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IF there's a pre-order link, please for the love of god someone post it

Super Nintendo Discussion
man do I need to pre-order this baby up ! im stoked with this news !

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
I finaly completed a set today after looking for ages. this box is not something very common and being only distributed in Quebec, Canada made it even worse. It's one of those lucky find and the quality is outstanding. Got it for a fair price I believe being that rare and in very good shape ($40CAD). It also came with the map but I already had this one.
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New foxdata chrome series pads
thanks, make sense now.

Post When You Buy Any Movies, Music, Etc.
1 for the kids, the other for me. can't say no at 10.99$ for x-men 3D. im always waiting this price drop even if it's 2 years later. worth the wait IMO.
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New foxdata chrome series pads
uh, why ?

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10007801 (garakuta1028 - ebay June 2017 - Randnet Starter Kit)

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10003308 (goodhub - ebay June 2017 - Randnet Starter Kit)

Post When You Buy Any Movies, Music, Etc.
John Wick 2, what a movie !

Super Mario Odyssey 64
holy molly, thats look fun as hell !

Comprehensive N64 Press Kit List
nice find !

What are you doing RIGHT NOW?!?!
watching the Pens raising the Stanley Cup !

Got it MADE?

Games You've Finished in 2017
Been playing The Beattles: Rock Band lately and I've gone through Easy & Medium on both Guitar and Bass, completing 4 FGFCs. I,m onto the DLC portion which is alot harder than the main game, at least if you follow path for maximum points.

64DD Serial Number Inventory V3
DJ 10006295 (yamatoku-classic - ebay June 2017 - Retail Unit)

The Nintendo Switch Topic
Jun 2 2017, 06:16 AM
Jun 2 2017, 02:18 AM
Update: Nintendo announce online service for switch is delayed till 2018 and will cost $20 usd for a year. including a selection of vc games downloads.
Twenty dollars a year seems very reasonable. Much more so than what Microsoft and Sony charge for their online services.

Speaking of Switch, I wonder what Nintendo is going to reveal at this year's E3? Hopefully they've got tons of software in the pipeline to make sure that the Switch doesn't suffer the same miserable fate as the Wii U.
60$/year is reasonable for considering the amount of free games they give and also the possibility to upload your save game to their cloud servirce so you dont loose anything if your console goes berserk.

of course, you have to play a :cussfit: lot to make it worth it which is not my case at all and it's what refrain me to jump on the ps4. ps3 is still free when i want to play against people which very rarely happens.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
The White Falcon
Jun 6 2017, 10:22 AM
Jun 6 2017, 07:42 AM
how much was the trilogy ?
$27 on Amazon for both PS3 and 360 versions last I checked. GameStop and most other places charge more for used copies.
not bad, still too high for me, but i'm a cheap person regarding game not my genre at all. maybe if I snatch it up at a Flea Market for 10$.

Game Recommendations Thread
Jun 6 2017, 10:32 AM
It's definitely a shorter game than Ocarina of Time though.
must be the age but it took years for the kid I was to complete ALttP and only months for OOT when I was a teenager. I find alttp much longer than oot. must be me.

Game Recommendations Thread
but ALttP is much harder than OOT. so i'd say start with Ocarina.

N64 Analog Stick Replacements Test
cheap $ on top of that.

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