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wave for 2$, I could live with that !

Just started the first Turok again.
one of the rare game I 100% back then. enjoyed it every bit of it. last time I played it, like 10 years ago, I got dizzy so much as I wasn't used to the control/fast pace and didn't like it. I guess I should try again.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10002039 (coffee_morning99 - Yahoo Auction Japan April 2017 - Loose)

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10000659 (spongedx - ebay April 2017 - Loose)

so, which member is the owner !? to say it's 8th lowest number, gotta be someone from here :D

Hardest N64 levels
the Rocket level in Toy Story 2. I managed to reach the rocket's top only once. piss poor control/mechanism is to blame.

My ASCII Pad 64 Collection
I have Metallic Black for trade/sale. anyone interested ?

EDIT: Sold

Watcha Listenin' To?
Apr 15 2017, 04:26 PM
one of the best riff ever created. god bless Dimebag !

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10026573 (retro_saikou - ebay April 2017 - Loose)

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
it arrived ! this one is for trade, so if you have a Metallic Teal, pm me !
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Basement game room
70 is way too high. that mean there's water around your basement which is highly abnormal. no clue if it's your house or not, but i'd check if the water is draining correctly around your house, although I know it's much more costly and it can open a can of worms (excavating all around the house and redo the French drain)

N64 Console/Controller Prototypes Newly Discovered!!
holy molly ! gonna stop there because i'll say bad words. WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nintendo 64 Forever: Happy Birthday thread
a whole year of post in 5.5 years, but every one of them are rich in content and always on target.

happy birthday danilochka !

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10011321 (yamatoku-classic - ebay April 2017 - Randnet Starter Kit)

My ASCII Pad 64 Collection
soooo, any1 have an Metallica Teal for trade ?

Controller discussion
shop for seller that are located in Japan. they are usually 10/10 and very cheap.

Movies and Television
The Red Shadow
Jan 19 2014, 01:26 AM
So did I speak too soon?

for the Pirates in here, season 4 just ended and so does the series. What a great show ! Perfect for binge watching. Loved every single episode. I highly recommend it for anyone with pirates fantasy.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10001416 (wangxiaodansaki - Yahoo Auction Japan - April 2016 - Loose)

Movies and Television
watched The Great Wall friday night. I had no clue what the heck it was and its a very bizarre concept. not sure what to think of it really.