's soft modded
PS2 connected to my Yamaha receiver via YPBPR component cable. Game In: Rock Band: Track Pack Volume 1
PS3 connected to my Yamaha receiver via HDMI cable. Game In: none at the moment because it's dead.

I also have an unplugged PS1 in my closet, I only 3 games and I dont feel the need for it right now as im missing power outlet lol

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
snagged this for 20$ which is a steal IMO. complete with outer box, inner box, cardboard insert to hold the case in the box, hard carrying case, foam, unused poster, etc.

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Goldeneye with the N64 mouse
that'd be neat. problem is, not very few people ahve the 64dd keyboard & mouse ad are willing to do some testing for the sake of progress. maybe that's something you should ask at assemblergames, they have tons of knowledge on dev tool for n64.

The Wii U Topic
I dont know a single person who bought a Wii U. everyone I speak to is waiting for the next PS4 & Xbox. 400$ or 500$, they dont care, they'll get it anyway. of course it wont be an everyone's console on release day, but I bet my :donkey: there will be more than 20 games available from the start to appeal the new gamer to make the switch, something the Wii U didnt have to appeal IMO (it's much better now).

N64 collection discussion
Apr 26 2013, 09:38 AM
Apr 25 2013, 05:03 AM
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Very sexy! :wub:

It's extremely inspirational for me to see a N64 collection displayed so neatly, well done. :applause:
yeah and these cabinets are perfect. what are these model and where can I buy some ? only downside is there's no enough shelves. i'd need a 8-10 shelves unit to fill it lol

How many hours have you spent on your 64?
at least 1000 hours but i dont really know for sure. haven't played in a while honestly. im out of time.

Nintendo not having a major E3 Conference for 2013
nothing surprising. even Microsoft is out of E3 and has its own show. nothing wrongs with it.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Apr 24 2013, 01:10 PM
Beats are quite good, have excellent construction ( particulatily the aluminum model ), but at 300-500$ these are very ill-affordable. Do you really think, Cabanon, that with all the in-store demo's everywhere that I never tried them? They sound good, but they have a constant overtone of additional bass so you dont get the source studio sound. Read reviews online, lots of people agree that the "Pulse Impact" feature puts Beats' bass to shame. The small vibrating transducers in the headset adds a crazy heavy dimension to the sound, and if it gets too much you can turn it off for soft listening.

My friend who has beats tried my pair earlier and he was extremely impressed ( he's an audiophile who studies in audio mastering and recording ) and wants a pair too, even at 150. He also has a pair of aluminum beats, but he never uses them in studio because of the aforementioned reason.

Dob't judge before you try, Cabanon : yeah:
oh well. im happy with mine and there's not too much bass on my model (Studio HD). if im not happy with the sound (which never happened btw), there's a little thing called equalizer that can fix this. I also trying the Pro HD model but they are very stiff on the hear and I didnt liked it as much as mine. it's soft and I can have them on ear (over ear actually) for hours without fatigue.

I guess ears are different for each human being and everyone will have their opinion on what is good or not. im sticking to mine, no matter what.

Everybody Please Contribute To This Topic!
Apr 24 2013, 09:04 PM
Thank You That is a good list to have and it definitely does help but I was looking more for a list that shows bug fixes in the other game version prints. Example would be banjo kazooie v1.0 and banjo kazooie v1.1 changes. Thank You.
generally they are bug fixes but it's very hard to know what exactly they fixed. you'd have to talk to the dev team about that which is next to impossible.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Apr 24 2013, 11:33 AM
Seriously. These things sound THE BOMB, MUCH better than Dr Dre Beats imho.
I bet you never listened to music with these. I could lend you mine and you'd change your idea im pretty sure haha

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I would because I think playing online suck. talking is ever worse. I hate when games forces me to play online.

Written in the Scars
I have 4 scars. 1 on both Achilles tendon because I was born with both feet facing the inside of my body. I had to have a surgery at 3 months old to fix this and i'm having feet & back problem because of this. I walk straight but standing still longer than 5 mins is a huge problem. of course with size 8-1/2 but 4E (some model need 6E lol) wide isnt that fun and it's a pain to find the right shoes every year.

another one on my hand because I tried to garb something in the recuperation bag and one aluminum can was open and it cut my thumb skin like 2 inch long.

and the last one is on my chin. some guy fell on me and my chin hit the floor badly and cut open bleeding like crap. needed 4 stitches.

I was once burned by accident with maple syrup by my grand-mother on my left hand, I was 6. 23 years later, the mark is still there.

Everybody Please Contribute To This Topic!
your best bet for now is www.nesworld.com . everything is well detailed there and he's a member here as well. I know he's been collecting all the data for years now.

New Zelda for 3DS!
wow only 2. ok well, if i see another one, i'll buy it then.

The Scottish Collection
ah thats you who won this auction, gratz man, you got a nice bundle for pretty cheap IMO. just by selling CF:SC & BB2A you could recoup the total price of it.

again congratz on the full Cart set.

Nintendo 64 console/game boxes and manuals
also please read the rules ! all your questions would have been asked already on why you can't post in certain area.

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