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PS2 Disc weird problem
Jun 30 2012, 08:04 AM
Personally I'd just recommend getting RB3 for your PS3, That way you can get all those songs and more
matt, you should know me better :P i have every single GH/RB released disc. i like playing the disc. i dont like export too much. DLC, i have none RB so far but i have all of them for GH (yes ALL). thanks for the RB1-2 tips, i will try with other ps2 and see if that's the bug. my new copy is in the mail.

come check out my acc thread when you get some time ;)

N64 Master Product Code List
thanks blue ! list updated.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Jun 30 2012, 12:33 AM
I know the topic is "Post when you buy or sell any games" and neither of these are games... they're accessories :P

First, I got the black N64 controller sleeve. I've been looking for this last one for some time to go along with the yellow and green DK64 controller sleeves that I've had for some time. (I have 2 of the yellow ones btw, I used to have 3).

Posted Image
how hard to find are the black & green one ? i've never seen or heard of them before.
is the australian extra for sale ? (in case anyone want it...)

N64 collection discussion
Jun 25 2012, 04:59 PM
Hi guys, today I've paid 55 dollars for ISS98 USA version, New sealed. Was it a good trade? Shipping time Mexico-Italy?
yes, you got ripped off. the Spanish box is common, the english box, not at all.

NES Coffee Table Project
awesome work lithium. i wish i had space like this, i willl defenately get one in my gaming room when i get a house.

N64 Master Product Code List
Jun 29 2012, 07:33 AM
I assume that you are also looking for codes for all regions (each game, at least 3 codes)?
yep. -ITA, -FRA, -FHA code are also welcome. anything we can find is good :)

N64 Master Product Code List
ok so i'm building myself an Excel master product code list for all the N64 game release, including Player's Choice Edition, revision title including manual change (ex: SW:SotE). i will ask help from this community to fill the holes IF YOU OWN THE GAME. please check the product code for everything from cart, manual, box, reg card, poster to be sure they match. if you see a title variatrion in my list that i forgot (probably ALOT), please let me know so i can add it. also please note if there's anything speical to be noted with the game, like Blue Cart, Green Cart, Yellow Cart, Red Cart, Black Cart, Big Box Tarzan, Big Box Rampage, Rayman 2 shiny cover vs non-shiny, Majora's Mask non-holo (this one is hard to find as hell), Indiana Jones BB vs non-BB, Transformers BB vs non-BB, etc.

it will long a long task, but it will mainly help collectors from around the world see and look for what games they need to complete their set. thank you very much guys !


EDIT: Updated link at request from Cabanon

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
yesterday's arrival

Rock Band 1 & 2 are extras, they are for sale

and a big thanks to bluedogrulez for this controller. im shock at how amazing the stick is !

PAL paper mario
a fool and his money. seriously, people are f***ed up in the head and are going batshit crazy on normal stuff.

PS2 Disc weird problem
notes taken. thank you ! at least i didnt pay a huge lot for it hehe. i paid 55$ for a boxed system 2-3 years ago i think at a city (read police stolen goods overstock) auction. aint bad.

Jun 27 2012, 05:25 PM
I remember people mentioning that you can help the analog stick by putting some special grease on it but I couldn't find it. I was gonna mention that to him
just make sure you dont let the joystick go back in its place by itself. always put it back in the middle with your thumb. it should solve 99.9% of the problem and your stick will last forever.

PS2 Disc weird problem
a quick image search led me to: DVD

Posted Image

PS2 Disc weird problem
well i bought a brand new copy yesterday. will check if it does the same thing in 2 weeks.

Interesting eBay aution.
Jun 27 2012, 05:44 AM
Well, Banjo Tooie and JFG run on PC N64 emulators.
yes they run because the CIC chip is not required. however on actual flash cart, it does. the flash cart trick the CIC chip to be able to use it. a patch was made for JFG but not B-T yet, AFAIK.

i dont have neither of those cart, but i will probably get a 64Drive one day. the waiting time scare me tho.

PS2 Disc weird problem
so i have a ps2 game "Rock Band: Track Pack Volume 1" for ps2 that act weirdly. i tried it yesterday and i couldnt make it work. i thought at first it was my ps2 so i tried another game, actually 7, and they all worked perfectly. so it must be my disc. hum maybe not. i have a PS3 60gb with BC so i pop it in and to my surprise it reads it no problemo. so i took apart my ps2, cleaned it but it wasnt that much dirty, the lense was very clean to my surprise. but i made to clean it anyway. retried it again and nope, doesnt work still. i bought this game off lukiegames so i contacted him, told him all this. he refunded it all right away as he didnt have any of it back in stock (normally he would send another one for freee, great guy btw!). i also asked him if he resurfaced all his disc before selling and he told me yes. so could it be the cause ? if yes, why would it read it in my ps3 but not in my ps2 ? that's a weird problem i've never seen before but that's also the first time i get a resurfaced game.

Interesting eBay aution.
yes it should.

Journey Collector's Edition
not a bad dal at all, it does even include a free month of PSN+ goodies !

Interesting eBay aution.
Jun 26 2012, 01:01 PM
you download roms onto the card, put into the cartridge, into console and can play any game on n64?
except Banjo-Tooie & Jet Force Gemini. i think they patched JFG tho.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
Jun 25 2012, 05:53 PM
there has been much discussion about the 'FAH' code but they were distributed with French / Dutch manuals so in my opinion it stands for France And Holland.
Now i think about it... these games were also on sale in Belgium where they speak French and Dutch (well, sort of...).
Could the origin of this code be a spelling mistake, as it really should be France Belgium Holland !

AFAIK a France-only release (usually with French screen text) would get the 'FRA' code.

NOE = Nintendo of Europe == a German release, often also distributed in Benelux, Scandinavia, Austria and Switzerland.
i like codes. Europe have the most twisted in the whole damn world. lol

go-cart (special powers) game...
there wasnt much go-kart type racing game on n64.

Mario Kart 64
Diddy Kong Racing
Mickey's Speedway USA

that's all i can think of.

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