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Post your games collection(s)
custom made shelf ? im jealous.

Post When You Buy or Sell Any Game
just got Mario Party 2 NFR today. will post pics later. might sell this one because it was pretty cheap.

Nintendo 3DS discussion
new price here since this week is 199$. are you sure its 169$ as of now ? cuz now thats a way better price than 249$.

"Not for resale" Carts and "Display only" boxes
whats the value of Mario Party 2 NFR ? i have a lead on one and want to know before offering a price.

Least favorite video games?
Sports Games. all of them.

N64 collection discussion
how the hell did you had 5 blister pack sealed controllers in such a short time ? where the hell did that came from !

a comprehensive price list
talking about prices generaly piss off some or disappoint other. this is why serious collectors never or rarely talk about price and i do understand that. they talk about cheap stuff they get, but the rare stuff. never. if you missed the auction, you didnt bid enough. when you'Re serious, you put a price tag high enough so no one will outbid you and the most important, what your pocket can pay for that particular item. stick to what you wanna pay, not what you CAN pay. :yeah:

Tron XBox 360 Controllers
tose controlles are very very nice. defenately a good collector's item. good catch ddr2nite !

Tron XBox 360 Controllers
are these new sealed ? or can we see what the controller looks like ?

Console position: Horizontal or Vertical?
Jul 21 2011, 11:16 AM
Generally I prefer to have my consoles lying horizontal as that tends to promote better air flow and keeps the systems cooler during use.
air needs to go out where the fans pushes out the heat. heat genereally goes up. if you let your console horizontaly, yes the fan will push out the air, but most of it will stay in the console. thats why verticaly, with fan on top, is generally much better. its just a physic law. that way, all the heat goes up, whether with fan or no fan running. this ensure all the heat goes out. at least its avoiding my ps3 to overheat (YLOD) since 3 years and half, as well as my ps2 since 4 years, even tho its not running that hot compared to my ps3. just ensure your console have lot of rom to evacute the hot air. a small cabinet with hot air will mostly destroy it prematurely.

Console position: Horizontal or Vertical?
you're not forced to put the Wii verticaly. not because you have a stand you need to use it. PS2 came with a stand as well. my wife's parents have to use ytheir wii horizontaly so it fits under their plasma TV. i use my ps2 verticaly because that's the only space i have.

Post photos of where you live!
Jul 21 2011, 05:38 AM
Looks to me like the snow is so bad that he's driving on the wrong side of the road. ;)

AFAIK, thats not snow, its like a normal winter day. a huge snowstorm is something like 2-3 feet or more. not some 1-2 inches :D

Console position: Horizontal or Vertical?
vertical with latest gen console; wii/ps2/ps3. the rest horizontal as there no heat problems

Xbox 360 discussion
we dont need to convince anyone anymore. if you feel like getting one, just get it. if you dont, then dont.

More votes needed for Game Of The Month
scorehero.com have 400k members and only 1% are active. dont be too disapointed about the results. its normal.

Xbox 360 discussion
Sony said no new console until 2014. M$, no idea.

E3 1997 Official N64 Controller
Jul 13 2011, 05:52 PM
very nice. where did you get it ?

Controller discussion
Posted Image

this kind of caught my attention, there's a black/gray controller, like the mario kart one, but is it in this kind of boxes ? has anyone have one boxed here ? i'd like to see a picture of it.

Battlefield 3 available on Skynet (And not on Steam).
is there some special Terminator character in it ? lol

August Game of the Month vote off!
Jul 9 2011, 10:08 AM
Jult 16th
July 16th

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